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  1. Very cool!
  2. It's down!
  3. I don't think using the active weapon to change the HUD will work when you enter vehicles. Also if this is an online mod I don't think you can modify the language as that's a client-side variable AFAIK. Some ideas... Create a vehicle with no model that plays different sounds depending on the health. Use voice overs as the damage sounds. Spawn with python and set health depending on event. Force certain soldiers into being squadleader and use the squadleader voice over. Use radio filters as actual voice overs. (gamelogic.messages.addRadioFilter "heli" "Sound/VO/Activate_radio.wav") Modify server binary to override voice overs.
  4. Still offline... thanks for hosting the backup.
  5. I've got a lot to learn... How do you find and read the instructions?
  6. This is all new territory for me but wouldn't I need to build it to hook into events? Or can I skip that entirely using ctypes at runtime?
  7. If anyone succeeds in building from source on Windows I'd appreciate the process you used. Going to get one of my Pis out for this I guess.
  8. That's the most exciting thing I've heard. I have so many ideas, looking forward to any kind of write up you can make on it. p.s. Long time no see!!
  9. I don't know if this helps, but you can disable collisions entirely for the gunship individually player by player. I've done it on the F35 in BF2 and could land surf and go through objects. Probably not what you're looking for, I think.
  10. I want to know more! What else can you access? I've always wanted to be able to alter the momentum of objects in the server, but was limited to position/rotation.
  11. Sometimes it's best to let things take their own course.