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  1. Hi all and really sorry for the inconvenience. Youtube and its gayness has decided to remove my account along with my 76 videos i worked hard on without even giving me a notification. Im pretty angry but i have to say i quit my modding/mapping and gaming life 3 months ago so its not too hard on me. Id definitely like some answers though. As for the tutorials i do not have any at all as i reformatted a while ago. So sorry though to you mappers
  2. so has anyone else got an idea on what we can do with this?
  3. Thanks alot..lots of work to be done and these pictures feel outdated even though i took them 3 days ago ive done so much work since then. Maybe next weekend you get more sneak peaks!
  4. the reason for grid mode and no low detail textures is because i am using a colormap, when you generate lowdetail it makes it a lot harder too see the colormap pic...
  5. So this map is located south of Taji Iraq by just a few miles and i wanted to make a map on it....its been a while...unfourtanetley i lost my Haditha dam and Afghanistan map in a reformat a while ago so i started this one. Con site US enterence some fields junk yard US main Part of a small trench part of the pipeline Oasis Overlooking the US main Part of the village map is still kinda bare as it was just started not too long ago but yea, i also haven't mapped in a month so just now getting started back. My uncle has served here and he told me this place is basically a giant junk yard, so that's my goal to make this place a big junk yard. that's all for now hope you guys like it.
  6. what i would do since you dont have the original editor files is to make the same size terrain..then copy files from the pre made map to your new map..idk why but its what i do then change some terrain and water level..envmap, lightmap and package and your good to go.
  7. haha...bubbles thats a funny name, and ok yea where can i talk to one of these OPK guys?
  8. sweet dude thanks...im a mapper for Insurgent strike not a coder so i dont know where to start with this stuff...btw beex do you have xfire? add me if you do..icantgoogle
  9. Ok so i got a question that reallllllllly got me thinking. Is it possible for us to code a c130 in game so it acts like this....commander is in his screen and he presses c130..it enters the map and a player spawns on it and controls the guns..its coded to fly around in circles at a certain altitude otherwise known as orbiting, or possibly have the c130 flying around all game but guns only controllable at certain times. My idea is if commander idea dosent work it could be flown by a person but thats a whole different story. I am a current Insurgent Strike Developer and i feel if this is possible i think our team could handle this but it would be a challenge. Any suggestions ideas?
  10. So i just finished my map its a 512 by 1km...yes small map but filled with detail, id like some feedback of what you think...Thanks! http://i45.tinypic.com/2llj6ki.jpg"]h...com/2llj6ki.jpg http://i50.tinypic.com/245d6qw.jpg You can download it here http://www.filefront.com/15130167/city.rar/ this version might be for insurgent strike, try it in bf2 regular though.
  11. So its my first time lightmapping and im having some issues. http://i48.tinypic.com/1zbflux.jpg All of my objects look like this, dark black and just ugly. Yes i have all lightmap samples and i have the objectlight and terrainlight.con so id appreciate some help..Thanks!
  12. Just saying thanks for your tuts. I would never have gotten as far as i am now with just reading and trying to understand text only tuts. Your a life saver. :)

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