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  1. I tried them and they really worked very well! That will help me allot in creating ruins! Thanks allot man. And I'll try that shell modifier out when I get time . I'm working on a big building right now. Thanks everybody!
  2. HA! I can't believe this! This actually worked perfectly! This is exactly what I wanted thanks tons to you both and thanks for the video hjid27! And to godfather: I know what you mean by making a "solid" mesh or a mesh with "water" in it . Unfortunately for me I did exactly the opposite for all my objects. So when I tried this Boolean thing I saw that the sides of the window was missing cause it wasn't a solid mesh inside. Therefor I'm glad to see you can also cut allot more effectively with this tool which was my main problem. So I'll just extrude the square through to the other side. delete it and then weld the verts together which is very fine with me. Thanks!
  3. I always struggle to create nice windows. Usually when I make them I f*** my object up. I use a combination of cutting new edges on a face then extruding them out and then welding the new verts on the other side of the face with the inner ones. Is there a more effective way of creating windows (windows as in an open square through a mesh)?
  4. Ok but how do you flip normals on it? Is there a button? And I recreated my square with the texture applied and redone the whole export and it still did the same thing. I have a model with two sides of polygons. Both of them are uvmapped. And can you give me an answer to what I said here: Thank you.
  5. Oh yeah thanks Uberwazusoldier! It works now.
  6. I cant believe this but I'm just having trouble with the simplest thing one can change, the color. This is my code and I have placed that code everywhere in there but it just keeps crashing: #test.py message = §3 §C1001 '5 controlpoints remaining' §3 §C1001 import host import bf2 def start(): host.registerHandler('PlayerSpawn', myPlayerSpawn) print 'test initialized' #now its time to use the stuff def myPlayerSpawn(player,soldier): t = player.getTeam() host.sgl_sendTextMessage(0, 13, 0, message, t ) Is this right?
  7. @ UberwaszuSoldier: I tried to use that but I crashed several times when trying to load any map. I then went back to the python file where I placed your code in and it didn't even want to open it up. I could open any of the other python files but not the one with your code. I then created a new python file and then placed your code in there again and saved, when I tried to open it again it didn't want to open. Then I placed ms's code in there and it worked and I could edit it too. So did you test that code out or was it an example? And could someone explain what I actually wanted to know?: Were do you put these codes in? In what file?
  8. Were do you put these codes in? In what file? Cause I got this message thing working thanks to you all!! EDIT: Would it be possible to make a code that says e.g. " 5 controlpoints remaining" and when you capture on of the controlpoints it then says "4 controlpoints remaining". Cause I thought it might have something to do with these codes we have used here, but just adding something repeatative, till it goes to "0 controlpoints remaining" after you have captured all the enemy CP's. This was just an example using the "# controlpoints" thing. EDIT again: Maybe something a little simmilar to this ?: #test.py message = '5 controlpoints remaining' import host import bf2 def start(): host.registerHandler('PlayerSpawn', myPlayerSpawn) print 'test initialized' #now its time to use the stuff def myPlayerSpawn(player,soldier): t = player.getTeam() host.sgl_sendTextMessage(0, 13, 0, message, t ) # update control point cp.cp_setParam('playerId', playerId) #always set player first if newTeam != -1 and cp.cp_getParam('team') != newTeam: cp.cp_setParam('team', newTeam) onCPTrigger(cp.triggerId, cp, 0, 0, 0) updateCaptureStatus () message = '4 controlpoints remaining' def start(): host.registerHandler('PlayerSpawn', myPlayerSpawn) print 'test initialized' #now its time to use the stuff def myPlayerSpawn(player,soldier): t = player.getTeam() host.sgl_sendTextMessage(0, 13, 0, message, t ) That was just a try
  9. Great! I just had a quick look at the radar of the us and saw a few things. Why it didn't want to rotate is because I didn't add it as a child to the static uh60. After childing it and dragging the static uh60 into the editor it was rotating perfectly ! I even got the transparency and its sound just right for the main rotor ^^. The only problems I've got now is 1.) You can only see the blurry rotors if you look at it between the x-and-z axis (red and blue axis): If you look at it from another direction it doesn't show at all: 2.) No matter how I move the rotor up or down in my 3d model program (or even by pressing reset transform and scale) it would be loaded Point-centre in the middle of the editor, and there's no other way of moving it not even if its a child to the uh60 static. What am I doing wrong? Cheers for all that helped me to get this far!
  10. So it's illegal to import one of DICE's vehicles, customize and reexport them? Cause I'm busy just adding a cover for the back of the humvee and adding some extra bags and then I'll reexport it, I would not of all said that I created that vehicle - of course they can see the original shape is from vanilla bf2. I have seen that the mod PR has also reexported most of the bf2 vehicles with heavy customization. So would it be a bad idea to go ahead with that? If that's so I'm totally fucked. And with what you said, I'll rather go and rename and just tweak the main rotor and back tail rotor's files.
  11. Ok to make things simple, what would you have done if you were asked to create a uh60 which had spinning rotors but it wouldn't lift up, it would just idle there throughout the whole game?
