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  1. Has anybody managed to create good looking islands for bf2? I mean like Wake Island standards? Everytime i try, everything looks very default and i want to know what textures Wake Island uses, but i can't seem to get the right ones. Firstly, the sand is way to dark to be a good white island texture like what Wake uses. Is there something i am missing? Because I opened up the Wake Colourmaps and they look advanced textured (possibly photoshop?) but anyway, does anybody have good suggestions for the layers that shoudl be used? A good grass layer, sand layer? Light settings? This is the look im after and Thanks for reading.
  2. Soz for bumping, lol but... That sounds like an excelent method, like something that shoots an invisible sticky like c4 with 0 gravity and Heeps high velocity. then attach a heat object. Its brilliant!
  3. Does anyone know how to apply this to a genric firearm? Like a handheld weapon. I managed to get post-process tv guided fuzzyness to it. brand new to HUDS, what is the best way to get, say the gunner seat camera view to this. Because of the post-process it is in black and white, so generally a wide variety of blacks and whites (maybe soldier glow white)?
  4. Sorry for the long reply, wifi error . But great i got it working. I even found the code to make it more fuzzy and less distorted. Looks nice
  5. Oh nice, forgot about this post, should have posted on sir community forums but thanks battleboy007! Direct link ha.
  6. rhysm_08


    Love this mod, i like the 3d zoom (though bf2 doesn't do well for high quality zooms lol. It looks much more realistic, i love the video how all the bots were firing all at the same time it was really lol. I like bots who are more 'active' instead of the walking, not running, hardly fireing, grenade spamming bot you find in bf2. The Animations are so good! Nice work on them, looks like BC2 animations BTW did you follow my camo tutorial for the woodland m24? Cause you camofied your m24 like how i explained (but digital) http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=14340
  7. The author of the tool is bergerkiller, he sent it to me though xfire, but his tools are released on these forums. You will be able to find them in the WIP or Final showcase section pinned. http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=13782
  8. Just tried adding the code to the weapon (which is SIMRAD binoculas). Unfortunetly, the sights are excatly the same, just zooms in as usual. Of coarse my version of SIMRAD doesn't have the network glitch involving that connection effect thing. I'll post the code part of Hud down to postprocess (note that there is some part of the TV guided HUD inserted from before) rem ---BeginComp:WeaponHud --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent WeaponHud ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.weaponIcon Ingame\Weapons\Icons\Hud\USLMG_M249SAW.tga ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.altWeaponIcon Ingame\Weapons\Icons\Hud\USLMG_M249SAW_mini.tga ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.specialAbilityIcon Ingame\Weapons\Icons\Hud\SpecialKitIcons\laserpainter.tga ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.crosshairIcon Ingame\Weapons\Icons\Hud\LaserPainter\laserPainterOff.tga ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.altCrosshairIcon Ingame\Weapons\Icons\Hud\LaserPainter\laserPainterOn.tga ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.selectIcon Ingame\Weapons\Icons\Hud\Selection\simrad.tga ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.hudName "HELLFIRE TV" ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.guiIndex 25 ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.hasFireRate 0 ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.displaySelectOnActivation 1 ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.enablePostProcessingOnGuiIndex 52 ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.guiIndex 0 ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.altGuiIndex 100 ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.hasFireRate 0 ObjectTemplate.weaponHud.showInfo 0 rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:LPFireComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent LPFireComp ObjectTemplate.fire.fireInCameraDof 1 rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:SoldierDeviationComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent SoldierDeviationComp ObjectTemplate.deviation.setFireDev 3.5 0.25 1 ObjectTemplate.deviation.minDev 0.75 ObjectTemplate.deviation.setTurnDev 0 0 0 0 ObjectTemplate.deviation.setSpeedDev 2.25 0.2 0.2 1 ObjectTemplate.deviation.setMiscDev 2.5 2.5 0.2 rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:DefaultSoundComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent DefaultSoundComp rem ---EndComp --- rem ---BeginComp:PostProcess --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent PostProcess ObjectTemplate.postProcess.tvInterference 0.005 rem ---EndComp ---
  9. Is it possible to put the TV Guided THermal Imaging Hud sight onto a weapon? I currently want to use it for the SIMRAD so when it zooms in, it has that fuzzy camera thermal imaging found on the TV Guided Missles on the attack helicopter. I tried copying the HUD from the Missles but it ended in failure. Could it be done?
