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  1. This is pretty cool, could be used on custom meshes to add some character to our levels.
  2. There is a option to make a control point only capture-able by one team. How does this work exactly in game? If it gets taken by the set team does it then act like a uncap point or can the other team make the flag neutral again?
  3. I really would like to know what exactly the driver is so people without Photoshop can have the fix too.
  4. First turn off the fog and typing these phrases in the command boxes (there is three of them) renderer | minculldistance | 3000 This should let you see statics and such at a really long range terrain | LODswitchdistance | 3000 That will allow you to see textures on the terrain
  5. That is exactly what I was looking for. I knew that the game engine stored the points and was curious what would happen if they were gone. What would happen if I left the points in there and essentially "peeled" a hole in the terrain? It would still have all of the points and it's height data, i would just delete the faces that connect them. Maybe I will model the terrain then if its too much of a hassle. What I had planned was an island with a supply base on it and a mountain in the middle. I could essentially leave the terrain flat and model the mountain myself. Will such a large static cause problem if it's own though? Would I have to split it apart? This is a map for 2142 and I wanted to make something unique since I'm off for winter break.
  6. I would like to create a map that has an small underground portion to it. While the editor cannot create holes in the terrain, I can edit the terrain mesh in max. My only worry is how this may affect performance and cause errors. Has anyone done this before?
  7. Well people might get interested if you have some good ideas. I only do mapping for 2142 however, I don't own BF 2.
  8. You may want to give us a pitch for your mod to see if people will be interested.
  9. True but you can do so much more with these games, the modern combat setting only goes so far. Who says they can't make a future game with real physics?
  10. A game using the frostbite engine focused on 2142 would be absolutely awesome. I'm getting tired of the modern and ww2 setting and the possibilities available for games taking place in the future are rather unlimited.
  11. I believe you just have to hide the lights, that prevents them from rendering.
  12. Is there a way to break up the terrain model into it's equal parts? I tried playing around with grid settings and splitting the model but am having a hard time getting the pieces to be even.
  13. I just have a few weeks of school then summer so I'll have plenty of time. Plus my computer isn't that beefy and would have issues with rendering one really large lightmap then compared to the smaller sections with resolutions that would equal the much higher one. I'd prefer to have a flexible and stable method then typing in some insane file size and hoping my computer can take it.
  14. I'm still not at the stage to begin lightmapping, but do you guys see any problems with this method performance wise since I'm using higher resolution image files for each terrain tile?
  15. I know it's a lot of extra work but the final look will be totally worth it. It just looks wrong to have such high resolution shadows on buildings and objects, yet have such poor quality on the terrain. I would just light them one at a time and it would also save me splitting them into their separate parts later.
  16. I thought of another method that I could run by you guys. What if I take the number of tiles the BF2 editor makes for lightmaps and divide the terrain mesh in Max into those corresponding parts. Therefore instead of having one texture for the whole terrain, I'll have nine or sixteen (whatever the number is) higher resolution lightmaps to map the terrain. I already have to break the texture up anyways so it will not interrupt the process to much. Essentially I want to bump up the resolution of the lightmaps by rendering them into their smaller parts they get broken into already by the editor, while keeping the produced file sizes out of Max at a resonable level my computer can handle. I hope this makes sense, hard to describe without visual aids or in person.
  17. Not to hijack this thread but will this method allow trees to cast proper shadows when rendering lightmaps in max? It always bugged me that it renders the outline of the texture and not the alpha channel. The tree looks very nice btw.
  18. Opening an image in photoshop fixes all of the issues with statics not moving/rotating in realtime. There's a driver or something somewhere that gets loaded and stays afterwards which the editor does not load...go figure. :/
  19. Engines such as UT3 and Idtech are very different the then the BF engines. You really need to ask yourself what you expect out of the experience. Idtech games (quake and doom series) are excellent engines to start out on. They are quite easy to learn and give you more flexibility when creating levels since you use your own brushes in real time rather then premade 3d models. My experiences with Idtech engines have been pure enjoyment, it's simple and very stable. The UT engine it also a great engine that allows very professional looking maps. However UT does not use brushes for details but premade models, so unless you know how to build and skin models in external modeling programs, you are limited to what other people have made. On the flip side though you can make very nice looking maps decently fast with some knowledge of the editor, resources and a bit of imagination to reuse similar models and make them unique. UT3 is fairly stable from my experiences, but I have had problems and random crashes with older unreal games (like 2004). BF is the newest engine to me so far and it is rather excellent. Making terrain in BF is a cinch then compared to other engines. Unfortunately you are again limited to a certain range of models (static meshes) to design your map and many maps will be limited to mostly outdoor areas. Adding these meshes though and changing other elements of game play are rather straight forward and easy to implement allowing you to start making better looking stuff then getting stuck on a large learning curve. Make sure though that no matter what engine you choose, to take the time to learn it and be patient. Trying to rush through these things will just lead to frustration and crying yourself to sleep every night.
  20. Anyone know how to adjust the flying height of the UAV? I have a city map with a lot of the tall residential buildings and the UAV drone runs into them as it flies around. A bit funny to watch, but kinda breaks the immersion. Thanks!
  21. You should already be able to change this in the default game before launching a single player game with bots. It's right underneath the map list.
  22. I edit for 2142 and have never had this problem so it is not new shaders. Try making another simple map to jump into, see if the problem is your editor or map files. Otherwise just change the color in you sky.con file, might be a pain in the butt...but at least it could work.
  23. I was wondering if there was an entity our light source I could use to make dynamic shadows cast from gameplay objects. I am doing my lightmaps in Max and are adding extra light sources other then the sunlight. It would be great if the dynamics shadows from player would also cast from these light sources, since not all of them are the same direction or orientation of the main sunlight.
  24. I'm not using the editor for the terrain lightmaps, I import it with the static meshes into 3dsmax and turn the terrain model into a bf static so I can lightmap it in there. My problem is that the terrain shadows are rather poor compared to my statics since it's stretching a 2048x2048 or 4096x4096 texture over a much larger area.
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