  12. My intention wasn't to spam. Go ahead delete this topic if you must.
  13. I have exported the uh60 from vbf2 as a staticobject, and I parented the main rotor of the uh60's main rotor to my static uh60. All I now want to do is make it rotate clockwise with not too high of a speed (using the blur it already makes it look fast): This is basically a static object which needs a rotating bundle so that it looks like its spinning its rotors. This is going to be used in a new gamemode for our mod. Will I have to create a new animation for it ( I know somewhat how) or could I just tweak a few codes so that when dragged in a map or the object editor, the rotors would start turning?
  14. If you are going to use Terragen and not Terragen 2 then this is a good tutorial: http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=11692 or http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showt...amp;hl=Terragen I recommend the first one.
  15. After a month and 2 weeks I got it working: Thank you all very much. I appreciate everyone's help very much
  16. Ok so I've put those codes in, but how do you make it actually start rotating? I keep on reloading its geometry but nothing happens. Should I add any other codes to get it to start rotating? EDIT: Its just a flat plane which has that blurry texture of a fast moving rotor so that it looks like its going really fast. I also looked at the *.con file and this is what it looks like: GeometryTemplate.create StaticMesh usthe_uh60_mainrotor ObjectTemplate.create RotationalBundle usthe_uh60_mainrotor ObjectTemplate.saveInSeparateFile 1 ObjectTemplate.creator THEO:Owner ObjectTemplate.geometry usthe_uh60_mainrotor include usthe_uh60_mainrotor.tweak Oh and don't get distracted by the name, its exactly named like the original uh-60's rotors by accident.
  17. I posted this here of what you said regarding having to make a rotating animation: And just to be clear I've exported the rotor using bf2's blurry rotor texture so that it looks like it is spinning, only thing I need to do is make it sin relatively slowly and make it look like is spinning fast.
  18. I've exported a rotor as a 'rotationalBundle' and I see it but I don't know how to get it rotating. I see the "ContinousRotationSpeed" part where I can edit the speed of the x, y z parameters but should I edit something else to get it start rotating (I used this method as it only needs to rotate clockwise on the z axis, instead of having to make bones and animate it like you said in your first post)?
  19. Currently the default for the Humvee's code is this: aiTemplatePlugIn.maxSpeed 25.0 aiTemplatePlugIn.turnRadius 5.0 Do you recommend your code? Do you also recommend reducing the radius to have a finer navmesh for the vehicles?
  20. Where can I find this AItemplate? And where do I get the ControlInfo radii? Thanks but what I actually wanted to know was, if I place waypoints on certain areas of the map, would it immediately take effect when I just go test it ingame or should I regenerate a new navmesh with those waypoints placed for them to take effect? Thanks again but that was not what I was talking about. I was talking about an Infantry and Vehicle bar where you could change values in the tweak bar like SlopeAngle ( I don't even know what you use that for). I thought that maybe you could change some values in there and regenerate the navmesh, then it would generate the navmesh closer to obstacles (which might help with that vehicle hesitation?) Oh and thanks for the link! That's some really good info!! Switching the code from Idle to MoveTo... Could I modify this server side so that it won't affect our mod's files? Or should it be implemented into the mod to work on every map?
  21. My bots are not showing their full potential. I want to make my bots more intelligent cause after every navmesh I create they would act dumb. My infantry never acts dumb when I test it ingame, but when the soldiers drive a vehicle (I've been busy navmeshing allot of city maps which doesn't have allot of space in the roads) they would at some turns drive a little forward, then a little backward and keep repeating that process for heck knows why. I have many times tried to add waypoints and edit the navnesh but no success. Questions: 1.) How can I fix the problem where bots can't make up their mind to keep moving instead of having to reverse a little and then move forward a little (making no progress of getting where they want to go). It seems that when driving a vehicle, they hesitate allloottt to move around (this happens especially in the roads in the dense cities of maps). They don't hesitate at all when driving on a big plane of navmesh where there's no obstacles in its path. 2.) I've created a navmesh. Now I'm adding waypoints. Should I regenerate the navmesh so that those waypoints would take effect? Cause I have always been placing them and thought it would work right away. 3.) I saw that there's this Infantry and Vehicle button under the "Pathfinding" heading in the singleplayer menu. Could I tweak this to give my bots more intelligence?
  22. Oh, so for an object to cast shadows onto the terrain it doesn't even need those samples I created in gmax? It only needs those samples when it needs to lightmap itself?
  23. That worked perfectly although it took approximately 10 minutes just to lightmap the object's final lightmaps. Only thing that's bugging me is that after I lightmapped the object, it didn't create any shadows on the terrain? Which is half as important as getting the object itself lightmapped. It just lightmapped the object:
  24. Ok I fixed it! After starting everything from scratch I thought that I wouldn't need to redo the navmeshing files. So I just ran the fixnavmesh.bat and it created the *.qrt files. Anyway the thing that was making me crash in the editor and ingame was a very stupid thing I did. My map was firstly crashing and I thought it was related to the file in mymap/Ai/AI.ai. So I copied the other AI.ai file from my editor folder and thought they are almost the same type of files. That's what caused that vehicle index error and all that other crap. When I removed it and replaced it with one of bf2's vanilla map's AI.ai file it worked again Thanks for helping out mschoeldgen!
  25. Sorry to bump this topic but I have a few questions again. How can I quickly test if my object's lightmaps are good (detailed)? And when exporting my object, instead of letting the exporter automatically detect what resolution my lightmaps should be, what resolution would be best from 256 to 2048? And is it ok to use this method to create lightmaps? Thanks
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