  10. My mod is full of weapon item index changes. Especially in the secret kit weapons which are cloned overpowered versions of the originals. There are a couple of ways to change item index. Generally, the best way to start is choose the weapons (plan the kit) like you have done, and see if that will interfer with other kits (EG Grenade). Making copies is good for common weapons that have differenet item indexes, but generally you should plan your kits to contain the weapon your changing at the same item index. Changing the item index is fairly simple but one great tool, made by Bergerkiller is the BF2 Kit manager. That was a handy tool as it found the mod, listed all the weapons item index and made a drop down menu. You couldn't, for example, choose a Item index 2 in the Item index 1 drop down menu, and you could only choose one value on the list. FN2000 + FN2000 Grenade launcher don't need to be changed because they are default item indexed at 3 and 4, but the rest should be changed, bear in mind that each kit with the same weapons should be on the same item index or be copied like what Kenneth K.T. said.
  11. I wanted to copy the UI from Sandbox. I remembered that the Sandbox deveolopment tools by Sir ELXX was avaialbe on his website (http://labs.elxx.net) but, the website is down , does anybody have the Sandbox flash documents?
  12. Yes i saw a thing that said "If login status = 2" then flush. I don't know what this means, but changing it to 0, if i login offline and online doesn't show at all. Changing it back to 2 shows my picture, only online. It seems the only way to do it, is to login online, but could there be away to do it offline? so it would load a picture from say, \MenuClient.zip\popup.png?
  13. Does anybody know how to get this working for offline mode? Brand new to flash menu editing (but i have used flash before at school) If you do as the code tells u, u can find the current picture http://eapusher.dice.se/image_english.png or the french one http://eapusher.dice.se/image_french.png all other languages have the Battlefield Bad Company picture.
  14. Hmmm, so Titles_11 is what i assume is Morgan Cn Office. and the _13 means larger font? I am also guessing that Helvetica condensed isn't working but it doesn't display and error message, just doesn't show up at all. How come, though, when i followed your above Bitmap Font Generator tutorial the fonts worked? It must some how be related to fonts_client.zip. Anyway, thanks for the help, I looked in the Library to find what the fonts are, and now the menu displays with options. Thanks Cassio, the dummy fonts work fine! New edit: Im having a different problem now, for some reason, all the menu buttons, such as sign in and Multiplayer and all the options are blanked out. It doesn't work if I delete Titles_11 and Titles_13, Im not sure about the dummy fonts, as they seem to not work anymore . On the SWF i can see all the fonts, but ingame its not working. What are the steps to get all fonts working, and other then Titles_11 and Titles_13, what was the purpose of the BF font generator?
  15. I, too, have a problem with the fonts I chose replacements in flash, but when i publish it seems to still have some sort of "Missing Font" error or something when i load bf2. I tried copying Tamoha and pasting it as tahoma_11pt_st font, but it just asked to replace the original tahoma. I don't know how to make any sort of dummy font like what Cassio said. Specific error Text:Font Titles_11 doesn't exist in paths Fonts/English/800 or Fonts/800. Just refreshed the page and saw that u made a second tutorial, i tried making the font tahoma_11pt_st using the above tutorial but the exact same error. Renamed tahoma to Titles_11 and it loaded the menu with a different, much bolder font. When I clicked on multiplayer it crashed saying Text:Font Titles_13 doesn't exist in paths Fonts/English/800 or Fonts/800. I think then that the menu loads all the fonts by the name in order of numbers. How can I tell what Titles_13 is and what Titles_11? I Assumed 11 standed for Tahoma_11 font. Okay, i copied Titles_11 as Titles_13 and the whole menu works now! With the different font as well. My biggest concern in rexporting the bf2 flash menu is, the options font is blank. Many of the inputs in the player controls have no text, could this be due to a missing font? And if say, i went to "BFHQ" or "Join Internet" It pops up with a blank message, which I assume is because of the missing font. Strange.. My fourth edit lol. I have opened up the flash files in the options section, and it seems to use Helvetica Condenseded as the options. I tried replacing that font with Helvetica Neue Roman Italic, but when it publishes i don't think that is the proper font because in the "Family" it is labled as "(Helvetica-Condensed) Helvetica Neue Roman Italic" Not sure how to solve this issue without getting the REal Helvetica Condensed.
