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  1. if you join fh2 discord i can probably answer a question or two about exporting if you need it. But i don't really have time to go in and export stuff. Too much on my own plate for that.
  2. Amongst other things, this completely fixed my undergrowth crashes. I think every mapper knows just how frustrating that was.
  3. Hello everybody, new user here. I was interested in what he said about packing flags into your map. Well rather the localization. I've made 2 new teams in my map and got all the flags to work (finally) but the one thing i can't get to work is the name of the team when selecting which team to play as. The problem is that i have to add those teams into the localization file. It works when i add them to the mod one. But of course i need it in my map. Is there anyway to load your own localization file map side? Thank you.
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