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  1. I've said that this is EOD model and you need to take it yourself.
  2. Clive, can you please post AI code for tail gunner you've mentioned? Can't make him agressive.
  3. I've released my b-52) check final section)

  4. So, after long tests, fixes and adjustments the B-52 has been released! Installation instructions: Download the latest EoD and install it. Download the B-52. Go to your Battlefield 2\mods\bf2 directory. Backup your ClientArchives.con and ServerArchives.con. Copy everything exept GamePlayObjects.con from the archive you've dl'ed to mods\bf2 directory. Go to Battlefield 2\mods\eod\objects\vehicles_client.zip\vehicles\Air/ Find a folder called usair_b52, then go to the mods\bf2\B52_client.zip\Vehicles\Air and copy the folder there. Now, the bird is ready to fly. But you still need to add it to the map. So far I have only one map capable of it - Highway Tampa. Download it's Sp64 version. Install it. Go to Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\Levels\Highway_Tampa\server.zip\GameModes\sp3\64 and copy the GamePlayObjects.con file from B52 v1.0.rar archive there. Load Highway tampa single player 64 map. The Stratofortress will spawn right near the US base. I strongly recomend you to have a full crew while flying. Seats: 1st - pilot, has 16x Mk.84 bombs in the bomb bay 2nd - copilot, currently he is just a dumb seat, I might give him taxi control later 3rd - bombardier, launches Jassms missiles (they are just like vanilla F-15 missiles but powerful) from the felt wing 4th - flight officer, launches Jassms missiles from the right wing 5th - tail gunner, fires Vulcan 6th - EWO, electronic warfare officer, has flares thet can shoot every 2 seconds, plane's primary defence against SAMs Screens: Link removed for until USI releases there mod with this plane... Thanks, CB More versions to follow! Special thanks to InSovietRussia for beta testing this thing, without him I would have forgotten to include half of files.) Community is welcome to make some more GPO files with this baby for other maps.
  5. Done that, still no map in SP list.
  6. Have you seen the way dice made titans? They made them of two parts - one, front half is main and second, rear one is added as child. Second has all the lods except 0 (the most detailed one) set to empty i think that just one poly, and first one has a full ship instead of a half in all that lods. So, if you're close to the titan, the half you can't see doesn't renders and if you're away from it, it switches to lod 2 so that there are no problems with disappearing half - it's rendered as one geometry. Have a look at it yourself.
  7. I am getting this error for a week nearly. Can't someone repost it?
  8. And how to add sound markers with Audacity?
  9. Can you add Gui index simulation? I have 4 gui's in my con file and I need only one hud to show at the moment.
  10. sashaNar


    Hmm, I am working on a very same mod. Add me on Xfire.
  11. One tip: remove "Successfully renamed" message from template renamer. When renaming tons of effects (i am making jet draft effect from heli one), clicking Ok eats some time.
  12. Any ways to do that? I am a complete noob in python, but i know some programming, so I can make changes in code. How to? In which files required code is stored? It's needed to make guided missiles and lots of other nice stuff.
  13. idk why dice did it. I've made all thу hydra launchers shoot that Hydra_70 with some tweaks, works normally. Like all the us jets (i have some aix ones) have the Vulcan but they all use their own projectile. I've tweaked F-16 projectile, renamed it to M61_Vulcan_projectile and assigned to all the jets cannons. Again, works awesome.
  14. try ObjectTemplate.centerOfCollisionOffset 0/0.05/0
  15. Yes. All the bf 2142 vehicles have 3 warnings. rem ---BeginComp:WarningHud --- ObjectTemplate.createComponent WarningHud ObjectTemplate.WarningHud.setWarningType TTHeat 1 ObjectTemplate.WarningHud.setFirstWarningSound TTHeat HUD_Laser_Track_Warning ObjectTemplate.WarningHud.setSecondWarningSound TTHeat HUD_Laser_Track_Warning ObjectTemplate.WarningHud.setWarningIcon TTHeat Ingame\GeneralIcons\Action_Icons\large_laserlockicon.tga ObjectTemplate.WarningHud.setWarningType TTMagnet 1 ObjectTemplate.WarningHud.setFirstWarningSound TTMagnet HUD_MotionMine_Warning ObjectTemplate.WarningHud.setSecondWarningSound TTMagnet HUD_MotionMine_Warning ObjectTemplate.WarningHud.setWarningIcon TTMagnet Ingame\GeneralIcons\Action_Icons\large_mineicon.tga ObjectTemplate.WarningHud.setWarningType TTUnique 1 ObjectTemplate.WarningHud.setFirstWarningSound TTUnique HUD_Laser_Track_Warning ObjectTemplate.WarningHud.setSecondWarningSound TTUnique HUD_Laser_Track_Warning ObjectTemplate.WarningHud.setWarningIcon TTUnique Ingame\GeneralIcons\Action_Icons\large_laserlockicon.tga rem ---EndComp --- Mines ude TTMagnet target system. Ofc you can change some of them to TTLaserGuided if you need.
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