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  1. Bergkiller, coould you please release a WIP 3? Or at least tell how I can run in on my 64bit OS? windows 7 ultimate thanks
  2. Hallo all, Im rippin some Bad Company 2 models for personal use, but when I take a look at the textures, all the weapons have the same blank texture. But theres a texture of the weapon in there, only its green red and black, so not the one you need. Could someone help me out? Tell me were I can find the correct textures? thanks very much greetz
  3. Hey, I successfully exported a weapon to bf2. The weapon itself used the standard bf2 animations, so I made custom ones, I'm a animator, So I know how to animate. That's not the problem. But, When I test the animations in the editor, the weapon and anims just show, when I export to BF2, and I load up, the weapon is invisible, I don't know why and how, but I really wanna solve this! thanks!
  4. How about mods and like almost every gun that exists! More heli's and tanks... and some airplanes.. private lan servers..
  5. Yeah.. I hope they release a bf3 beta soon.. would take couple moths..
  6. I have 6 GB , increase it?????
  7. Holy... Please, please make a tutorial man! I really need those weapon sounds! THANKS!
  8. Does this make any sense? I mean, if we already know we can't mod it, why continue finding things out?
  9. Where did u get that story from? that we can open them up as zips?
  10. haha.. that's just a stupid excuse to keep it for themselves. cause we could figure it out.. I think
  11. I remember Autodesk Kynapse! It's for making realistic AI. Maybe if we can get to the files, theres a way of changing AI. But ya, i'm noob at AI...
  12. I'll bet they are.. so it would be better if we talk nice about them.."Ohh.. DICE, you make the best games, I love u!" hmm.. hope that helps.. the Frosted 2 editor seems to look not that hard, I think we could figure out how it works, though. But I now the problem, If they give us the frostbite editor, they could stop making games ^^ ohh.. wait.. I don't think so, If they would just lock essential thing, theres wouldn't be any problem!
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