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  1. No, it would be realistic. I don't mind texturing either, but UV mapping is so laborious, no matter what 3d package you're using. I've build my Maya scripts to help with this as much as I can though.
  2. Well... I'm one of the Maya users and have purposely stuck with 6.0.1 just for bf2 modding. I spent about 2 solid years working on my mod in Maya, and still work on it from time to time, and also have my MEL script tools that I built to significantly improve the import/export workflow from Maya to bf2editor. I don't frequent the boards much anymore only because I've moved on to other projects (which I'm still using Maya for). I don't mind offering help for bf2-related Maya questions, but a lot of the Maya threads on this board are "Please help! How do I use Maya?" Well, "RTFM." The way I see it, this kid has no patience to learn the software required to build a mod. You'd think that dropping 2000 bucks for a piece of software that you'd learn how to use it instead of asking people on a forum how to use it. By the time you finish a model of a pirate ship, when will it be, August 2008? November 2008? That's one pirate ship. You want to make a mod based on a movie trilogy and Disneyland ride, what amount of content are you going to make so that it matches that? Models, animations, textures, sounds? How long will all of that take? How long will pirate ship #2 take? December 2008? Feb 2009? By then, Bad Company will be out and BF3 will probably be around the corner. Do you have permission to use those copyrights? Do you have a solid plan if you do succeed with this mod, if Disney decides to take legal action against you for using their intellectual property? What's your timeline? What's your plan? How much time to develop? Playtest? I guarantee you this kid will give up and move onto something else before or soon after he finishes the pirate ship. Sorry to dash dreams, but reality is harsh sometimes.
  3. The forums aren't here to teach you how to use a 2000 dollar piece of software that you presumably bought which should also contain documentation on how to use.
  4. Has any team begun to consider preparing their assets for use with the Frostbite DX Engine? Or is everyone still pretty much set on releasing their mod for BF2 or BF2142?
  5. You don't shell out 2000 dollars (or even 300 dollars for an academic version) just to ask how to use it on a game mod forum. You can't learn 3D modeling/animation overnight. I would highly consider that you thoroughly go through the documentation that came with Maya because, literally, there's a sh*tload, and it's quite comprehensive. And no, anything higher than Maya 6.0.1 will not work with bf2 modding.
  6. If my project ends up needing more accurate lightmaps than those generated by the editor, I'm going to tackle this (but probably via MEL script or something). I have a lot of indoor areas in my static objects, like the carrier, so I may end up having to do it.
  7. I understand that I'd get at least one reaction like this, but it wasn't a typo. He spelled it like that on every usage of the word, so I just thought maybe he can learn something from it. If he doesn't then, oh well, but I had no intention of being insulting. bf2 modding doesn't have to be the only thing you learn on the forums.
  8. Yeah, I just remembered this yesterday. I was deleting the lightmap dds files before regenerating lightmaps, but I wasn't regenerating the atlas. The other tips you provided were also good. So general rule, whatever you see in the Object Editor is what you should sort of see in the Level Editor after generating lightmaps, for objects that are outdoors. And adjust fill intensity for indoor objects. Also, is there a standalone lightmap tool like the one for 3ds max that i've read about? I'm using Maya and would like to have greater control over the way the lightmaps are generated for indoor objects.
  9. a2k

    Maya - Merging Vertices

    The meshes that you want to merge verts between need to be part of the same mesh. Select both meshes in object mode and Group them. Then switch into vertex mode and merge verts. This is one thing that makes me miss sub object selection in Max, but I'm never turning back.
  10. After importing a staticmesh into the editor and verifying that all textures were working as expected (color, detail, and detail normal), I placed the object in the Level Editor, and generated light maps for that object, and it got extremely dark. I took the necessary steps to make sure that the lightmaps would generate bright enough that it wouldn't get all darkened out, but nothing worked. Here are my lightmap settings: (I know there's a bug where lightmap settings don't get changed, so I make sure that lightmap settings are set before even generating them) I wipe out the lightmap files for the object I'm about to regenerate in my Lightmaps folder Everything that defaults to -1, I set to 1, except for: NumGILights, usually 3-5 FOV usually 30 And I turn on the PrimaryGILight, or whatever it was. I also set the sun position from camera position before generating lightmaps I generate with Trace Selected, Medium, Ignore Asserts, everything else default Is there some sort of thing I'm not doing in my textures that's preventing lightmaps from generating nicely? Or am I doing something wrong with my lightmap settings?
  11. Please don't get mad at me for correcting you, but for future reference, it's spelled "build" and "building"
  12. I actually have been away from bf2 modding for the past 6+ months too. Not from 2142, just from life and other projects. Back again, and oh does it feel refreshing.
  13. Okay, great.. My tests turned out as I expected... I tested, _c, _de_ and _deb and they work as I expected them to. However, I ran into something funny. I tried using alphatest_ for my shader (I'm using Maya) and I've had success with this on my color texture, but when I try it with a detail texture that also has an alpha channel, it uses that alpha channel. I thought the detail alpha channel was supposed to remain the specular level. I also read somewhere that the alpha transparency was determined by the alpha channel on deb, but that yielded no results. Is this behavior as expected?
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