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  1. You'll need a registered version of Terragen to get a map size higher than 513. If you don't want to register and you have a graphics package that can handle the RAW files, then just import them, double the size of the image save it back to the RAW file as grayscale 16bit IBM Byte order. I thought the crater/volcano setting was very special especially with water all around. My map is only good for a possible 4v4 if that. Nice map if u just want a few face of with a friend or three, but really no more than a demonstration. A bigger map would be excellent. A city in the crater, perhaps. You could alter the terrain slightly and put up a watchtower of the highest peak with terrain steps up to it. Or have a scaffolding section (aka Kubra Dam) going up to it. Or even better, a prison island where the US start from the carrier and have to get onland, perhaps even have a beachhead. Anyway. Glad the tutorial makes sense, you all seem to have it figured out. Finding the data is probably the hardest. This site I quote in the tutorial is excellent and the data is readily available but you can't specify coordinates as you can at other sites. Regarding the format of the tutorial if some of you have had problems, I intend to put up a HTML version at some point, but it's a matter of time ATM
  2. I'll probably put these into an updated version of the tutorial at some point in Le future, but in reference to the last few posts about the images being noisy. 1) It may be worth while importing the RAW file into a GFX package and bluring the areas that are too rough. This should smooth things out. I use GIMP and I've tried all the RAW plugins I could find for windows but none of them like the BF2 Raw file, they are more specified to Camera RAW formats (these files must be formatted differently) Remember when saving them, they needs to be Grayscale 16bit IBM order! 2) You may also get some odd artifacts(inverted spikes) at the edges of your map. These seem to be problems with Terragen saving to the RAW format. This doesn't always happen, but its something worth checking by going under your map to see. This should only happen at the edges of the map. They probably won't affect your map EXCEPT when creating the surrounding terrain which it plays HAVOC with (and I'm not talking about the physics engine) 3) If you are really precise with the longitude and latitude in 3DEM, You could cut out the exact surrounding terrain too. Follow the same process as in the tutorial but instead of saving it too HeightmapPrimary.raw, save it to one of the other terrain files. I believe those 9 sqaures in the Surrounding terrain relate to the following files in the root of your map: (~ replaces the word Secondary to make it fit in the forum post) [Heightmap~_L1U1.raw] [Heightmap~_U1.raw] [Heightmap~_R1U1.raw] [Heightmap~_L1.raw] [HeightmapPrimary.raw] [Heightmap~_R1.raw] [Heightmap~_L1D1.raw] [Heightmap~_D1.raw] [Heightmap~_R1D1.raw] 4) I've managed to import the entire island of cyprus from data from the NGA Raster Room, good data from here, you'll probably want the Product Levels set to DTED Level 0. http://geoengine.nima.mil/geospatial/SW_TO.../rast_roam.html I've cramed Cyprus into a map size 256 so its not actual size but easily identifiable. You can even walk to the top of mount olympus. Though the island is only big enough for an 8v8 at most EDIT: heres a pic http://img373.imageshack.us/img373/1739/cyprus1fy.jpg 5) If you have a small portion of satellite data in RAW format, try using a GFX package to double the size. Not quite actaul data but you may even get a closer feel to being on the original landscape. Anyway just a quick few cents I throw down. Hope it gives you all a few more ideas.
  3. I've written up a tutorial using DEM data to generate your terrain. You can download the file from here: http://nigbla.tollfreepage.com/Importing%2...%202%20v1_0.doc
  4. Would even be could for constructive multiplay. ould probably have to be organised matches cause you might find half of your team leaving the game after each round and having to wait until the game is half way through the next map to have teams back upto max. Any ideas anyone. Although I understand this is early days with the Bf2editor, does anyone know if the server scripts follow the mod or does the server have to install them seperatly.
