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  1. Not sure if this has been posted already I searched and didnt find it so here goes :shock: http://www.eagames.com/official/battlefiel...tyupdate_093005
  2. Well at the moment i cant release it, lol cause im not getting enough feeback :oops: But all my members love it, but now we are unranked and they all still like to play on ranked servers :shock:
  3. Not sure what you meen by haxxxxor, but I would still like feedback!!
  4. Alot, all handheld weapons modified (less recoil) , run faster sprint longer depending on if you a light or heavy soldier more if your light ofcourse but both modified, umm sniper rifles have more damage (Locked and unlocked) , Grenades throw farther and have more damage and damage radious, anti tank now takes 3 to kill tanks 2 for apc, etc etc lots have been done and more coming depending on feed back!
  5. Sorry to post this, but I was hopeing for some feed back on my server side mod, We have changed from Ranked to Unranked And I invite anyone to come play and give me your feed back! This is server side MOD nothing to download!! Server IP: {Sn][per} Group
  6. no not possibe! but... you can make a new map paint/modify terrain copy your StaticObjects.con to your new maps folder then move each object where you want it. or you can take your primary heightmap and resize it to 1025 and use it for your new map, and do steps above. this is still alot of work, but i have done it
  7. Is this a client side? or server side? in other words does the client need to download anything to connect to your server? I am also working on modifying weapons, but I want it sever side, so the client does not need to download anything. Is this possible? Thanks
  8. Cool Thanks a bunch LBrown, and I sorry if my post got a little off topic :roll:
  9. It is "ogg Vorbis 1.1.0 at - 44100 Hz -91kbps, Stereo"
  10. I did not start this thread for any other reason but to get some feedback from LBrown, please dont turn this into something it is not :evil: Thanks
  11. Yes I have HOLTED all my maps until I see some new tutorials, I dont want to waste my time doing things wrong, I have enough knowledge to get to the point im at now with my maps, but i will go no further! As I'am a perfectionist when it comes to my maps! :roll:
  12. LBrown do you have any ETA of what you learned during your visit to Dice-Sweden? I think there are many (simple) things that could be addressed like Layers and proper nameing of them would be a good start Thanks
  13. watervolume is set to fefault -1000 did you raise that to high? like 100? I use anywhere between 20 and 45 for the water level. Anyway not sure but raisung it to high may crash the editor :shock:
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