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  1. ao1902


    Damn, i havent thought about this for a while. i did it before when i was a Newbie. just model your ice (Or get someone to do it) model your cave place it in your map and done. if you know what your doing, like me you can make it kill a soldier if it falls, this can be caused by shooting it or an explosion nearby. If you really need help, let me know but I am limited on how much i can do a week as i work for a living.
  2. ao1902

    When Heli Blades Touch Something..

    Last year i made a RAH-66 comanche, i've done this, you still take damage but you spin a little when it hits somthin (Also cuts up soliders too) make the blade a RotationalBundle in the prime model when you build a new Chopper and code it so the prop starts of slow and build up it's the same a codding a hud (Trile and Error).
  3. ao1902

    Ai And Wasp

    Alright presuming your stil needing help do this: Load BF2 Editor, Select your Mod. Load (File 1); Object/Weapons/Stationary/aas_seasparrow Press; Ctrl + H type "SeaSparrowAI" and press 'Replace All" now save. Load (File 2&3); Object/Weapons/Stationary/wasp_defence_back Object/Weapons/Stationary/wasp_defence_front In the PlayerControlObject select DontAllowExit. All done if you need the code just let me know.
  4. ao1902

    Advanced "mapping"

    Yeah i said the "S" word would it be possible to work with AI? As i know how to make the level all ready. How It Works: I started by Modeling the terrain placing Holes in it for entry purposes, then i will model the rest of the "Buildings" & Tunnels. after that's done I'll just place the exterior objects on the Faked terrain, such as the missile silos, elevators, armories, airfields & More. this will be used in BF2ASM, now your wondering how does the Air-Strike fit into it, well with This. The MQ-9 Reaper will provide support top side whilst a XM1219 ARV will support the internal assualt.
  5. ao1902

    Reverse Geometry

    How do i actually make a -100% model?
  6. ao1902


    Hmm... I completly forgot about this post. What happen, well nothing really, i ended up using the EU VTOL textures, and since i wasn't getting mutch help i decided not to launch it. I did create a teaser vido but YouTube didn't let me upload it for some reason. And now i'm working on BattleField 2: Airstrike Mod. It's sort of a realism mod, due to using the BF2 engine my options are limited, and the fact no one wants to join the mod means production is slower then a Snail .
  7. ao1902

    Explosive Dummy Bomb

    I belive i undersatnd, Basiclly if you shoot a Idle Bomb say the Mk-82 you want it to explode. thi is achievible through a DestroyableObject template. how ever if you mean whilst it on an aircraft youd have to create a new material and make it extremelly vaulnerable to projectiles.
  8. ao1902

    Pco's Only For Ai

    Is it possible to have a PCO that can only be used by AI, So say you walked up to the XM1219 Armed Robotic Vehicle and pressed the Enter key, you didn't enter. This is what i want. Edit: XM1219 Armed Robotic Vehicle
  9. ao1902

    Reverse Geometry

    So what your saying that the engine would not handle it, because that im setting out to do.
  10. ao1902

    Reverse Geometry

    Good afternoon all. I was wondering is it posible to Revers/Invert Geometry instead of spending a whole lot of time creating it manually. e.g. Say you wanted a new SkyDome if you were to export it straight away you have no sky, but if you were to invert the geometry youd see a sky texture.
  11. ao1902

    Blinking Hud Text

    hudBuilder.setNodeLogicShowVariable "Type"Blink 1 hudBuilder.setNodeInTime # Seconds hudBuilder.setNodeOutTime # Seconds Types can vary like BEEX said Ammo, Health, or somthing else have fun.
  12. ao1902


    I Can't see it, What part am i looking for?
  13. ao1902


    Is it possible that when you kill someone that your team gains a ticket?
  14. ao1902


    Is it posibble to create a Python file that can give bonus's (Health & Ammo restore) if you get a sertain number of kills or 3 Soldiers are staning togerter?
  15. ao1902

    Animation In Gmax

    Sorry it's only posible with 3DS MAX & Maya