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  1. It must be a BF2 thing then because there doesn't seem to be anything like that for 2142
  2. I don't remember seeing the 128 size any where.. I'll keep looking for it. Funny you mention that because... well I'm working on a Titan Version of FuShe Valley. I just don't want to use BF2 content, (other then the terrain file) because I plan on releasing this to some of my buddies who don't own BF2. I read the tutorial on the water plane. I'll need to find my old copy of Max 7 Trial CD some where since there seems to be issues Max 2009 and the BF2 scripts. I wonder if Dice would have a problem with me releasing the Titan Version of FuShe Valley... I mean the Sir Community ported Wake Island to 2142 and as we know, they included it in the patch. Oh and, I'm having quite a few app crashes with the editor opening FuShe Valley, could some one open it up and tell me the terrain height? I'm ballparking a guess of 381 right now and it looks good but IDK. Thanks TNE, I'll see if I can't get that to work.
  3. FVxSF

    Free 3dsmax

    But where can you buy Max 7? Through out my High School years and in College we're all ways upgrading to the newest. I've used several Autodesk products, CAD, Viz, Maya, Max, Inventor, Architectural Desktop (Now simply Architecture) and Solid Works (Not autodesk)... I have no idea why they teach us soooo many programs.. Stick with AutoCad 2006, Max 7/8 IMO.... Any way, when we upgrade we also get offers for student copies for the newest thing... but I can never find any thing older. I'd love not to use a student version of Max but I can't find an older version of it. I'm sure Max 7 is no longer $3,500 I mean it's 3 years old now.. And if it is.. I need to save even more. But yeah, where did you buy your copy?
  4. All right, so I'm working on another mod. And as I'm working on item placement, road concepts and what have you, I started thinking about water and that there's only 1 main water plane in the game. And that's the problem I'm having. What if I wanted to add a lake or a pond above the primary water plane, how would I do that? I remember seeing an extra water plane in the editor but it's too small, something like the size of a Tank or an APC. Am I going to need to create a new water plane or something? Thanks
  5. Ok, So I got a quick video to show you the problem. You'll need M$ Silverlight (which isn't too bad if you ask me.. WMV has really good video quality too) Or you can download the video. Video -> http://fvxsf.com/archive/2142/videos/ =============================================================== Ahhh there we go! The marker.. I forgot to click the "Save extra non-audio Information" checkbox.... Well now that I have that sorted out. If any one else is having the same issue, make sure you see a Cue Marker in your WAV file. Then save it as a Windows PCM WAV Format. That should do the trick. Now... off the the blood thread...
  6. Well shit man! I hope your friend's dad is all right. And yeah, I looked in both Server archives... nothing. I know the is collision reaction because if you shoot a soldier in the head he seems to smack his face. But I never see any kind of dust that shows up when you shoot them.
  7. Yes I did do a search, and yes I followed the advice and tips of others. There's just one little problem. I'm missing some files to create the blood, or I can't find them. I was reading some posts in the BF2 threads about tweaking the tweak files to add blood but I'm not finding those files in 2142. For an example, I can't find "e_bhit_s_sold_head.con/tweak" in my effects folder. I figure a sniper deserves the visual sensation of a blood mist after pulling a head shot. Getting the blood to show after a bullet impact is my main goal and my second. Is there a way to add a blood trail on the ground? Thanks
  8. FVxSF

