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  1. Searching, I found this thread, and am wondering if the 255 ladder limit was ever confirmed? I have random ladder crashing the server issues all of a sudden, and may have exceeded this number. CE
  2. The Stamp/align tool won't always work, I've found, but for things like laying track, walls, etc., I have a useful tip. Place the first item where you want it. While it's selected, right-click, copy transformation. Select the second item, and right-click paste transformation. This will perfectly place the second item on top of the first one. Then you can usually "slide" along one or two axes to put the second item next to the first. Rinse and repeat! CE
  3. Agreed. 10000 is too long...we backed it down to 300 and it was cool. Adding this line to each: ObjectTemplate.armor.timeToStayAfterDestroyed 10000 I think made the bodies become transparent, almost ghostlike, as they slowly faded away. Question: is there another setting to get the bodies to keep their rag-doll physics for awhile? Nothing that caused damage would move them (grenades, C4, etc) but if you throw ammo, a med pack, or even a mine at them they twitch a bit for awhile. CE
  4. On a side note, if you'd like to have killed soldiers' bodies linger and lay around, all you have to do is add these lines to tmp.con ObjectTemplate.active us_light_soldier ObjectTemplate.armor.timeToStayAfterDestroyed 10000 ObjectTemplate.active us_heavy_soldier ObjectTemplate.armor.timeToStayAfterDestroyed 10000 ObjectTemplate.active ch_heavy_soldier ObjectTemplate.armor.timeToStayAfterDestroyed 10000 ObjectTemplate.active ch_light_soldier ObjectTemplate.armor.timeToStayAfterDestroyed 10000 ObjectTemplate.active mec_heavy_soldier ObjectTemplate.armor.timeToStayAfterDestroyed 10000 ObjectTemplate.active Soldier mec_light_soldier ObjectTemplate.armor.timeToStayAfterDestroyed 10000 There was mention of a mod or something somewhere, but you don't need that - just these lines. CE
  5. msch that did the trick! Forgive my obvious lack of experience on this! And Eggman, if you ever come here any more, thanks! CE
  6. Well, I'm trying to load this barbed wire into a vBF2 map I'm making. This thread talks about this: And I'm wondering what equivalent method I could use on my map and not actually alter any of the "official" BF2 files... ...or am I confused? CE
  7. Sorry for the potential necro, but I have a question about this. I am building a vBF2 map and understand I would have to create an objects_client and objects_server file as described here, Do I add a line "run MaterialManagerSettings.con" in tmp.con or somewhere else? Thanks! CE
  8. Well that explains it, thanks for the bad news! CE
  9. I've looked around and can't find anything that would indicate the ability to spawn a dead body. I want to add it to a triggerable....i.e., as you walk by a building, there's a chance a dead body will fall out the 3rd floor window... Call me weird...but I like it. CE
  10. Hey thanks for the response! It turned out I was calling clientarchives/serverarchives.con, which called objects_client/objects_server.zip, which didn't exist or something like that - anyway, in rooting around for the cause I fixed it so that it works, now. I have a running AC130 in a vBF2 map! One thing I noticed - pilot needs a HUD constructed. Is there an easy way to add that via notepad/tweak or will I have to learn the object editor? Thanks again! CE
  11. This is a new error for me on my vBF2 map. I have successfully imported the musclecar - it's been working great. I recently added a hind. Also working. Now, I add an AC130 - and this error occurs out of the blue? Any guidance? Thanks in advance! CE
  12. Thanks for the quick reply, but it may not be relevant. I am not building a mod - just a map within BF2 vanilla, so the archives should be fine. And the error I get in the debugger doesn't list the CITY folder: So, I am still stumped. [Edit] I looked into the tower's staticmesh file and it's calling for: /objects/staticobjects/_middle-east/uniqueobjects/mosque/textures/mosque_01_de.dds CE
  13. Ok, I've successfully added a musclecar to a multiplayer-run, vanilla BF2 map (will post how in another thread). I've followed instructions to add an American building to it, only I liked xp1_tower in Ghost Town, so I added that using the same methods. After finding that it also needs 3 ladder files and similarly adding those, I got it to work in a "multiplayer-local server" mode, unpacked, loading in Debug mode to check for errors. Since it loaded with no problems and I could see the tower when spawned in, I backed out and packed the files manually like I always do and moved the unpacked files to my working directory. I now get this error: Debug assertion failed! Version 1.5.3153-802.0 Build date:2009-8-20 17:8 Module: RendDX9 File: C:\dice\Projects\BF2Branches\Patch_1_50\Code\BF2\RendDX9\Texturemanager.cpp Line: 761 Text: Texture not found: /objects/staticobjects/_middle-east/uniqueobjects/mosque/textures/mosque_01_de [edge of window] Current confile: [Cancel] [Try Again] [Continue] So....what the heck? That texture is in objects_client.zip, vanilla BF2. Thanks in advance!!! CE
  14. Hmmm...still not working. I am creating my own BF2 map, not modifying an existing one, so unzipping server.zip is fine - it doesn't exist yet! I can see/select/move the musclecar in the editor. When I try running the map in multiplayer-localserver mode, the map loads, but the musclecar doesn't appear. As an added twist, I add the command to init.con to allow a commander to "drop" a musclecar....and when the map loads, that commander bar "charges up" and allows me to "drop" the car...but nothing drops. So, to summarize: 1 - boosterpacks (server and client) are now loaded in the editor. 2 - I can add a musclecar in the editor as an objectspawn. 3 - I have "run /objects/vehicles/xpak2_vehicles/xpak2_musclecar/xp2_musclecar_01.con" in staticobjects.con 4 - Gameplayobjects.con has the following: rem [ObjectSpawnerTemplate: CP_B_Vroom] ObjectTemplate.create ObjectSpawner CP_B_Vroom ObjectTemplate.activeSafe ObjectSpawner CP_B_Vroom ObjectTemplate.modifiedByUser "paul" ObjectTemplate.isNotSaveable 1 ObjectTemplate.hasMobilePhysics 0 ObjectTemplate.setObjectTemplate 1 xp2_musclecar_01 ObjectTemplate.setObjectTemplate 2 xp2_musclecar_01 and later on: rem [ObjectSpawner: CP_B_Vroom] Object.create CP_B_Vroom Object.absolutePosition -840.440/71.226/-61.982 Object.rotation 0.000/0.000/0.000 Object.setControlPointId 2 Object.layer 1 I load the game, select CP_B as my spawn, and nothing's where the car should be.... Is this making sense? Thanks in advance! CE
  15. Sorry for not making that clear - I am making a map in vBF2. I figured if the musclecar was in Midnight Sun I should be able to use it within BF2. Or, am I being dense? CE
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