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  1. Added a mediafire folder link on the main page a while ago, you can use that instead. (FileAve has been a pain for a loooong time)
  2. Added the "AtlasBuilder" tool I made today, on Rhysm's request.
  3. Yeah I know, the updater is a pain. Think of stopping using it at all. My anti virus protection removed any installer update as soon I want to install my own program...lol. xD If you can, download from filefront. FileAve seems to require me to log in every day...
  4. Battlefield Tweaker GREATLY updated. List of changes: - Code generators now embedded in application; no stand-alone executables under bin - Switch-to option under file; quickly switch between files (con <> tweak) - Replace dialog simplified; Splitbutton is used for "Replace all" options - Completely re-written text field, which includes improved performance, coloring, suggestions, information - Added "Constants" ability. You can now add %constantname% in a suggestion file to include all constants of that name. - Every type of constant is readable, since it is in a simple text format which can be edited. - Greatly improved "template recognition"; user changeable and supports other template types than ObjectTemplate - It no longer takes ages to load a long file of 5000+ lines; it will simply skip colouring in that case - Added file format check before loading to prevent mishaps around loading raw data files - Suggestion box is less glitchy and includes information of suggested code - Any file format can now be opened - Suggestions for other types of templates added, such as AI template coding and terrain. - Words info is given of are now highlighted - GREATLY improved undo/redo system (History class ) - Now contains 9 colors used for text coloring. Path and enum colors have been added. - Shortcut commands added: Ctrl + Enter for a wizard (where possible), Ctrl + Left/Right for word selection. - Removed the input information under "Information", since it is now included as a constant in code suggestions. - Overall fixed an enormous amount of bugs and performance gaps, had to basically rewrite everything from scratch - Some other stuff I added mid-way but I can't remember. Constants also include geometry/collisionmesh names.
  5. Wild guess, but: - a wrench wants to repair a vehicle to full. - a vehicle has a maximum HP which is used for this - a vehicle also has a HP value when spawned. Solution: set the maximum HP to 0, then it's HP can never be increased any further. ObjectTemplate.armor.maxHitPoints 0 ObjectTemplate.armor.hitPoints 1000 Not tested, it could also crash the game. (divide by 0 error? hehe.) Note: CanBeRepaired is not an Armor component member in my book, only CanbeRepairedAsWreck exists. EDIT Tested: instantly destroys the vehicle. (thus, the game tries to keep HitPoints < MaxHitpoints)
  6. A few generator conversions to do and Battlefield Tweaker 1.4 can be released :D

  7. Yep, you should always limit the amount of errors you get. Some people (like me hehe) haven't run the mod in debug mode for a long time, and lots of errors come up about comp type redeclaration errors, framerate issues, etc. And of course the regular bf2 errors you get of the HUD. For those that never ran their mod in debug mode and don't want to go past the same old errors every time, the program can come in handy.
  8. See the final showcase section, the latest version is in there. Since 64 bit systems can't load the dds files I added texture libraries instead, which contain bf2/bf2142 textures. If you want to add your own, convert your texture(s) to a readable format (png/gif/bmp/jpg) and add that to the library using the library creator. (Settings dropdown). As far I believe the program works on 64 bit systems, except for the texture loading part.
  9. About the bot thing, it is simply an AI settings change: echo ***************************************************************************************** echo AIDefault.ai **************************************************************************** echo ***************************************************************************************** REM *** The amount of bots and botskill used ingame *** aiSettings.setMaxNBots 127 aiSettings.setBotSkill 0.4 aiSettings.setAutoSpawnBots 1 REM *** Don't change the lines below *** aiSettings.setInformationGridDimension 32 aiSettings.setNSides 2 aiSettings.overrideMenuSettings 1 aiSettings.maxBotsIncludeHumans 0 run BotNames.ai run AIPathFinding.ai I did it before and the limit is 127-128, any higher and it crashes the game.
  10. I guess not, since it has no networkable info set. I guess the information of a player location and where it shoots at a player is sent instead. You can check it for yourself; any template that has the following line: ObjectTemplate.setNetworkableInfo BasicInfo Is counted as one of the networkable template. Usually templates like effects, particles and sound are not networkable.
  11. Common crash issues (which have no error in debug, mostly AI related): - missing control point names (neighbouring fails) - missing behaviour in the aibehaviours.ai file. (vehicle AI templates have a behaviour set; some mods add behaviours) - damaged texture or texture of an invalid size/format. (HUD textures are loaded ingame!!!) - error in the navmesh (or pathfinding) - damaged geometry (or shader which is used) - missing kit, double indexed weapon, invalid index Join game crash issues: - Invalid amount of kits or invalid kit added - Error in a python script And I really recommend running your mod in bf2_r.exe. It spots almost every error imaginable. If you don't feel like clicking messageboxes away download my Battlefield 2 Debugger program which does it for you.
