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  1. Well, what can I say, I'm embarrassed. No! but I did now and guess what? I worked. Thanks a lot and sorry for my stupidity And for anyone else who's got the same problem; Check your water.con
  2. Thanks a lot for answers I put in that map only since it was the only one crashing - so I thought at least... Apparently though, it's not the map, it's the mod; All my maps crash at low terrain graphic. I tried to remove the "underground_tunnel" from the mod, but all maps keep crashing. any ideas? Thanks for the help so far though
  3. [pressed "reply" insted of "edit" on my above post]
  4. Thanks, i'd be most grateful if you did :D Here's the mod Mod
  5. Thanks a lot The triangulation solved both problems What I did was to use the "turn to poly" modifier and limit the polygon size to 3. :D
  6. Hi. One of the maps in my mod ctd's at join game no matter what I do. It only works on medium settings. What i've tried: - Changed the lowdetailtype from 0 to 1 in all textures - Made sure the soldiers in the init.con is correct - generated envmaps and lightmap atlases - Packed the map - Deleted all objects in map - Cleared textures - Remade combate area - Removed CPs and made new - Added surrounding terrain If anyone know what the ultimate solution is, I would be most grateful if it could be revealed I can upload the mod if it's to any help. Thank you in advance
  7. Update: I don't think it's the lightmapping that's causing the problem. Here are the objects without lightmaps; As you can see the textures seems to be stretched and disorted. I updated the objects today and they look just fine in max. Any idea what might be causing the issue?
  8. Hi. I've lightmapped using the "advanced lightmapping tutorial" for 3ds max,and it works perfectly, except from two of my objects. Does this look familiar to anyone? I'm lost - as usual... Alimcleif
  9. Thanks, it simply just worked Never seen that before
  10. @Kev4000: So should I ;-)

  11. Hi. When I've done the 3ds max advanced lightmapping, how do I merge the "~sun.tga" with the "~sky.tga" and the "~point.tga"? I've managed to do this earlier, but suddenly it deosen't work anymore I'm suppused to host a LAN-party today :S Any quick answer can help Thanks in advance.
  12. You were right, opening the bf2 textures really helped It also made me realize how brilliant the "texture a metal crate" video really is Thanks a lot, things are going a lot easier now however, I'm still new to this so a link to that video would probably be great
  13. Lightmap issue solved!!! I had a problem with objects beeing way to shiny as well, and for some reason, fixing this also fixed the lightmap issue When I tried to follow the bytehazard-tutorial I got an error when I used the mesh viewer so I didn't really get the chance to see if the tutorial worked. However, this might have been obvious for most of you but the solution was too use "Photoshop" instead of "paint.net" to make my textures And to every other unknowing person out there, the solution is: - use photoshop as texture editing software - make your alpha channel darker if your object is to shiny - save as .dds, DXT5 - interpolated alpha And a huge thanks to everyone who have helped solving the issue
  14. I first found it mentioned at this page, but when I searched for it on google I also ended up in diffrent topics here at the forum. By the way, the metal crate video guy really seems to know what he's doing. The final textures looked awesome. Unfortunately, I'm not even close to keep up with what he's doing, I'm still trying to figure out how to properly make the base, detail and the so called Ndetail textures
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