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  1. As ever, thank you guys. Will look into these.
  2. Pretty much says it all really, if I select any object in the editor (level editor, object editor and all other options) I get a large white area appearing instead of being able to see the object and surrounding area. This is a pain in the butt when trying to place statics. Anyone know whats going on or have a fix for this? Running windows 7 64 with a nvidia GTX 275 graphics card on latest drivers.
  3. Ok..maybe not worded very well in the topic title. Think it's been a while since I've posted here, but the site has been a great help for other stuff that I can usually find the answer to with a search. My current problem though is a little different. I have a map where the flags are located on different levels of a building, this means that the spawns appear stacked on top of each other and its very difficult to select which one you want. Does anyone know of any way to move the spawn selects (and possibly flag name) out so that players can easily see the name of the flag and select the correct spawn?
  4. Yes, either the map isn't navmeshed for bots, or you've placed the spawns in an area the ai navmesh doesn't quite cover.
  5. ok, so I've followed a tutorial (admittedly for bf2) found on the forums here: http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=3993 I can select the new gamemode from the menu and it lists the map, load the map on local and I can spawn in BUT...there are no tickets showing. I can run around the map, capture the flags etc, but there is no tp bar at all showing tickets per side or the side icons etc. Not a thing. Just a blank empty space. The other game modes for the same map work correctly, its just this new one I'm trying to implement. Anyone any ideas? If it helps, what I'm basically trying to do is use gpm_nv to create infantry only versions of the map. Initially that gave me the results above, I've tried copying the content from the mods gpm_cq )changing the gpm_cq references to gpm_nv where relevant), and that still gave me the same issues. swiff is updated, gamemodes.py has the python file, the map has the gpm_nv folder and the info file has the gpm_nv mode added. Even updated the localization files and still cant get the flag indicator bar to show.
  6. You mean something like the probe droid from the BF2142 mod First Strike? Dunno if its possible in BF2, but the two games are similar so I would assume so. Others here will know much better than me.
  7. Ok, we have a server up and running, lately (since 1.51?) I have noticed that when you run a co-op map and join a squad of bots, you cannot become Squad Leader. You get the page up/page down to accept or decline the SL position, but pressing apge up does not seem ro register. Pressing page up for votes etc works fine, also works to select the Commander position, you just cannot seem to take over a bot squad. Anyone know whats going on? Server settings all seem fine and there has been no change to the mod ai files in some time. Also, not limited to me, other players have experienced it to (just to rule out any local problem at my end!). Thanks for any help you can offer!
  8. Would just like to revive this once more. We are still looking to recruit people for First Strike to help complete the largest undertaking we have in production. We need people with all abilities, mappers, coders, texture artists, modellers, the works. We are looking to complete work on our take on the famous Battle of Hoth and such a large undertaking will require many people on order to finalise this much anticipated map. We are also looking to integrate further ai to the mod in the form of singleplayer and co-op maps and welcome anyone that would like to help further this portion of the mod. If you have any questions about First Strike, or would like to get more information about the team just drop by our forums
  9. As per the title, other than active admin of a server, is there anyway to get it to automatically balance clan members? Often get complaints of clan stacking so was wondering if there was any way to automate it to split them over both teams.
  10. Hey guys, thanks for the input. Sorry it took a while to get back! So far it seems to have worked, another coder on the team was also working on the same problem and has come up with another way of doing it. Many thanks for your advice though, as I say I'm still trying to learn and get my head around a lot of this stuff!
  11. Some projectiles are coded as part of the objects tweak. Try looking in the tanks tweak for it, if its there you need to clone the tank for your mod and can then alter the projectile as you wish.
  12. Taken another stab at this after looking round the forums and doing a little more research. I've only tested it locally using bots, running them over etc. I know it's not perfect, as it currently stands no matter what weapon you kill them with, if it is related to that vehicle you don't get teamkill points. Here's what I came up with in scoringCommon.py. Added this line under the point awards list: allowedtkvehicles = ('XXXXXXXXXXX') Then under def onplayerkilled and # killed by own team: # killed by own team elif attacker.getTeam() == victim.getTeam(): # no teamkills from wrecks if object != None and object.getIsWreck(): return # no teamkills from artillery if weapon: attackerVehicle = bf2.objectManager.getRootParent(weapon) if attackerVehicle and attackerVehicle.isPlayerControlObject and attackerVehicle.getIsRemoteControlled(): return #no teamkill from vehicle if vehicle: attackerVehicle = bf2.objectmanager.getRootParent(vehicle) if attackerVehicle and attackerVehicle.isPlayerControlObject in allowedtkvehicles(): return Possibly much better ways of doing it but this is only my second modified python attempt! Still quite willing to learn more and accept some helpful advice and comments though.
  13. Could possibly make the earth have that half'n'half light/dark horizon effect?
  14. The vehicle in question as a personnel carrier, problem is that people have a habit of bailing while the thing is moving and as a result the driver gets a teamkill. Over the course of a game this could result in a driver being server kicked through no fault of his own. I tried hooking something in to the scoring_common.py under kills and teamkills, my limited python experience however resulted in the map refusing to load (no tickets, no spawns). A different tactic resulted in the map spawning but still receiving teamkills. So, anyone got any pointers/hints/code for this they'd like to share with me?! Cheers!
  15. Shouldn't make a differance on alititude, the First Strike ISD turrets at set at about 5000m. So your turrets are seperate to the main ship? Have they got an AI file attached to them?
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