  12. I'm afraid this is hardcoded in the editor engine. May be some brush texture, but failed to find any in the bf2editor folder.
  13. Let me guess, you played Minecraft recently? You can always play around with a night map and move a lightsource around. Doubt it would make shadows though.
  14. I suggested using a player control object since it has both. It has mobile physics using a collision mesh and has an armor component to make it destroyable. Dynamic simply means it is "moveable". It does not mean that it can use an armor component.
  15. I have the same, but for some reason if I move my cursor over the tweaker field (located to the right) and move it back into the viewport I can move it freely. Hope the same works with you.
  16. 1. 3D sights use lod models in either the camera or the weapon mesh. Vehicles use an added camera with the sub geometry set. (this is optional, geometry is set to 0 by default) ObjectTemplate.create Camera ARS_D30_Camera ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser Unknown ObjectTemplate.saveInSeparateFile 1 ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 0 rem ------------------------------------- ObjectTemplate.addTemplate S_ARS_D30_Camera_RotationRpm rem ------------------------------------- ObjectTemplate.CVMChase 1 ObjectTemplate.CVMFrontChase 1 ObjectTemplate.CVMInside 1 ObjectTemplate.worldFOV 1.1 ObjectTemplate.insideFOV 0.6 ObjectTemplate.cockpitSubGeom 1 ObjectTemplate.allowInsideDynamicLights 1 ObjectTemplate.allowInsideStaticSun 0 ObjectTemplate.insideStaticSunDirection 0/-1/0 ObjectTemplate.insideStaticSunColor 1/1/1 ObjectTemplate.insideStaticSunDamageColor 1/1/1 ObjectTemplate.insideDamageFrequency 3 ObjectTemplate.insideDamageThreshold 0.15 ObjectTemplate.insideStaticSunAmbientColor 0.7/0.7/0.7 ObjectTemplate.cockpitSubGeom 1 In a weapon zoom lod (sub model in a geometry) is used: rem ---BeginComp:DefaultZoomComp --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent DefaultZoomComp ObjectTemplate.zoom.zoomDelay 0.08 ObjectTemplate.zoom.zoomLod 1 ObjectTemplate.zoom.addZoomFactor 0 ObjectTemplate.zoom.addZoomFactor 0.85 ObjectTemplate.zoom.changeFovDelay 0.05 rem ---EndComp --- ObjectTemplate.zoom.zoomLod 1 2. Regular pco's are mobile as well. rem *** Generated with Bf2Editor.exe [created: 2005/4/10 10:26] GeometryTemplate.compressVertexData 1 GeometryTemplate.maxTextureRepeat 16 ObjectTemplate.activeSafe PlayerControlObject cube_brick ObjectTemplate.creator Bergerkiller ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser ljo ObjectTemplate.setNetworkableInfo BasicInfo ObjectTemplate.saveInSeparateFile 1 ObjectTemplate.castsDynamicShadow 1 rem ---BeginComp:Armor --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent Armor ObjectTemplate.armor.maxHitPoints 100 ObjectTemplate.armor.hitPoints 100 ObjectTemplate.armor.defaultMaterial 3 ObjectTemplate.armor.waterLevel 0 ObjectTemplate.armor.explosionForce 15 ObjectTemplate.armor.explosionForceMod 8 ObjectTemplate.armor.explosionForceMax 5000 ObjectTemplate.armor.explosionDamage 10 ObjectTemplate.armor.explosionRadius 18 ObjectTemplate.armor.explosionMaterial 99 ObjectTemplate.armor.addArmorEffect 0 e_exp_large 0/0/0 0/0/0 rem ---EndComp --- ObjectTemplate.setCollisionMesh cube_brick ObjectTemplate.geometry cube_brick ObjectTemplate.mapMaterial 0 Metal_plate_thin 20 ObjectTemplate.mass 10 ObjectTemplate.gravityModifier 0.6 ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.hasCollisionPhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.physicsType Mesh rem ------------------------------------- rem ObjectTemplate.addTemplate rem ------------------------------------- You can spawn them using objectspawners; see gameplayobjects.con of the level. You can add objectspawners to other templates as well, although this is risky. Beware: adding objectspawners to effects will not always work online.
