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  1. Please change your signature, I sometimes see some wierd alien faces in it and it freaks me out lol.

    Oh, never mind I just saw a tiger there so when I see another alien then I'll just look at the tiger.

  2. UberWazuSoldier

    Control Points Capture-Able By One Team

    A quick scan of the python makes it look like it acts as an uncap once it's been taken, but it'd be more foolproof to test it out in-game.
  3. @Freeze that doesn't solve the issue of placing objects, which would get very cumbersome. And generating terrain.raw'd be less than a piece of cake.

  4. UberWazuSoldier

    Need Help With Ai

    Ahh yes there is a way without Maya. When it's done generating a navmesh (I.E. when you'd normally use Maya), open up the debug folder in Battlefield 2/Navmesh/work/<map name>/, and then go to the "islands" for vehicles, and again for infantry, and look for the one with the largest filesize. Copy and rename that, and you can just use that as your finished mesh. I don't have it in front of me right now, so I can't be more specific with the naming. If you open up the topic with the instructions, the details for that method are on either page 2 or 3. Sorry, I'm bad at explaining things EDIT: First post on here: http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=3809&st=30
  5. UberWazuSoldier

    Dynamic .cons

    90% sure that they are reloaded, yes. Probably not THAT useful though, because you could just have python rcon.host_invoke() the appropriate lines when needed without having to do any sort of special work with the .con That said, I'm not entirely sure what you need dynamic .cons for anyway, so I could be wrong.
  6. UberWazuSoldier

    Items Won't "rotate" When I Use The Rotate Tool.

    I'm pretty much used to it now, it's not too bad anyway, just a minor inconvenience.
  7. UberWazuSoldier

    Locking Camera On Handheld Weapon

    Ahh, unfortunately no. The direction the player is looking is something that just doesn't work when you try to force it in-game, even if you use python.
  8. UberWazuSoldier

    Making Mod Seperate

    Well, if you have the editor you can create a new mod from "Create new MOD..." which is at the bottom of the mod list when you first start it up. After that, copy over any of the changed files into your new mod folder and put them in the appropriately named .zips (Objects_server.zip etc.), and it should be good to go!
  9. UberWazuSoldier

    Network Error With Helis On Wake_Island_2007

    Ahh, well, if the spawner has a type of vehicle that isn't normally on the map I can imagine clients would crash.
  10. UberWazuSoldier

    Hidden Features Of Refractor Engine?

    ObjectTemplate.zoom.zoomedWeaponRenderFOV is already in BF2 under a different name too (zoomLod)
  11. UberWazuSoldier

    Project Reality Blur Shader In Bf2

    Actually, the calculator is all HUD. For the blur shader you would need tr.exe, because it supplies information (somewhat indirectly, but still functionally) to the shader about screen size. Consider whether it makes sense to have the blur though; it looks cool, but most of the sights are non-magnifying so I can't really see how it would affect your ocular focus.
  12. UberWazuSoldier

    Ghillie Suit Texturing

    Yeah I'm not really 100% sure what the issue is either haha. I guess just keep in mind the construction of them; 3/4" netting sewn onto BDUs or a jumpsuit, often with canvas on the front, knees and elbows, and onto the netting you tie pieces of dyed jute in groups of about 8 so that it dangles down. After that, they roll around in the mud to get rid of the smell, and you can then tie on bits of foliage from around the area (which should make up about 60% of the suit). Otherwise you can look at BF2's existing textures for ideas.
  13. UberWazuSoldier

    When Heli Blades Touch Something..

    Well, apparently that's how PR does it, I sure as hell didn't think it would, but I guess it does O_o
  14. UberWazuSoldier

    Annoying 'memory.dll' Error

    Ohhh I get it, haha! I'm assuming Rexman's latest tools would be for detecting issues like this in advance?
  15. UberWazuSoldier

    Bf2 Modder

    That said, future modders will probably be interested in the tools.