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    Battlefield 2 modding, programming and overall gaming. Xfire acc: ibergerwar

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About Me

The first shooter i've played was Battlefield 2 demo, and I liked it.

I started modding the demo when I was 11 years old. I mostly changed weapons.

Later on I was getting better in it and started modding levels as well.

I had 4 maps in demo, without the help of a editor. I changed the building names,

so only demo building would be placed. I used coordinates, and it took me 6 or more times to

get the building in place. I was being able to mod battlefield 2 really good when I was 14.

I made new vehicles, added stuff on it, changed it's code and after a while my first mod was made.

The "vehicle expansion mod" for the demo. Everything worked well, but I noticed that my demo was version 1.00,

and more and more crashes occured. So at last I bought the game, made a new mod named: "SWOF"

I placed some of my old files init and it was good to go. I'm now finishing the mod, and when everything is modified,

it will be released. I'm now working on texturing everything. And with Gmax.

(I made another mod as well, the "Fly N' Die" mod. It's a simple mod. All the damage is changed into force. Persons don't wear parachutes, so when they got hit, they'll fly up and die on the ground. It was quite fun, but you won't fly when crouched, so it was a fail.)

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