    Free 3dsmax

    There are other ways to get it dirt cheap... I'm talking like $200-$300... for 1 year. If you a student of a college see if you can get a copy. I remember a few years back my college RRCC had AutoCAD and 3ds Max offered to the students. I think it was like $150 for 13 months. I need to check to see if they offer Max 2009. The new material maps look really nice and Spline UVW mapping! Oh man, texturing things like roads and arches will be friggen easy now! But seriously, if you're a student check to see what student discounts they offer, if any.
  9. I'm using the Trial Version of Adobe Audition and once school starts I can use their full version. But the OGG files are for the menu and map load music. The WAV files are for all the sound effects. I was going to make a quick video last night but decided to take a 5 hour nap instead. I'll see if I can't get the video tonight.
  10. Last night I was thinking about the weapon sounds of 2142. There are some sounds I'd like to replace, like the shot gun, VOSS and SMGs to name a few. But when I went to replace the VOSS sounds I get an odd problem. Fist was that the sound was playing waaay to fast in that it sounded like really bad static. I was able to fix that because the bit rate of the WAV file was like 320-ish not 1411. Now here is the problem I can't figure out. If I set the VOSS to single fire the new sound works great however if I switch to full auto I don't hear it like a machine/full-auto gun. I plays the sound once and waits to loop then plays again. If this doesn't make since, I'll see if I can get a quick video to so you. In the mean time, does any one have info on the BF sound engine? Such as what type of WAV format is used, bitrates etc.
  11. Well... they move way too fast after you kill them. Probably need to change it down by a factor of 10 to 30 ObjectTemplate.hitImpactModifier -300 <---- Still might be too fast ObjectTemplate.hitImpactModifier -100 <---- Unsure too
  12. Perfect. Thanks guys. AI was added in with no problems and is working great.
  13. I remember playing that mod a while back. Good mod too. But before I go off and Fu*k up my maps, what exactly must I do? Can I just copy the AI folders or is there info in the con files I need too?
  14. I was looking in the tweak file for the nade. Namely ObjectTemplate.detonation.explosionForce. I gave it a negitive value but nothing.
  15. OK, from reading posts, I know I must have the combat area setup and need Strategic Areas/Points. Well if the map were a custom map no problem. But the maps I'd like to add AI to are do not have AI. If you've seen one of my other posts about modding the vanilla maps, then you may have seen my Tunis Assault mod. Well it seems to be a big hit with my buddies and now they'd like me to take it a step further and would like some kind of AI. The only problem is, this is a whole new level in modding to me. So This is what I'd like to know. First How do I take the GamePlayObjects files from the Game Modes folder and rebuild the layers. (Yes I know this is more of a Level Editor question but I'm trying to add AI). Then after I do that, I need help setting up the Strategic Areas/Points and finally using NavMesh. I know this is a big ass "How Do I?" But I'm not finding a lot of information about it. Some like are old and some topics are confusing and I cannot find what they talking about. I'm assuming it would be much much easier in a custom map.
  16. I'd rather not disable the damage if I can help it. ... but can you make a mod that sucks players near a nade. Like a revers explosion. Gravity Bomb if you will... that would be bad ass.
  17. Like removing RDX or just saying RDX Spamming is not allowed... remember "Rules are meant to broken". Murder is illegal but that doesn't stop people. RDX is great to bobbie-trap. But what pisses me off is on the titan, you have the enemy placing RDX right above the corridor entrances, then when 2 or 3 people come in BOOM then they resupply and do it again. It's stat padding if you ask me, but I figure if they loose points for attacking their titan they'd stop. If you think about the physics and dynamics in real life... they'd be blowing holes in their titan right? So is there something in the tweaks or texture information files that could be changed. Basically this: I set a pack of RDX on my titan I blow it up, I get -2 points for team vehicle damage.
  18. I think it had something to do with the terraindata.raw file. I was getting occasional CTD after loading so I started the mod all over. Took maybe an hour to finish. But it's working now. Also I did add a small blizzard to the map. These are like pre-pre-pre-beta maps. Not really intended for any thing other then "Oh! That's how it works!". But once I'm done with my mod, I'm sure something like this will be included. Also, check out my Tunis Assault map.
  19. Title should explain it, and it is so damn annoying when half their team does it. I'm not sure how to do this or if it can be done. But I'd like to make it then the enemy drops an RDX Pack (C4 for you BF2 peps) and then blow it up, I'd like that person to get team vehicle damage. Any ideas?
  20. It's called Night Landing. I did fix the orange ground. Now, keep in mind that this is just a modded map, so the EOR images are missing and some text too. I'm working on a nice mod pack called Hav!K. Right now, for testing I have just made a copy of the bf2142 folder in the Mods folder and renamed it to Hav!K, went into the Levels folder and deleted all the maps. If you'd like this map head to http://havik.fvxsf.com/mods and download it. I also have a Tunis Variant called Tunis_Assault. Night Landing is sucks with bots... friggen hard to see any thing, but that's the idea. And Tunis Assault has a new sky. I tried to give it more of an eerie look. Any way, Hav!K will have at least 2 maps of the original bf2142, Tunis Harbor and Camp Gibby, with new skys. I'll also be working on more realistic textures.
  21. So, you launch the editor create a new level, it starts to load data then it crashes? This happens to me too. It's really really annoying but all I do is simply restart the editor and load my level and every thing seems fine. From what I saw there's a problem loading the Sky Dome, at least on my machine. BTW are you using Windows Vista?
  22. Older Topic I know, but did you extract mod then right click the Client or Server folder and "Add to zip"? If you did and open the zip file. Do you see a single folder or many files. One mistake I made when I started modding was Right Click on the Server/Client Folder then using the Context Menu installed by what ever Zip app I had (7-Zip) I chose Add to Server.zip but when I later went back in to the modded zipped folder I saw that I had Server. Server.zip + Server + AI + Gamedata and so on... Make sure when you open the Zip folder you don't see a single folder called zip.
  23. Well the mod looks great. It runs with out error. Sky looks good.. same AI (stupid team, accurate enemy), all objects are place correctly, spawn points looks good.. there is only one problem. The ground in the editor is a nice darker color. I set the Terrain Sun Color to a dark gray color. But in game it's an ugly orange color. I removed the Lightmaps folder and recompiled the maps, I even thought maybe it's my profile shaders and removed them... still orange ground.. Here's the editor: Here's In Game:
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