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  1. I can't see crappy things in this system. Please, explain why do u think that? Autoupdate its only one good feature of systems like Steam. Friends, groups and invite features are more useful for me. It's easy way to give some info about new mods, DLC, packs, addons when all players start the Steam before start the game. All I saw from EA its crappy window "EA message" when start BF2, poor friend system in BF2142 and a lot of accounts on both games - part of them makes only for change own nicks and part from cheaters with dynamic IP. Anyway. EA already trying Steam.
  2. Of course new Battlefield will be with DX10 support and realistic phisycs engine with a maximum destoyable objects (not like in BFC - much better... I mean destroy everything). Of course BF3 will support Vista/Seven and i5 with i7 processors. But one thing I really need - total compability with steam works, like now with HL2. I'm tired to use some soft like Xfire and HLSW. I wonna have an autoupdate, language select, friend list and join features. I wanna see mod realises like it was with Zombie Mod, Insurgency etc. Just image. Spring of 2011. BF3 realise. U preload and buy the game. Start playing. Inviting a friend to server. After some days come first update. No need manual search and downloads. One year later we see mod realise like Project Reality or Eve of Destruction 3. P.S. I hope EA don't wont to make own "Steam" or something like Rockstar do.
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