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  1. has any one else encountered this in the falklands map .i found that it caused alot of lag and choppy display. i think it is undergrowth that has been made too huge or infinatly small. i manged to get a screen shot of it which was really hard no one else i played with experienced it. i was in the little bird. when i fly it is huge and covers the central; part of the map and the inland air field. any ideas and can it be fixed in the editer or .cons
  2. it did not work still! so i uploaded a map with <map gsid="103"> <name> tango base </name> <briefing locid="LT.Woodburner and SGT.SD_Talon and their elite squad of Mercenaries were given orders to stop the terrorists from controlling the nearby power generator substations. You must stop them at all costs. Good luck Mercs, this will be a tough mission.">map description for modders maps not localized (english only)</briefing> <music> common/sound/menu/music/load_ch_music.ogg </music> <modes> <mode type="gpm_cq"> <maptype ai="1" players="16" type="doubleassault" locid="Mercenaries,leave no man behind.....For updates and custom maps visit Dies-World.com...Hayabusa custom co-op maps">Unlocalized test for this mode on this map</maptype> </mode> <mode type="gpm_coop"> <maptype ai="1" players="16" type="doubleassault" locid="Mercenaries,leave no man behind.....For updates and custom maps visit Dies-World.com...Hayabusa custom co-op maps">Unlocalized test for this mode on this map</maptype> </mode> </modes> </map> it loads and shows as playing on the demon but when i jion i get a connection interuption and then the frist map in rotation starts when i veiw the server using ftp i can look in the mod folder and see 3 folders bf2 aix and xpack when i create a maplist using the aix selction and coop selection of the available /loaded maps of demon tool and apply it to the profile that i called aix and restart the server the maps run fine as long as they are the maps included in the aix client/server file but when i go into my ftp the applied maplist shows up in the ftp.ip//mods/bf2/settings/maplist (contains the aix maplist rotaion) that the server is running. when the game server rotates to tango_base it will load the game. begins. and runs until a real player joins and then there is a connection interuption the serevr may crash. because the next map that plays is falklands which is the first in the rotion this is what i have mods>aix>setting>maplist.con=: maplist.append AIX_Archipelago gpm_coop 64 maplist.append AIX_Damocles gpm_coop 64 maplist.append AIX_Refinery gpm_coop 64 maplist.append AIX_RunningMan gpm_coop 64 maplist.append Falklands gpm_coop 64 maplist.append Daqing_Dawn gpm_coop 64 maplist.append Dragon_Valley_Moon gpm_coop 64 maplist.append Gulf_of_Oman gpm_coop 64 maplist.append Karkand_Stormfront gpm_coop 64 maplist.append Processing_Plant gpm_coop 64 maplist.append Sharqi_Peninsula gpm_coop 64 maplist.append the_push_day gpm_coop 64 maplist.append Urban_Jungle gpm_coop 64 maplist.append Wake_Twilight gpm_coop 64 maplist.append Zatar_Wetlands_II gpm_coop 64 maplist.append ZZZ_Easter_Island gpm_coop 64 maplist.append warehouse gpm_cq 32 maplist.append alpine_train gmp_cq 32 maplist.append the_push_night gmp_64 maplist.append strike_at_karkland_2 gmp_cq 64 maplist.append oxbow_lakes gmp_cq 64 these ones i added my self in an attempt to inclused them to our aix rotation but it did not work and in the mods>bf2>settings>maplist.con=: maplist.append falklands gpm_coop 64 maplist.append daqing_dawn gpm_coop 64 maplist.append karkand_stormfront gpm_coop 64 maplist.append processing_plant gpm_coop 64 maplist.append urban_jungle gpm_coop 64 maplist.append the_push_day gpm_coop 64 maplist.append aix_refinery gpm_coop 64 maplist.append aix_runningman gpm_coop 64 maplist.append zatar_wetlands_ii gpm_coop 16 maplist.append sharqi_peninsula gpm_coop 64 maplist.append tango_base gpm_coop 16 the aix mod is using bf2 maplist.con or the demon is writting it to that folder atleast it just seems to me, as if its backward,if its not im ok with that but still totally stumped. am i supposed to keep all the levels folders and duplcated in all of the ftps mods folders and maplist.con's for each mod folder in them all at the ftp i am totally stumped by this and wondered if you mind checking your own linux ftp to see if you have the same maplist configeration as me cheers sly
  3. thank you very much ill try all of that. it does sound promising.