  17. A mesh consists of the following: - (sub)Geometries (geom) - (sub) Level of distance models (lods) Each lod contains texture and shader information to accompany the model. Staticmesh: A single mesh, for example a house. Only contains one geom and multiple lod models. Bundlemesh: Multiple geometries and geometry parts (!) with each geom having lods. Collisionmesh: 3D models defining the collision points of the model: - col0 is projectiles - col1 is soldiers - col2 is vehicles Quality degrades, for example projectiles need a better mesh than a soldier would need. Skinnedmesh: A mesh that is somewhat like a bundledmesh, but it can be used in combination with a skeleton and special animations. They are used for flags, soldiers and kits (for the animation of the worn items of the kit) Mesh: Levels use regular mesh files for things like roads, not sure about those. Almost every mesh has Level of distance models, for example one from 10 meters or lower, one for 10 - 100 and one for 100 - infinite. Quality degrades, this to improve performance of the game. Same happens with weapons; 1P has the best quality mesh and 3p has degrading meshes. Same can apply to textures; you can have a simple cube and give it 3 lods with textures declining in size. (1024x1024 -> 512x512 -> 256x256) Lod distances are set after the geometry is loaded. Geometries are loaded in the .con files. Tweak is loaded afterwards. Usually the lod distances are added all on top of the tweak file. Any geometrytemplate lines in tweaks are COMPLETELY separate from the objecttemplates. No need to add the same line for each template. Not a modeler myself, feel free to correct or add some of it here and there.
  18. No idea what the problem is or could be, since I have no information. Just confirmed that 1.1 can overwrite readonly files, so that's not it. To debug this I need to know: - when it happens (on loading or saving of the kit, or when you change a weapon) - the us_specops.con file coding you try to load and save again Kinda busy on the tweaker right now, if it is a bug I'll try to fix it asap.
  19. Could be the file you try to edit is read-only, can't remember adding a read-only proof saving system...
  20. Maybe they removed it. It's not a big issue; you can just link to the bf2 movies: bf2Engine.playMovie ..\bf2\Movies\EA.bik 1 bf2Engine.playMovie ..\bf2\Movies\dice.bik 1 bf2Engine.playMovie ..\bf2\Movies\legal.bik 1 bf2Engine.playMovie ..\bf2\Movies\intro.bik 0 bf2Engine.playMovie ..\bf2\Movies\welcome.bik 0
  21. Could be they altered the syntax of the line to use '\' instead of '/'. Try if this works: fileManager.copyFile ..\..\mods\bf2\movies\menu.bik movies\menu.bik
  22. Are you sure it is this object? Does it crash if you leave the object out (=don't spawn it in your map)? It take it you did use: GeometryTemplate.create BundledMesh comstat
  23. If you change the Geometry & collisionmesh to "barrel_yellow", does it still crash? If not there must be some error in the Geometry. And um the Geometry is a BundledMesh for the barrel_yellow, which seems quite obvious since it has a wreck 0 mesh. Try re-exporting your comstat mesh as a BundledMesh and try again.
  24. Usually this sort of crash happens because of a geometry error, like a missing Wreck 0 mesh. Also, a static object can not have mass. And I take it that you use the above code without the '----' before the networkable line. Fully copied & renamed barrel_yellow code that works, and if not, it is your Geometry: rem *** Generated with Bf2Editor.exe [created: 2005/5/2 17:30] GeometryTemplate.compressVertexData 1 GeometryTemplate.maxTextureRepeat 16 ObjectTemplate.activeSafe DestroyableObject comstat ObjectTemplate.creator DPA-1:dpa ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser ful ObjectTemplate.setNetworkableInfo BasicInfo ObjectTemplate.saveInSeparateFile 1 rem ---BeginComp:Armor --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent Armor ObjectTemplate.armor.maxHitPoints 50 ObjectTemplate.armor.hitPoints 50 ObjectTemplate.armor.defaultMaterial 97 ObjectTemplate.armor.waterLevel -0.3 ObjectTemplate.armor.explosionForce 12 ObjectTemplate.armor.explosionDamage 150 ObjectTemplate.armor.explosionRadius 9 ObjectTemplate.armor.explosionMaterial 70 ObjectTemplate.armor.wreckHitPoints 0 ObjectTemplate.armor.addArmorEffect 0 e_barrelyello_exp1 0/0/0 0/0/0 rem ---EndComp --- ObjectTemplate.geometry comstat ObjectTemplate.setCollisionMesh comstat ObjectTemplate.mapMaterial 0 metal_thin 111 ObjectTemplate.treeCollisionDiameter 0.7 ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 0 ObjectTemplate.hasCollisionPhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.physicsType Mesh
  25. I actually do not know if you can add a destroyable crate to another destroyable object. Best is if you just remove the Armor component of the supply crate; damage will go to it's parent (the car) any ways. Plus your object may need a geometry with a geom0 (wreck) mesh, since it is destroyable.
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