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  1. thought I would post up this and show off our prototype alpha mech. Now that we have this one in game waling around we are droping our own mech models and HiDef skin packs into the game. hers a few screens of whats to come As you can see this mech is much better qualty then the one we used as a mech template. I have some vids to post of this mehc walking and other thigns we added into the game D1
  2. to begine with the Walker HAS been extracted totaly from the game. We have done this and learned the how dice added the walkers into the game. Here is a screen shot of the AS_Walker ectracted from 2142 Once you see how the model is made you can understand how to make your own models and place them back into the game with no problems. it is the same thing with opening the walker inside the editor. You have to OPEN the WHOLE walker in order to get it to load. the walker is auctly sevrel models wraped into one. you have to open them ALL as one peice in order to open in inside the editor Hope this helps
  3. WOW so glad I opend this page up to find that with my 17 year old daughter sitting in view of the screen, now she can run home and tell my X Wife I m a on line porno perv, Can come one lock that jackasses account and remove that post from this good thread Thank you
  4. if you got time I'd like to pick your brain on a few things I m having problems with thankx
  5. Greetings From BMH, I havent posted in a while but we have had allot of progress in the last month. To start with we have opened our closed testing server and have started various stages of client testing. We have a few coustom maps going up for testing and other various parts of the client will be added for testing. We would like to anounce that we have started work on our space/planet assult map/mission. This map will use battletech navel assests and will bring a totaly new aspect to over all leagle play by allowing you the players to fight off an incomming planet invasion. There will be Carriers, battle cruisers, Friggets, Destroyers, Fighters, and many other manable and pilotable ships for this mission. I will go into further detail as we get closer to makeing the map concepts public. As promised here is our first view into our Solairs Proving Grounds Map. This map is a natrual arena bulit into a crator. Instead of the spectators watching from around the out side of the areans walls they watch from the center of the map and even live inside the arena bringing a whole new feel to the word arena map. Will be adding some of our mechs to the map and posting more films for you shortly Enjoy, Louis R Schiller DarKOnE™ *K* Project Manager and Coordinator Battlemechhanger.com
  6. Still looking for new team members that can work with the BF2142 un offical editor and others that can code. please contact asap www.battlemechhanger.com
  7. My friends and comrades, I recently came into contact with a old Solaris player that is working on a total mod conversion for Battlefield 2142 and the X Pac Northenstrike. We have pooled our resorces and formed PROJECT BATTLEMECHHANGER .The mod is well under construction and our site is up with message boards and all the fluff. Will be adding more content as we progress foward in the closed Alpha from this point on. This is the web home www.battlemechhanger.com The site was designed & bulit by Stinger who has donated his time and effort to the project. Were adding content dayly so check back with us to see whats new. Here is the current Project Staff Members: Louis R. Schiller Aka DarKOnE™- Project Manager and Coordinator Terry Findle Aka Grumpy- Project Lead Designer and Modeler Paul Findle Aka Rabid Wolf- Assistant Project Designer and Modeler David Oosting Aka Stinger- Lead Project Web Designer and Web Manager Garrett Larrimore Aka Mega_Death - Lead Project Map & Levle Designer We are currently looking for map makers, modelers,coders, and TESTERS! Closed Alpha Testing signups are now open and we still have room for people that want to donate there time to help us. We have set up a ranked server to help new guys to the game get there unlocks opened up, and we will be adding 3 unranked 64 slot testing servers to make sure there is plenty of room for testers 24/7 to test the mod. Our servers are hosted by myiscorp.com they been a wonderful group to work with, and are providing us with dependable server service, at a reasonable price. Here is a sample of what we are doing over at BMH, This is the Eleamental Clan Combat Armor Power Suit. This suit is used as a support ground assit for our salvage crews, and also makes a perfect behind the lines crack commando squad for taking out key points and objectives in our game play. Loaded out with Jump Jets, Flamer, Clan MG, and a power claw, this lil guy can reach speeds of 67.7 km/h and jump 155 meters stright up making it extreamly deadly in packs.Will be adding it's IS counter part IS BATTLE ARMOR, Designed by lieutenant Foster using data from the Ragnarok data core it has a powerful claw capable of slashing a Mech's armor off and neurohacking. Its weapons are a light pulse laser and a super powerful mortar. We have tons of more things to come such as Light, Medium Heavy ,and Assult Mech's. Aero-Tech Mechs ground assists such as the Bulldog med tank,Behemoth Heavy Tank ,Ajax Assault Tank (3067),Harasser Tank (3060) ,Demolisher Tank (3026) and many other battlefield goodies on the table. Again thank you for your time and hope to see you on our battlefiled,
  8. BattleMech Hanger is looking for a coder that can work with Python please e mail me if your interested in joining our team darkone@battlemechhanger.com
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