  4. hi im trying to load some newer maps to our private unranked linux aix server but they wont add to the maplist .con i wondered if it is beacuse this might be in the wrong place and if so. what should i do to fix it so it will load the first 2 lines of the alpine_train.desc reads as follows. alpine_train.desc <map> <name> Alpine Train </name> <briefing>Deep inside a remote mountain valley, MEC forces practice at a secret bio-weapon facility. A USMC Scout squad located a train which, intelligence reports, transports a secret new biological substance. At 1230 hours the train got ambushed by a Marine Engineer squad and is stuck between two tunnel entryways inside a tight canyon. Prepare for a close and bloody battle! map by JONES. AI/Debugging by EzPiKnZ.</briefing> when i checked standard bf2 and AIX maps they read like this daqingoilfields.desc <map gsid="100"> <name> Daqing Oilfields </name> <briefing locid="LOADINGSCREEN_MAPDESCRIPTION_daqingoilfields">map description for modders maps not localized (english only)</briefing> i can see the difference but is it relavant to my problem
  5. i followed the tutorial but my map did not end up being painted by the three layers, i thougth id set up instead it was just painted with sand and even that was not a total overlay the grey and white boxes were still visible and the rock and grass layers where not but the sand was partially vissable aswell as the grey and white checks through the whole map. also my terrain is put together with two isoselese triangles that dont have the same hieght where they join and one of the triangles tends to reach up in the air at the out side edge of the level the detail that gets set to 2/ 1/ 1/ what are they doing. and the top tiling values of 5/8 are ? what do they dictate and what does plane map mean.
  6. thanks yes quite possably so! i did in the end however delete the ambients. it turns out ( http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=4132 )that the birds would have worked where the smoke perhaps was wrong. and thanks catbox i have done as you said and sent you a link.
  7. i had thought this was normal and so i copied 1 from another level do you think my editer may be corrupt also i had drawn a cool map added spawns flags and veihcles ect and also made some ambient effects and there triggers. when i finnaly edited my map name in the .desk i copied from dalian dawn my map showed up ingame but would not load past 15% so i started in a window and it said my ambient effects where wrong so i deleted them amnd the .rars and repacked the map and tried again. then it said that a building was wrong so i moved out of the ground it had a ladder on it i saved and repacked. then it said there was a viehcle in the statick objects.con so i looked t that and got dishartened. how did it get saved there? line 1503 is this a error code or is it reffering to the line 1503 in the statick objects.con? i dont suupose there is anyone that would like to download my map and check it out i can well belive i have not done it right. but it just looks so good to me. and took me ages also i read many posts while creating it and diod start with a ready made terain that i d/loaded with a tutorial i am wondering if i got a bad editer too. it does not crash so soon as the origianal poster did.unless it did however crash when i first opened it and later while triying to save undergrowth and overgrowth. and fiddling with the undergrowth perameters some other things im not sure about is do all the stuff of a map go in defaul layer 1like spawns flags terain and over/undergrowth when i did my textures they had seperate layers for there terrain. im just so confused allthough i thought my map was looking pretty good. i do get an error in my output saying "ignored warning [rend dx 9] state 181 is not in statemap". this occurs the moment i try to add under/overgrowth either as objects or by using the texture tool tooo this map. and when i load the editer it says some/alot of stuff in red writting mostly reguarding tweaks it has left me wondering if the resourseds are are in the right place for mapping. ( OFF THE POINT A BIT) COD UO EDITER NEEDED ALL THE TEXTURES X MODELS AND STUFF COPYING FOR COMPILING TO A FOLDER CALLED GAME WITH A SPECIFIC TARGET ADDRESSS. knowing this about that has left me wondering if this is all as it should be so after packing my level i took a screen shot of my level's folder it looks like this. the .desk i copied from dalian plant. and you might notice that there is alos not a folder that says music at this piont i had to create that too for the loading music i wished to add. i should also point out though that at the very early stages of this map i did press the save all button and when i first installed the editer it crashed and so i reinstalled it and have got this far using it as is! here is the first error i got i deleted it then it went tot the next ambient so i deleted them all leaving only objects spawns over/undergrowth and ofcours flags ofr both teams and neutral any light/or theory on this would be real cool. thanks sly
  8. thanks. often i find there is so much info that i loose focus on what i was originally looking for while i learn and read but other times i get confused by the sheer massivness of all that is needed so thanks alot i apreciate it.
