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  1. Hey guys! If you need model of T800 -you can take it for free and legal from this: http://allday.ru/index.php?newsid=38851 cheers!
  2. that is really cool! Did you made it by yourself? How much time it takes?
  3. That is ALL that i need to know) Now it works thank you very much!
  4. Uppsss... Sorry. I roger that. My question is not right. I want to make a BundledMesh. A glass for building. I have no problem with transparency or something. I just cant export my windows as a BundledMesh. There is) Thanks
  5. Sorry for noob's question but what about "Creating Your First BUNDLED In Max"? I just try to make a simple bundlemeshed object but it give me just empty folders... I understand that is because of cols but how to make it in bundle? Thanks
  6. This is my tests 6 months ago with this feature) That was lol))) I tried to make moving train) Now it moves by another things
  7. very good looking! and a huge map! my map is smaller many times) will wait for release!
  8. A long time ago in this place was a clock-tower. now it is just billboard but I like clock-tower more. And nobody pay me for promotion of this billboard))) That is the cause that I made a clock-tower by myself. It is my third object in 3dmax that i made by myself in this life))) THX for tuts! And just another one shot. It is without lightmaps yet.
  9. Thx for answers but... It is harcoded? or there is a simple way to use in a custom map without building a new mod? Cheers
  10. That is a good question... and very old as I see. I want to know an answer too. There is an answer? Somebody knows?
  11. Yes, Mschoeldgen, you are right, as usually My method is only work with ground that very close to flat and without many statics in the way. But It is only one method to make nav without knowledges of how to use 3DMax or Maya. And it is ok for my map. You 'll see it.
  12. Thx again) Today I made my first navmesh and now my map support and singlemod too!!! Yahooo! I early thouth that I will never can do it! And I made it without hard work in Maya or Max. My bots only walk aroun on ground. Not in building.) And make a 1 island to bot is very easy if level ground is close to flat. 1) Back up 2) Flat all land with smooth tool 3) do all singleplayer stuff 4) navmesh it 5) You will have only 1 island without any fixing 6) Turn your ground back 8) Bots walk around on you ground witn unflated things and really happy about it)))
  13. I think if all of us (crextors of all mods) stick together with our abilities and powers then we make a new BF3 better and faster then DICE ))) What are you thinking about?)))
  14. I think more contrasted shadows will make a picture more realistic. Reality is more sharpness and more stern(?). I mean something like this. but I dont pretend on absolutely right opinion P.S. And I admire about your ability to make so huge maps with so incredible view distance!
  15. I going crazy by only realizing this process. copy-pasting a whole overgrowth on map by single tree.
  16. thx)) it is not only my work, of course. but I want to make my investment in our modders community. My first static that I made in 3Dmax today. word "ABTOBOK3A/\"
  17. Thanks to you! And a little question now. There is a tut about it? How we can load an Overgrowth into a 3DsMax? not as single statics... I want to render whole my map in 3DsMax and can't load a trees. Please teach me
  18. Thx guys It is a big pleasure to hear this words from you! And how you like this?
  19. Working with shadows in 3DMax
  20. I think they did a Mirrors Edge and Bad Company Not too much...
  21. Thx for tut! I never think that is so simply! BEFORE AND AFTER
  22. And what about weather effects? Somebody knows? May be now BF2 engine can apply rain not only in debugger? Who test it?
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