  16. Coudln't u just copy and paste from static objects? The bit that im worried about when scaling the terrain is the whole thing scales, meaning that the terrain shape of my map will be halfed, which would make the objects look bigger.
  17. I am making a map and i have realised it is to big, i do want to keep all the terrain and stuff, but sort of like crop it as you would in photoshop. I don't want to half the terrain as that would double the size for parts of the map. Im not sure how to do this correctly, it is not lightmapped or anything, just terrain and static objects pretty much.
  18. Thanks, will post some pics of MW2 Fall compared to BF2, just as soon as i get 250 headshots
  19. Yes of coarse. For vehicles its a different matter. But because weapons UVs are generally flattened it works great!
  20. Creating the Camo: Creating the first and second colour: So, I will assume you know how to do the extreme basics of photoshop. Create a new 1024x1024 pixel document. Make sure the colours in the corner are set to default, black and white. Go Filters>Renderer>Clouds. You should get something like this Go Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur and set it to 3.0 Now Go Image>Adjustments>Threshold and set it to 128. You should get something like this It’s a very nice cow skin, but we want a camo. At this point you can decide to look up an existing camo or make your own. I will be using Fall camo, from Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 2 Now, from the picture, it is obvious the background colour is that light brown, but that will just be a fill, so the next layer above that is that brownish orange. Create a new layer over the top of the Cowskin and paste your image of your camo. Select the first layer above the backgrounds colour (orange) with the eyedropper. It should look like this Now hide the reference camo layer and the select the Cowskin. Go Select>Colour Rage>.Due to the new features of CS4 Photoshop, you shouldn’t eyedrop the black because it has a range for some reason. Just move Fuzziness to full and Localised Colour Clusters ticked, it should automatically choose the black. If you have your layer Locked and labelled "Background" you should unlock it by copying it (Control – J), keeping that layer, and deleting the previous layer. Go back to Colour Range if you forgot to do this. Hit Delete, and the black will be deleted and replaced by the Default Grid Transparent. Rightclick the current layer’s image and press select pixels as shown below Hit G for Paint Bucket tool, set tolerance to 255, Anti-aliased tick, Continues tick. Then press Control D to Deselect. Now create a new layer and place it behind everything. Fill it with your background layer of your camo. You should get something like this. This makes a great clay camo, but we want a few more colours. Creating the third colour: Skip this step if your camo requires only two colours. Create a new layer and set the colours to default, Black and White again. Again, Filter>Renderer>Clouds. Then Filter>Renderer>Gaussian Blue> Set to 3.0. Image>Adjustments>Threshold> set to 100. This is so that the layer on top has a smaller variety. Go Select>Colour Range> Okay. Now your black will be selected, however, the black is what we want so we are going to invert the selection and delete the white. Now Select the newly created layer and go Rightclick>Select Pixels. Fill with the next layer of your selected camo that goes on top. Creating the forth colour: Skip this step if your camo requires only three colours. Create a new layer and set the colours to default, Black and White again. Again, Filter>Renderer>Clouds. Then Filter>Renderer>Gaussian Blue> Set to 3.0. Image>Adjustments>Threshold> set to 90-95. Get a feel for what your final colour should be. The less of the number, the less the camo will show up. I choose 90 for mine. Again, go Select>Colour Rage>Okay. Invert the selection and delete the white. Now select pixels of that layer and choose the final colour. Woot! we have our camo. Optional Edits: For me, I didn’t like the look of the dark grey on the camo, it was not centred enough. Offsetting it made it look better. Go Filter>Other>Offset. Choose a horizontal, or vertical offset. For me I did 300+ vertical so that black was more centred. So it looked like this The dark grey looks much nicer Now Merge all your layers, and delete your reference image, cause you already made it so it’s not needed anymore. Apply a 1.0 Gaussian blue to your image just for it to be not as sharp. Well done you have just made a camo! Applying your camo to a weapon: Now, you should have the default bf2 archieves extracted somewhere as a refrence for modding. Using the extracted archieves will let us open bf2's weapon texture. Lets open up the M24s texture, USRIF_m24, using photoshop. You should have the dds tools by Nvidea to even think about texturing for bf2. You can use BFMesh tool, a free