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  1. You're welcome! Gmax users can get this fix by replacing their \Scripts\bf2\bin\ folder contents with \Scripts\bf2\bin\ from the new 3dsmax tools .zip archive.
  2. Rexman

    Hey Rexman

    Glad to see you were able to figure out a workaround
  3. Download (1.7 MB): http://rex3d.net/bf2/files/3dsmax/bf2_3dsmax_10Jun2006.zip For use with 3dsmax5.1 and higher (tested up to 3dsmax8) Installation Instructions: - Unzip to the contents of the .zip file to your 3dsmax directory, overwrite existing files - If installing for 3dsmax5 then copy the plugins from the zip folder marked "max5" instead normal plugins Un-install: - Use 3dsmax's GUI configuration to remove the "BF2" menu from the 3dsmax interface - Manual file removal required, check the .zip for which files were included in the install, none replace existing 3dsmax files so they are safe to remove Bugs fixed with the June 10th, 2006 release: - Performance bug fix for all geometry exporting, you will want to re-export all geometry with the new tools Geometry includes: Collision, Staticmesh, SkeletalMesh This bug caused faces to be duplicated when there was more than one material assigned. Roughly the bug was this: for each material { // Lots of code here doing important stuff for each material { Add this material's geometry to mesh } } The fixed code now is this: for each material { // Lots of code here doing important stuff } for each material { Add this material's geometry to mesh }
  4. I haven't seen any issues of a body bouncing on the ground when I include the root in 3p animations export. I don't have any resources to try to figure out why/what in the toolchain causes it to inaccurately chose the frame number based on the first joint in a hiearchy. If really necessary a tool could be written that strips out the root bone in a .baf file. Here is one of the scene files I used to test: - Max8 format - RURIF_AK47 weapon - I included the "root" named node in the animation set. http://rex3d.net/bf2/files/3dsmax/rawData/..._runforward.zip Edit: I wrote a function that removes the root bone of a .baf file using my .baf c++ library: http://rex3d.net/bf2/files/tools/animation...oveBoneByID.zip int removeBoneByID(const char * bafName, u32 boneID) { bf2Tools::BAF_File myBafFile; if (0 == myBafFile.LoadBafFile(bafName)) { u32 fileWasModified = 0; // Find first bone with matching boneID and remove that bone // std::vector<BafBoneHolder> & bnList = myBafFile.m_bnData; std::vector<BafBoneHolder>::iterator bnIter; for(bnIter = bnList.begin(); bnIter != bnList.end(); ++bnIter) { if (bnIter->m_boneID == boneID) { bnList.erase(bnIter); fileWasModified = 1; break; } } if (fileWasModified) { int retVal = myBafFile.SaveBafFile( bafName ); return retVal; } return 0; } return -1; }
  5. I'm looking into your report on animations being exported containing only the first frame. 3dsmax seems to only allow animations of 2 or more frames, which causes it to give you that error on importing a .baf to 3dsmax.
  6. 1. Edit existing .baf file: You can use the bafImport script to apply animation in a .baf to a hierarcy in a .max scene (usually your skinned player mesh for the mod or an example one here: http://rex3d.net/bf2/files/3dsmax/rawData/...jects/soldiers/ ). 2. Hierarcy: It's just the skeleton, root node is called root_animation 3. What is eported: The entire hierarcy under the root node is always exported for any type of export (animation and models). Bones in the named selection set "ANIMATED" will be part of the .baf file with a root_animation.
  7. I can't help in every situation, especially where there are several pages of text describing an issue. To find out which weapons are used in a type of animation import one of BF2's. - Have a scene file with a skeleton in it as well as a character - Run the maxscript: 3dsMaxScriptsbf2animationdebugBaf.ms - Select a .baf animation to import. - You will have a printout of the bones animated in the maxscript listener window. Note on skeletons other than 3p_setup.ske: By default it is set to use 3p_setup skeleton, you will have to change that at the bottom of the .ms file if you use a different skeleton for a particular animation. Part where it says: skeName:"3p_setup"
  8. The material manager is about the damage system tweaking values. This does not read mesh files. The tool you used can be found in the 3dsmax tools .zip file under: Scriptsbf2binreleasebf2Materials.exe
  9. Rexman

    help with exporter

    Verify you have the plugin from the .zip file extracted: 3dsmax8pluginsgame_battlefield2.dlx
  10. There are newer 3dsmax tools than the Aug 2005 version. The latest build of the 3dsmax tools is posted/updated in this topic here: http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=89
  11. It'd be nice to be able to use any multiplier range, could really cut down on performance/memory usage for the types of maps that do not require high resolution terrain.
  12. This issue you are running into was fixed since the Sept 29th updated 3dsmax toolset release. You aren't doing anything wrong, the tools were indeed at fault. You can get the latest 3dsmax tools here: http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=89
  13. You're welcome! I updated the tool now to make it more user friendly. Here is a screenshot of the new tool version: The file is located here: http://rex3d.net/bf2/files/tools/material_manager/ Filename: BF2_MatManTool-GUI-v02.zip You can also now specify a new material name as the destination, the tool will ask if you want it to create the new material for you.
  14. i used rexes packing tool: http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=2371 I fixed Rhino's issue I think. It was because the files generated by the editor when you create a mod reverse the order that .zip files should be mounted. Just make sure you mount your mod's archives before you mount bf2's otherwise your files will be ignored. You'll also want to clean out your init.con file, move the run .. camera command to gameLogicInit.con or your game will crash upon loading a 2nd level. Good custom minimap icons are done by artists using photoshop. If you can texture your vehicle, you can make a tiny simple icon
  15. Use the editor, it has names for all these commands. Also take a look at this file for descriptions of commands: battlefield 2bf2editorHelpCommandDescriptions.xls
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