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  1. k sweet that would be great, ya your buildings need better textures but they don't lag. But I get a lot of lag from all of your over growth in the map, just so you know. Other than that it is pretty sweet. I like your elevators in the motel 6.
  2. hey could I have your permission to add this map to extrabox(my mod) as well? It looks pretty awesome and I would love to see it in there.
  3. Ok, thx mschoeldgen I now have smoothed it out and I added more screens
  4. Ya I can't get my F-20 or my FB-22 to smooth out, I keep trying but it won't work. :\ But yes on the Fb22 nozzles can rotate.
  5. Did you map you atlas .dds file in a memeAtlas file in server side? for exaple for my mod's kit I can do this: "Menu/HUD/Texture/ebxSpawnMenu/kit1_full.tga Menu\Atlas\MemeAtlas_ebx0.dds, 0, 0, 0, 0.240234, 0.155273" That will put the .tga redirect so you can use it in huds as the pic kit1 using a path of Menu/HUD/Texture/ebxSpawnMenu/kit1_full.tga . Hope this helps if not sorry not sure what else I can do.
  6. Latly I have been working on some two jets, my jets are the Fb-22 Strike Raptor and the F-20 Tiger Shark. I like to thank [XWW2]mschoeldgen for making the tut: (Making a plane for BF2/BF2142 by [XWW2]mschoeldgen ) So here are my jets pics Fb-22 Strike Raptor Front View Back View Top view This one has problems flying, maybe I could get some help on that. F-20 Tiger Shark This one can fly but it is not stabilizing, maybe I also could get help on that? Both of these will go to my mod Extrabox Post what you guys think of my jets.
  7. Ok thanks for the help, I just needed this cleared up, so I can do this right.
  8. hey, I have been trying out your tool, and I redid a path for a vehicle but I think there is also a path for a texture in collisions or some thing because I go test in game and it says there were no textures in the old spot they were. Even thogh I redid the path on the bundle. Please tell me what I did wrong if you could or some thing. I am kinda lost on this re doing path thing.
  9. Sounds good Rhysm we will talk about sending untill then
  10. ?? lol whoops, sorry I was in a big hurry. If you could send the Lambo Police car to me I could send you one of my cars in return for you mod. Mustang Image in Extrabox Ford GT Image in Extrabox Limo from GTA IV Image in Extrabox So if you want you can have one of these in return for you Lamborghini cop car that would be great.
  11. Nice work rhyms, this would be a great cop car for my mod's vehicles if you wouldn't care to send it to me that would be cool to use it in Extrabox. So if you could do that I could send that to me, I could you one of my cars in return Mustang, fordgt, limo from gta IV.
  12. Thank you guys that was it I got it exported, so thanks for the help.
  13. Ok I fixed the spelling errors and I made blades a child of fan but still when I press export it still does the same thing it did before. It exports statics just fine but that's it. I am using the PoE2 Tools to do this, and I am using 3ds max 2009, I am saying this because it may be my exporter that has problems but idk.
  14. I am trying to export a ceiling fan for my mod Extrabox for people to build with, well I have my hieckery set up as so: When I press the export button for it, it creates the object folder and the meshes folder inside it, but no files inside the folders like cons and meshes. I need help knowing what is wrong with it. So if some one could help me work this out that would be greatly appreciated.
  15. thx every one I was able to make a successful object for bf2 , my next goal is to learn how to make vehicles but I will wait on that tell I make all objects that way I can improve my skills in modeling.
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