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  1. Does anyone know if there is a way to have diffrent brush shapes ? like a square instead of round ? so i can paint in grid mode to make it all line up right. Thanks
  2. OK i cant find the answer to this at all, i tryed search and found nothing. What am after is what map size should i be using if am putting a carrier in it??? and if am not using a carrier what size should i use ? Thanks
  3. The map is flat and i did add some hills to it ( to test it out) but i cant see grass??? Would i be better then rasing the whole thing up so i would have just grass and rocks ??? or can i change the layers about...??? o and one more thing , if i add a 4 layer to say dirt or mud and i re did the map with bftpaint would it still work ok , or would it feck up ? Thanks
  4. I have just made a new map with no objects in (as of yet) but the question is (and i have followed the page that shopuld be how to use bFpaint, the question is on the screen shot he has grass then mountins , i have in the one i just did sand base + mountins , but i dont see the grass!! is this because i have set the wrong layer in the wrong place....or is it something to do with the height ?? Any help would be nice thanks
  5. Ok quick question where can i find the setting (or Guide) on what lowleverdetail numbers to use pls ??? Thanks
  6. HI guys this is my first post , and i may have just missed something, but i have made just a flat level with some hills all the way round the edge of the map, but the problem i have is , when i test the map, and run around on it , the hills like dont rez right untill am right infront of them, i did a basic green grass for the hills, it looks fine when am standing on it , but from a short distence away...its looks really bad....what have i missed ?? (something ) but not sure what , if you could let me know .... Thanks (newbee 1st Time editor)
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