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  1. Testing this on a local server on the lan. I mod files in a server folder in my desktop, relaunch server, reconnect to local IP of server using BF2142 client, either on same computer or a second one.

    I want to move buildings in a regular 2142 map, because on the DEMO SIDE, we have to play the Sidi Map over and over and over and over and over again. After a year and a half, it gets nauseating. Recently, I commented out my combat area which opens up all this new 'badlands' out there, that I could build some new bases... there's plenty of space and some gorgeous little valleys. I could, for example, build a jeep race track, or a tank areana, or a little base for sniper fights, or make a forest, or best of all, experiment using all the buildings and objects that are present but not used on the Sidi map (like all these other trees, for example). I've already pushed my map as far as it will go with custom python code, custom mods for weapons (for example, my jeeps drop poison gas pellets, my air transports drop bombs, my pistols and sniper rifle and hover tank have a bigger punch, my parachutes are now drivable paragliders, the air transports drop paratroopers instead of pods, I've added lots more AA/lasar cannons and written the name of my server inside the game with destroyable crates... and all my vehicles... multispawn. Not to mention I've tweaked all the damage states to persist a lot longer, so my battlefield is littered with wreckage, and my explosions are bigger and more spectacular.

    So I've gone with this map as far as I want to go... its tweaked to the max... and yet out there on my map lies all that empty realestate out there, that I can walk in and fly in and drive in, just teasing me... build here... build something out there. Even if a few small remote things... maybe even something crazy, like a 3dimensional arena of helipads and control points in the sky you fight over... or... a GEE BEE style air race track. My imagination and the number of static object models built into the demo (ug) are the only limit.

    I'm not worried about the lightmaps.

    could u plz give me a few tipps how u made these ? i also made a mod for bf2. itz a totally fun mod and itz fully overloadet with funny stuff.

    but i wanted to make a server side mod und go to the limits of possible. (makeing new buildings like u want is not nessesarry)

    can u guys plz tell me what exactly is possible and what not ? ma clients crush back to desk if they connect.

    i deleted the md5s und only replaced existing vehicles with other (on the map existing) vehicles.

    i also want to mod the kids and weapons like i did in the orginal mod, but itz kinda hard finding out by trial&error what serverside is possible and what causes clients to crash.

    any help would really help me out......kinda list whats possible changes and what not would be really helpfull.

    thx (sry 4 bad english....)

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