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  1. [PoE]jilted

    BattleField 2 Editor IRC channel

    Hey catbox Just working like crazy right now at Turn10 in Redmond, WA. Sorry, can't really say anything more than that I've been messing around a bit with the vue sky tutorial from these forums and some other stuff, take a peek here http://joshlarsen.synthesisgraphics.com/
  2. [PoE]jilted

    Poe2 Extended Tools For 3Dmax 6-8 And 9

    The tools are recommended for Max 9 Some parts (specifically the lighting tools) work fine with max 2009 and max 2008. Export functions do not work properly. There are no plans to update the tool package.
  3. [PoE]jilted

    BattleField 2 Editor IRC channel

    So, It's just kooky and myself in the channel... If this continues for a week or so, I am going to shut down the channel. Here are listed ops (trimmed inactive for over 1 year) 18:29… —ChanServ— 400 jiltedEPS4 Here Normal 18:29… —ChanServ— 299 phreshwrk 3 weeks and 3 days Normal 18:29… —ChanServ— 100 belZe 5 weeks and 4 days Normal 18:29… —ChanServ— 100 Cold_Fussion 16 weeks and 4 days Normal 18:29… —ChanServ— 100 D_FAST 25 weeks and 1 day Normal 18:29… —ChanServ— 100 Dali 39 weeks and 2 days Normal 18:29… —ChanServ— 100 destructo 40 weeks and 1 hour Normal 18:29… —ChanServ— 100 e-Gor 8 weeks and 4 days Normal 18:29… —ChanServ— 100 Gnomey 31 weeks and 12 hours Normal 18:29… —ChanServ— 100 kiff 30 weeks and 6 days Normal 18:29… —ChanServ— 100 m0wltier 10 weeks and 4 days Normal 18:29… —ChanServ— 100 SharkBaiT 8 weeks and 6 days Normal 18:29… —ChanServ— 100 shipwreck 19 weeks and 1 day Normal 18:29… —ChanServ— 100 sooty1 Here Normal 18:29… —ChanServ— 100 Tomcraft5000 33 weeks and 3 hours Normal 18:29… —ChanServ— 100 zgggy1 1 week and 4 hours Normal 18:29… —ChanServ— 100 Zrix 14 weeks and 4 days Normal 18:29… —ChanServ— 100 [bRF]Chaser 2 weeks and 5 days Normal 18:29… —ChanServ— 100 [fh]ctz 49 weeks and 4 days Normal 18:29… —ChanServ— 100 [PTG]shogun 24 weeks and 5 days Normal 18:29… —ChanServ— 100 [sFDev]Preacher 45 weeks and 1 day Normal 18:29… —ChanServ— 100 [tR]Greasy_Mullet 41 weeks and 4 days Normal
  4. Excellent tutorial 1/2 hawk. Relit a map of my own and one of our other POE maps with this method in the last day or so. Even managed to get the netrender function working. Very nice insights into the process.
  5. [PoE]jilted

    Baking An Ambient Occlusion Map In Max 8

    Very true about the tiling textures. The way I created my colormaps for this particular building set was unique, and probably wouldnt work for most applications. After completing my buildings, I assigned material ids to the different parts of the building (bricks, wood, etc). I then did a unwrap for channel 1 and output uv layouts for the various material ids. I then used these in photoshop to paint different colors for the various materials. I then overlayed this with my occlusion map. I used a paletted _c, but used tiling _de and _deb textures. This really sped up my texture work, at the expense of individual 'detail' textures. I used paletted crack and dirt textures as well. Occlusion maps are generally used in bundlemesh models with unique uv layouts.
  6. [PoE]jilted

    Col3 Mesh For Building

    In max, add the modifier 'STL check' and click the checkbox to get it starting running.
  7. [PoE]jilted

    Baking An Ambient Occlusion Map In Max 8

    Well, no. I used the occlusion maps as a base for my colormaps for statics, to give the model a little more depth. Others use occlusion maps when composing textures for vehicles or other models. Here is a wikipedia article about Ambient Occlusion, which is what we are creating: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ambient_occlusion Its basically prebaking some lighting properties into a models texture.
  8. [PoE]jilted

    Baking An Ambient Occlusion Map In Max 8

    hehe, originally it was just going to be a static model. thats when i had cooked that particular occulusion map. its gotten a new occlusion map and will be mobile in the future
  9. [PoE]jilted

    Baking An Ambient Occlusion Map In Max 8

    I have been doing good CB. I did this tutorial originally for the other developers at POE, but thought it could benefit others as well. Here is a vehicle I had modeled: and here is the occlusion map I had created for it
  10. I have been asked a couple times how to create an occlusion map. I figured it might be a good idea to create a quick tutorial for the basic settings for this process. The first thing you need to do is arrange your UV so that there is no 'incidental geometry' This means that you cannot have uvs that overlap themselves or others. For mirrored sections, you need to do the occlusion on the half then remirror afterwords. Its a good idea to plan ahead when you are creating your model/uv, so that you can cook a successful occlusion map. Things like wheels that would be stacked on each other for the uv, you can simply move the 'extra' parts aside on the uv just for the rendering process. Next you need to set your production renderer to mental ray. This is in the render dialog (F10). Add a skylight to your scene (doesnt matter where you place it) Finally, we need to setup our render to texture settings and get cooking. Press the zero key to open the RTT dialog. In the first part of the dialog, I set where the image is placed when max is done rendering it (output>path). I also tell it to use the existing uvw on channel 1. Thats pretty much it for this part of the dialog In the second part of the dialog, I add the ambient occlusion to the output setting (this option will not show if you don't turn on mental ray as your rendering type). I tell it how large to render the map. I set the samples to 128, the bright color to near white and the dark color to about 118 (halfway). Finally I tell it to only render a map "render to files only" so it doesn't place the map in a 'shell' material. Last I press render and walk away from the computer for a half hour or so. It's a good idea to do a very small version of your render first to see if you have set everything properly. Might save you an hour or so of rendering with the wrong settings. ---------------------- I have used this process in quite a few different situations. For vehicle models, it makes an excellent additive layer to add more depth to models. For BF2, I used it in my buildings color layers. I made it an additive layer over the top of my colors. I found it added quite a bit of depth to my buildings. Here are a couple examples of buildings I used this technique on
  11. [PoE]jilted

    Ea Modding Rules Clarification

    I would be leary of anyone that says they have permission to use content. During BFV, DICE was good enough to help us (poe) with some issues we had. But EVERY request we have made in BF2 has been turned down. Including (2?) specific requests for usage of content from the expansion packs. I think many people think its easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission.
  12. [PoE]jilted

    Ea Modding Rules Clarification

    It seems pretty clear to me. They don't want you to repackage assets. Not sure where the grey area lies.
  13. [PoE]jilted

    Weld And Face Creation Issues

    Try making the exterior with window cutouts, then using the 'shell' modifier here is a shape where i removed a couple faces and applied the shell modifier the nice thing about this modifier, is that it will allow you to specify different material ids for the interior/exterior/etc which will make working with your model much nicer in the future.
  14. [PoE]jilted

    Creating A Staticobject

    I have a tutorial here http://synthesisgraphics.com/tutorials/bf2staticmeshes.htm that explains some simple mapping techniques, might be helpful.
  15. [PoE]jilted

    Bf2 Model Import (no Texture!)

    If I remember correctly, even with the POE tools, you still need to do some map channel work to get models ready for game again.