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  1. thats done by the CombatArea bf2 automatical fit in the CombatArea to your MinimapHud
  2. got it fixed :S was an issue in the terrain.con (was using a lowdetailsize of 1024) seems like the editor is messing up the files when trying to generate lowdetailmaps with that setting
  3. the error currently appeared (i cant remember what i have changed i just loaded up the map after months and its there) any ideas or help to fix this is aprreciated cheers @ndy
  4. n1 the editor is still a misterious programm
  5. you can simply edit the Undergrowth.cfg if you know how it would look like in the editor
  6. im using Win7 64-Bit screenresolution is 1280x1024 .net framework is installed (dunno if it is the most recent version though)
  7. its crashing for me before its even starting up
  8. how many objects will it show at the same time ?
  9. all we need is a preview for the settings we will change i think regenerating the Undergrowthatlas can be done in the editor should work without crashing
  10. is there an update for the undergrowth stuff ?
  11. i may be stupid but this seems to be the C-160 from OPK and some pages ago you posted pics from the vectors of MW2 its fine if you use it for privat use only but you cant release it without making a lot of guys unhappy
  12. thats the problem if you import stuff from other games ... you are not allowed to release it
  13. displayin it in 3d and textured like the bfmeshviewer so the mapper can play around with the settings and if they are done apply it to his map
  14. painting the undergrowth is not the problem in the editor berger the problem is selecting meshes, textures and detensity this causes the editor to crash everything else you can do in the editor fine
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