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  1. Best way to get around Windows 10 protected directories is to install Max to another non-protected directory, the best idea is somewhere in your user's folder or a separate drive (if you have one available - again outside of any directories that are normally protected).
  2. Wiki is back up! Updated first post with new URL details.
  3. 2019 Update: The BF Technical Wiki is back up and running again slight change to the URL Wiki backup is back online. Polite Notice: This may be several years our of date now as the original backup i took was back in 2012 and from the "Internet Archive" pages. Updated URL: https://bftech.ubegaming.co.uk/Main_Page
  4. +1 for Notepad++ is by far the best out there (with out looking in to IDE's) can beat it for the syntax highlighting as well as its feature set. It's what I personally use for all my development needs, Battlefield, Web, Programming (when not using an IDE)
  5. Update: The backup Wiki will has moved see details below, updated the main post. Wiki backup is back online. Polite Notice: This may be several years our of date now as the original backup i took was back in 2012 and from the "Internet Archive" pages. Update: please see the main post for an updated URL
  6. 2016 Update: BF2 Tech Wiki is currently down, as such I have re-uploaded the archived version i have, it can be accessed by the following URL: http://wiki.igd-studios.co.uk/index.php?title=Main_Page Please note this may be several years our of date now as the origional backup i took was back in 2012 and from the wayback archive its-self.
  7. Great to see this place back online again, so mutch knowledge here not to mention the community good to see you all again! xD
  8. It's Awesome to see the site back online so much knowledge here. Det: if you would be interested id like to offer any assistance that i can with hte site, be it helping with the running of the forum (cleaning out the spam) or offering a place to have a backup stored of the site. Lee
  9. Sorry to also dig up an old thread, but i just wanted to post letting the OP/community know that with recent updateds to windows (7 ultimate) and java the tool hangs at the splash screen for me and no matter what i try and do it goes no further.
  10. knew it was a long shot asking if some thing like that was possible, thanx !!
  11. Hey guys im wonder if it would be possible to create a sort of tv survelance system in to 2142 by using the camera's e.g you have a tv object that went the player looks at (with out using it (presseing vehicle enter) would show a life feed from a camera that is attatched to it.
  12. thanx for the reply and yes i agree its a lightmapping problem, however a bit of good news, it appears this is only an Editor bug for me as when i run the acctual level the water is fine. its more than likely some thing to do with the way my editor is set up, so for now its not that important afterall. thank you for the reply though !!
  13. Update 2 So the Anti-Spam i enabled wasent really helpinmg had three bots join within the first hour of having the site up and 5 spam pages created when i last checked 20 mins a go so iv deleted those users and disabled registration for the time being. Update The Wiki is up and running again with some anti-spam bot measure installed e.g captcha and useragent checking utilities I'v also removed all users accounts thus far created, this was a security measure in order to br fully spambot free, i know this is a pain for those legit users that have created an account and i apologise, you are more than welcome to re-create your account on the wiki though, and hopefully with the new Anti-Spambot measure in place we wont need to go through this again. Additionally the wiki has now been upgraded to Version 1.18.2 Original Post Taken my version of the wiki down due to two things 1. the origional wiki was back up and online, i see its down again (show as a blank white page). 2. The wiki was riddles with spam articles and bots. i'll bring the site back online, however before i do ill be looking in to spam-bot prevntion.
  14. Hey guys i am wondering if any one has come across this before, in any level i create using the BF2Edtitor setup for BF2142 i seem to have a very strange problem with what i think is the reflections on my waterlevels the problem is that half of the water on my map seems to have no reflection what so ever and look like it has a mat finish as a pose to the nice glossy reflection finish of the othr half i have linked to two pics that show the problem better than what i am describing. Normal shot of my level/ Shot of my level With the water level set above the terrain. I have followed [EoD]Junglist Tutorial Creating A Map For Begginers - (very Image Heavy) to creative this level Its a tesating map thuis not a lot of content. i have completed al steps mentioned in the tutorial including Fully light mapping the level and implamenting the proper evnmap's and hemimap i just have no idea whats going on. i am wondering if its some thing to do with how the mod is set up, or how my editor is set up or even if its to do with my graphics card and Just incase my Grfx card is an XFX Radion HD 6870 Black Edition with the very latest drivers (one of the first things i checked when i noticed this was if i was running current drivers.) any help would be greatly apreciated. thanx Lee
  15. dont know if this will help but i documented my kit request system here feel free to use the code all i ask is that you leqave the comments in there.
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