  5. I was just looking into this, I'm not a Python man but have a background in programming (mainly high level) and I was wondering if as a MOD you could change the map at the end of the round depending on the outcome of that match. So basically the maps would go in a story mode (type) and you would go through a map tree. reminding me of the Outrun arcade game where you had that map showing you the routes you could take....anyway. I can see that there is code to change map but this all seems to sit in the Server directory: BF2 Server Directory/admin/standard_admin/ My questions (I'm not at my home to check if all I say is right) 1) Is the above possible? Is there a way to find out which team won the match? 2) If I created a MOD would the server scripts follow my MOD, or would it just take the content of my mod and run it as BF2 does. 3) Could you then add a winning screen(Overall outcome) at the end. 4) Any other helpful info regarding this? Thanks
  6. Well I fixed the problem, but now it loads and crashes when pressing join WITHOUT giving me an error message. To get past the above error, weither it was the right thing to do, I noticed in the maps that came with the game what GameplayObject.con file didn't have everything in that my new level did. Original Sharqi_Peninsula map Control point from the above noted CON file. rem [ControlPointTemplate: CPNAME_SP_16_hotel] ObjectTemplate.create ControlPoint CPNAME_SP_16_hotel ObjectTemplate.activeSafe ControlPoint CPNAME_SP_16_hotel ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser dgo ObjectTemplate.setNetworkableInfo ControlPointInfo ObjectTemplate.isNotSaveable 1 ObjectTemplate.treeCollisionDiameter 0.1 ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 0 ObjectTemplate.hasCollisionPhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.physicsType Mesh rem ------------------------------------- ObjectTemplate.addTemplate flagpole rem ------------------------------------- ObjectTemplate.setControlPointName CPNAME_SP_16_hotel ObjectTemplate.radius 9 ObjectTemplate.team 1 ObjectTemplate.controlPointId 401 ObjectTemplate.timeToGetControl 0 ObjectTemplate.timeToLoseControl 0 ObjectTemplate.unableToChangeTeam 1 Now mine that was created in the editor rem [ControlPointTemplate: Base1] ObjectTemplate.create ControlPoint Base1 ObjectTemplate.activeSafe ControlPoint Base1 ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "Nigel" ObjectTemplate.setNetworkableInfo ControlPointInfo ObjectTemplate.isNotSaveable 1 ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 0 ObjectTemplate.hasCollisionPhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.physicsType Mesh rem ------------------------------------- ObjectTemplate.addTemplate flagpole rem ------------------------------------- ObjectTemplate.setControlPointName Base1 ObjectTemplate.team 1 ObjectTemplate.controlPointId 1 ObjectTemplate.hoistMinMax 0.2/0.9 Now I took the code from the Sharqi_Peninsula CON, file replaced the specific named sections with my own and saved it. So now it loads without a problem until I press join and just get the DUMP file created and I'm back to the desktop Oh well a step closer, perhaps. Any ideas any one. Would be much easier with an error message to go on. The map I made was a basic as it could be, no textures, just two flags with a spawn on each.
  7. You've probably done this, but if not try running the game in Debug mode BF2_r.exe (instead of BF2.exe) This will give you errors that would be skipped over in the main game EXE. I get a load of errors when even starting BF2 which I continue past, I can still play the game but during the loading of my custom level it gives me the errors mentioned in my previous post. If you post the error here, I'm sure someone will be able to help.
  8. I use GIMP and trying to get RAW files loaded. I was supprised that the support didn't come with it (though I'm not moaning, its Free and better than alot of paid for GFX editors). However there are plenty of plugins to get that functionality GIMP file format plugins http://registry.gimp.org/list?category=7 I haven't got any of them working, mainly because the I can't make head nor tail of the instructions Any progress would like to know. I've been using terragen to create the terrain and wanted to smoth the edges out as terragen created terrain often gives odd artifacts(spikes) at the edges of the map. Nigel EDIT: just tried http://ufraw.sourceforge.net/ and this couldn't open the RAW files, says not supported.
  9. Me too with a similar problem. It gets to the end and when I click join it just goes back to the Desktop. However when I run it in Debug mode, I get two errors during loading relating to my two CapturePoints "Unknown Object or Method!: ObjectTemplate.hoistMinMax 0.2/0.9" "GameModes/Gpm_cq/16/GamePlayObjects.con" So I made a map as basic as could be and tried that and I still get the same errors, I've re-patched the game, but not re-installed yet.
  10. I'm trying to run my map in the game, while loading I get two errors seemingly related to the two control points(CP) I have "Unknown Object or Method!: ObjectTemplate.hoistMinMax 0.2/0.9" this message is then related to those file "GameModes/Gpm_cq/16/GamePlayObjects.con" In (windowed)debug mode I continue through these, however I click join and throws me back to the desktop. hoistMinMax is one of the CP vairables, I've changed the settings but I still get the same error. Any ideas?
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