program released to examine the where textures are the bundlemesh uses, this is useful for Ironsighted weapons. Back to the M24, open up usrif_m24_c.dds in photoshop. This should be what you opened. Remember not to open the _b as that is the normal map, which shouldn’t be edited if you are just doing a camo. Copy over your camo over the top of the texture. It should just fit, due to the 1024x1024 size. Now you must select a blending mode for it. Multiply looks best, but it is to dark. Not to worry, copy the background (Control – J) and make the blending mode Screen. Copy the “Screen” Layer twice and you will see that the original camo is back. Select your camo layer and adjust the opacity so that its not to vibrant. I made mine 85%. Now certain parts of the gun that shouldn’t be camo’d, should be either masked out or deleted. For instance, the bullet. Because of the screen layers, the bullet is to bright, so delete the bullet out of all the screen layers except for "Background". Now you have your camo! That looks great! Save it as usrif_m24_c_fall.dds (It is named _fall because that is the name of my camo). With the blending modes, Multiply with the screen trick works for grey/white weapons, Colour Dodge works nicely with black weapons, generally. Here is a shot of it using BfMeshView 1.8.0 Looks better than the texture! But we’re not done yet! This weapon uses a different texture for 3p models than 1p. To save memory of course. Some weapons you can resize the 1p texture to a smaller 3p one, but this one has different UVW mapping to the 3p. Now open up the 3p texture, labelled usrif_m24_mini.dds into Photoshop. Because the colour scheme is pretty much identical to the 1p texture, it is much easier to do the camo. First of all, you must resize your camo texture to fit. Because it is wider horizontal, do not distort your camo to fit, just vertical so holding down shift when resizes is better, to keep it square. Same story with the screens and multiplies. Now, save it as usrif_m24_mini_fall.dds. So that’s the texture done. Now to see the 3p model using BfMeshView 1.8.0 There! So the 3p model looks very similar to the 1p even though they are different textures. NOTES: Most of the ironsights textures are located in Objects\Weapons\Handheld\textures\blurscopexx.dds You must rename original textures to something else and rename your textures to original to view in BfMeshView 1.8.0. But don't forget to rename it back Mask or erase out lens, in the camo for textures. Doesn’t look good having ‘paint’ over the top. Don’t textures 1p lod1 sniper scopes as they use the black in it for the crosshair and camo’d crosshair is pretty lame. Getting your camo ingame You must open up Objects_client.zip of your mod and locate Objects\Weapons\Handheld\ folder. Create USRIF_m24 folder and then create a Textures sub folder. Place your textures (with the appropriate _camoname) in there. It shouldn't replace the original texture like this. Now find a map you would like your texture to be displayed in. For instance, wake island. Open up Server.zip of wake island in your mod and click find Init.con. It will probably be "read-only" i would recommend using notepad++ as it can make the file readonly without having to save it somewhere else and repack. Find this piece of code if v_arg1 == BF2Editor LevelSettings.CustomTextureSuffix "Woodland" else texturemanager.customTextureSuffix "Woodland" endIf As you can see, Wake Island uses Woodland textures. Of coarse, if you wanted your texture to show up for woodland, you should rename your camos from _camoname to _woodland, thus making this step irrelevent. However, if you would like to make a whole new texture scheme, rename the "woodland" to "Camoname" Save it and then Winrar should ask if you want to overwrite the file. Press yes. ZOWEE! you have just made your first camo'd weapons playable in bf2. M24: Don't mind the slight blue to the weapon, its from the water of wake island. Other bf2 weapons with "fall" camo on. M16: G3: Jackhammer Wrench/Spanner G36C: MP5: SAW: SIMRAD Knife: M4: M95: Couple more examples: Gold Thats about it what i have done so far! Don't think that this is only for weapons, you can apply camo to everything! even buildings
  21. So I am animating my wiimote in 3rd person. The only biggest problem i have here is the prone animations! I have imported the defibrolator animations because they clostly resemble 3p dual weapons. All is swell, however, when I go prone, He stands Straight up. Like he would be prone, rotated 90 degrees so it is a weird problem. When I rotate the prone animation 90 degrees down, it is excatly the same, only the weapons have been deformed. How can you fix this animation glitch? BTW: The animations are complete except for the prone.
  22. Im going to play it now! must test campaign mode!
  23. Thanks! thats really good. I have added you, got you youtube post.
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