  9. ok so i see there is alot more to this than i first thought. is there a set procedure to drawing a level. ie first make hieght map ect colour it in add textures blah blah as you can see from my screen shot i have got the land the objects the undergrowth the over growth the sky and light settings set . i did not add sound. all though the oil pump does make a machine type noise will the other noises be added auto? basically in terms of appearances my first custom map is ready fpr me to try to pack unless there is alot more i nedd to add like python rules of scoring and spawning ect.i really dont know enough yet!
  10. mrsly

    Extra skies

    ok how does a noob like me get to use it in my map if it was started by using the bf2 resorces i found the file in my xpack mod and tried to navigate the resorce finder to it but it would not let me is there a way i can use it please i do have photoshop if it is needed.
  11. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg so i seeeeeee! i thought it was jsut me so i read a bit and now i save every time i draw somthing or change somthing and like cat box said the only time it crashes now is when i save cos i do 1 thing at a time then save. but i suspect my problems wont stop there
  12. I AM A LITTLE EMMBARRESED TO HAVE TO ASK WHAT ARE THE CONSIQUENCES OF USING THE SAVE ALL. as i have already and how many times i dont know. would this mean start back from the beggining. is this why my editer crashes when im drawing or changing the parameters of typs in materials, cos thats when it crashes saying about unknown exceprtions and dmp files so after reading this post i saved every time i changed just 1 thing. so thanks alot for the heads up i got this far and as you can see, as soon as i added over growth the error came back. also i am a little confused about the values of some of the settings .
  13. very helpfull guys thanks alot ill continue. and i had already done that with not allowing it all to sway, for me it all lookwed a bit to busy so i had it set that only the flowers sawyed and that was harly noticable the visable distance was set to 50 by default i set it to 150 do you think that would be alot tooo much i will have to play with that more if and when i get the map to work in game. its all very massive learning curve the above explainations are very help full thanks still not sure about the 181 error i got when ever i added trees if i where to use the place way that i find more real looking, ie willows around water oaks in area of there own and not tooo close to pines or bamboo. and as you say to rotate them helps it not look like some sort of tesaleted fractol. i did since delete all the shaders that where in my cache folderes of MY DOC's.
  14. yes sir i did. and i did not know that about the on the fly how long can it take for any saves to take place and become visible also you may notice from the j peg that i have enlarged the materials or types to make long savana type grass is this ok to do this and are there.this was when the editer would crash saying somthing about exeptions and dmp files ? i dont understand what i should do with these although i realise that my work takes a good few steps in the backward driection! and is it ok to mix types in the materials because unless im worng i could not blend one undergrowth with another it was 1 or the other to be painted so i tried blending by adding more types to the one material . afetr a while the editer said NO! and i had to start over. one last question ( FOR NOW) does trees count as over_growth or are they to be added likem objects. thanks by the way you guys do a fantastick job what with all the info you share and reliably quickly you do so? i thank you for your input.
  15. perhaps using the files for the grenade launching gun might help you get where you want to be although the scope is not very sniper like and the grenades dont go as far as you might like but it is a start.
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