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  1. Requires 3ds max 6, 7, 8 or 9 (not 2007, not 2008 or 2009, though small chance the importer could work). And naturally the plugins, found in this same forum. http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=10199 Extract weapon's folder to anywhere on your drive. 3ds max filemenu - bf2 - utilities - mesh importer - find weapon's .con. The importer is not perfect. Each polygon will have unique vertices, and smoothing groups will not be imported. I'm a bit unsure on BFp4f support for the mesh importer, though it should work, so let us know. Animations on the other hand are more difficult, there's no easy way to import, modify, and export, without needing to redo all the animations.
  2. Thin triangles (can cause bad calculations), though generally not a worry.
  3. I figured it! There's a hardcode in sceneparser.exe looking for "_kits" To use more then one texture per geom, or use a mix of tangent and object space, the export name must not contain "_kits". Use meshview to rename the mesh after export to avoid the bug. Edit: Additionally, there's a limit to 4 meshes per geom when not exporting with _kits in name. May merge the meshes, but can make for a complex scene.
  4. Here's more. Any information or theories as to why it exports with 1, or 4 rigs, would be appreciated!
  5. Since I was searching around, and after reading this topic and thinking "AH SHUCKS", and after spending lots of time rendering a bunch of textures to the same sheet, I managed to fix the limitation. Check in BF meshview. Kitmeshes are typically reported as having 1 rig and soldiers have 3 rigs, or however many there are meshes. I imported the kitmeshes to a soldier scene, and they managed to export. Meshview reported 4 rigs on geom0 and 3 rigs on geom1. Even with a mix between object space, and tangent, and several textures, all seemingly works fine. Once I know why this is happening, can post more.
  6. The coop bot ratio maybe what you're looking for. Afaik its rather straight forward. Autobalance doesn't do anything with bots, else it wouldn't be any problem. Afaik (I maybe wrong) the coop bot ratio is based on the ingame setting of how many bots exist, and not the one in mods/modname/ai.ai. Thus if the ingame number of bots differs from how many are set ingame, the teams may not be even.
  7. Natty's gone inactive due to RL overload, so we're on the lookout! Can't release Russia with a T34 using cloned Sherman engine sounds, so we need artists! Everything is needed, no preference, weapons, engines, cannons, airplanes, the small details. More specifically, we're looking for static modelers and environmental artists to help us bring the big battles of the Eastern Front to the Refractor engine. We've got a lot of stuff upcoming. Training and feedback cycles are provided to people whom show potential!
  8. Just recently attached a spring to a rotationalbundle which seems to do the trick. The rotbundle is set to input on key, detaching the drive wheels. However getting this to function is a real hand break may be more difficult.
  9. where, cobrachoppergirl? pics or it didn't happen

  10. for example, "ObjectTemplate.creator PHILSCH-Z4KV58U:Phil" Means it was saved in editor by a computer named PHILSCH-Z4KV58U logged into user account "Phil". It has no effect whatsoever ingame. It is a Dice/BFeditor thing so its easily visible who has been working on what. In other words, nothing to worry about.
  11. objecttemplate.activeSafe Engine WillysMB_US_aaMotor objecttempllate.<tab><tab> Brings up list over engine properties which you can change. You can also create a file in mods/modname/tweak.con, copy the block of engine code in here, and type: Console.run tweak.con Executes code in the tweak.con. Can be used to, for example, update the engine values while ingame. vars.set old-turn-mod 3.5 turn radius for tanks vars.set camera-shake-distance 40 Causes tanks to shake the ground upto 40m away. Unfortunately this only works in debugger. shadowManager.shadowMapSize 2048 higher quality shadows. And there's so much more. Have fun!
  12. I put together a package with all the required files in BF2 general discussion. And a nice video showing some of its functionality. But don't forget +ignoreAsserts 1 ! Removes all those error messages. The interesting concept of using debugger for online play however, is clients also have unrestricted console access. Together with python, it could potentially be used to modify code on both clients and servers.
  13. Few tricks, <tab> autocompletes, so if you type ren<tab> renderer.dr<tab> renderer.draw<tab><tab> brings up list over all commands starting with "renderer.draw*". Hit <tab> a few more times and it'll bring up a list over the input arguments. Also, typing "objecttemplate.active" and hitting enter, will return which object is active. You can reload blocks of code by typing "Console.run folder/filename.tweak". Typically it starts in /mods/modname/. It may not work properly if you objecttemplate.create existing templates in mentioned file, but you may objecttemplate.activeSafe and tweak existing templates. Useful for testing physics on the run. Up arrow will bring you to your last typed command, and pgup/pgdown to scroll through history.
  14. Oh, lol, I forgot to mention that part. Run in Win XP compatibillity! +ignoreAsserts 1 works eitherway. The only thing changed in the .exe itself is the path to /My Documents/Battlefield 2/ to /My Documents/DebuggerBF 2/ in order to separate it from 1.5's incompatible controls.
  15. soo...anyone wanna setup a dedicated server?
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