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  1. could u plz give me a few tipps how u made these ? i also made a mod for bf2. itz a totally fun mod and itz fully overloadet with funny stuff. but i wanted to make a server side mod und go to the limits of possible. (makeing new buildings like u want is not nessesarry) can u guys plz tell me what exactly is possible and what not ? ma clients crush back to desk if they connect. i deleted the md5s und only replaced existing vehicles with other (on the map existing) vehicles. i also want to mod the kids and weapons like i did in the orginal mod, but itz kinda hard finding out by trial&error what serverside is possible and what causes clients to crash. any help would really help me out......kinda list whats possible changes and what not would be really helpfull. thx (sry 4 bad english....)
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