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  1. Awesome that the game is back, awesome that this site is back. What's not awesome is the 100's of hours of work I did modelling and such is amiss. I have the source material but after some file retrieval just about all my zip files are corrupted as are most of the tweaks... and I've forgotton a lot more than I can remember. Unlike me not to back it all up but can't find it for the life of me.
  2. If you were using 2142 instead of bf2, in the last patch a whole load of bf2 stuff was ported to 2142 for strike at karkand. Obviously though, that would mean using a different game as a base for your mod.
  3. I believe you need a water plane. http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=12293 For sprinting, http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=14709 To make it map specific I think you would have to include the modified soldier tweak in the map's server.zip possibly with the same folder structure. Then you would have to tell it to load this new tweak I think using init.con which is also in the maps server.zip. I think the euro force booster pack loads in models which are specific to individual maps so it would be the same idea as that.
  4. A live video screen? I'm sorry, I don't think there is any way to MacGuyver something up.
  5. Joker: "Where does he get those wonderful toys?"
  6. I agree with most peoples comments on here. I was highly skeptical from the very beginning but I got nagged into getting it. I wish I had stuck with my gut reaction and saved the money. It's not fun to play, it is a highly polished turd basically. Some people will enjoy it and thats fair enough but if you havn't purchased it yet and your gut reaction is not to then I suggest don't. When I finally got it working online (more effort than necessary for a brand new game) I see all the worst kind of crap as a legacy from earlier battlefields, stats padding, spawn killing etc. No jet whoring though but that's because they are largely useless. It's just a joke to play, no proper map and I'm sorry but flares as an unlock for the jet? Give me a break. "It's pretty" as one of my close friends said just isn't good enough, they've sacrificed gameplay in a big way.
  7. Installed bf3, it messed me about, I uninstalled bf3 and may chuck it in the bin.

  8. I guess you could add an extra collision mesh to the area under the reactor but I suppose not if you are doing it server side? There is that hidden tunnel which runs from the exterior back to the flight deck, not sure if you'd be trapped in there or not. The glass area would be good because other players could see them in there and taunt them.
  9. This is because of the special rendering abilities attached to the titan. You'll still be able to walk around inside but everything inside will be invisible. It seems you can only have one titan per team and keep this feature working.
  10. 2142 uses something called simpleuvtranslation. I think this may be one of the few things 2142 does which bf2 doesn't. There is a simple line of code associated with it in the tweak file for controlling the speed and direction. Basically, this makes the UV scroll continuously over the texture. This technique only seems to work on a material which is exported as alpha||. Going by one example, the titan console, it has two materials. The first one is the actual desk part which is not animated or transparent and the second material which is the screen itself which uses transparency (alpha||) and is animated. This is the location of the model I am talking about. If you don't have it already, get bfmeshview. It rocks. ...\mods\bf2142\Objects\Vehicles\eu_titan\meshes\eu_console3.bundledmesh This is the location of the texture which it uses for the screen. You need to have a good look at this texture, in particular the alpha because that is where all the action happens. ...\mods\bf2142\Objects\Vehicles\eu_titan\textures\eu_console3_alpha.dds When you look at the alpha imagine the texture scrolling continuously in one direction (it's the actual uv which scrolls not the texture itself but just imagine it moving). This texture is designed to scroll left/right. You can see some gradients, pulses and solid lines. Gradients will cause the colour of the RGB layer to fade in or out, pulses can make it flash, a solid line will give you a consistent, always visible section you can use because you don't necessarily want everything flashing unless you are making a merry-go-round. The alpha channel of the texture controls how transparent it is, the RGB is literally just the colour which will show through. As you may have read elsewhere, the alpha channel of the texture is greyscale. Black=Transparent, Grey=visible and White=opaque. I'm not sure at which value of grey the effect changes from transparent to opaque but it does. Now let's actually fire up max. Set up your materials. I've created a multi/sub-object just in case I want to add more textures later. The first material is the actual .dds file located in your mod (or 2142 in this case). This is the material I will be exporting with. Remember this MUST be named alpha||(technique). I just called mine alpha||alpha and it seems to export how I want it. The second material is just the alpha channel on its own in the form of a .bmp. I won't be exporting using this, just switching to it for reference on the model to give an idea of which bits will be transparent or visible. Now imagine you are using photoshop. With photoshop, you work in layers (different pictures plastered over the top of each other). In 3dsMAX, Imagine a flat plane is your first "layer". This can be the screen background. To add more stuff to it, do as you would in photoshop, plaster another "layer"(flat plane) over the top of it. This next layer can be text, a bargraph, or whatever shapes or information you want displayed on your "screen". The trick I have found is to keep these "layers" as seperate objects and don't attach them to your background screen until you are ready to export and even when you do it is advisable to make copies of these seperate parts. That way you can always come back later and re-use these parts easily. Once they are joined together it can be awkward seperating them again. You don't have to weld them or do anything fancy, just attach them to one another. Also, this will work on any model, not just a flat plane but let's keep it simple in this case. To follow what DICE did... Create your screen. Decide on a shape you are happy with. To get the kind of faded glow look which the titan console has they inset the screen to give a band round the outside which will be more visible or a thicker blue colour. They inset it again to give a medium range where it fades out almost completely in the centre. That gives you your background. It's worth applying a planarmap the same size as your texture sheet as this keeps the shells the same relative size to each other, even if we stretch or scale them later, it's better to start off this way. So for this texture that's 512x256 on channel 1. Apply an unwrap uvw modifier to channel 1. Bring up the uvw edit window and call upon your alpha layer bitmap. DICE used the dark grey band running just above the centre of the texture for their screen background. At this point I break it up into pieces so I can orientate them the same way so that the banding effect is the same and equal all the way round. This may be a little fiddly to get just right, it's best to get it exported when possible so you can see the transparency in meshview or see the whole thing working in game. That way you can easily go back and shuffle the uvw shells around until you get the effect you want. Now lets create another "layer". Maybe some text. Let's make this part flash. Apply an unwrap uvw modifier to channel 1, drag the shells over to the left and shrink them down as one so they fit within the first "pulse". You can actually shrink it down to one spot, this will make the whole thing work consistently, if you stretch it it will sort of fade in from one side of the text to the other. It all depends what effect you are trying to achieve. Keep adding layers like this until you are happy with what you have. When you are ready to export, make a copy of these different "layers"(meshes) and dump them in a another 3dsMAX layer. Take your finished items, attach them to one another, make sure you have the correct material assigned. Use the BF2 tools and create a staticmesh heirarchy using the tool. Rename your root_staticmesh_ to root_bundledmesh. You can just use the bundledmesh tool but it gives you unnecessary helpers for what we are doing here. I'm just exporting a visible mesh, no need for cols here, you'd probably build the cols based on whatever staticmesh you were attaching it to. Create your tweak file. Just copy the titan console tweak and rename it for your model. Remove the istitaninterior code unless you are using it in a titan. GeometryTemplate.simpleUVTranslation controls the speed and direction of movement. The two figures are easy enough to understand. x/y. Negative values will reverse the direction, using both values will make it move diagonally. Here's a hint, setting the value at 1 will make the uv do a complete pass of the texture once per second(regardless of texture size). 0.1 is ten seconds. Not sure about GeometryTemplate.hasAdditiveAlpha, it may make it look more glossy or something. Get it in game and sit there salivating at the thing of beauty you have just created! <object width="425" height="279"><embed src="http://media.xfire.com/swf/embedplayer.swf" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="279" flashvars="videoid=4862bd"></embed></object> http://www.xfire.com/video/4862bd/ Hope that helps and is clear enough.
  11. It would be nice if they'ed even added the link to the latest patch on that page.
  12. Well a clue is that it's a lot more straightforward than you may think. It must be as I did a basic looking screen last night in a relatively short space of time whilst watching junk on the internet. I will put together a basic tutorial with pictures if there is interest. Bit busy till this evening though. I made a little Aperture Science logo in the bottom left, this looks like it's spinning round like a big loading icon and the words pulse red quickly from the centre.
  13. Okay, nevermind. I think I've sussed it.
  14. In 2142 there are many staticobjects which have a bundledmesh attached to give many of the pretty effects you may see in the game. Like the consoles in the titan have a really nice transparent computer screen with animated uv's, the toll station has animated uv's on the stop signs. There are lots of examples kicking around. Basically it's lots of tiny animated UV's on a flat object. It looks hellishly complicated to do but it is the icing on the cake. Like the pretty screens you see when flying the gunship. Maybe you can't see it in the picture but a lot of the stuff on the screen either scrolls or blinks. This shows the wireframe. It's like for some bits they cut out lots of tiny little pieces so that they move at different speeds or directions. I imported the model and applied the texture to it to try and work out how you'd texture something like this but that made it even more confusing. When you edit uvw it's like you are looking at the uv's from the side, so you basically see a flat line. You can reorientate it with the uv,uw,vw button but it still doesn't seem to match the texture. Has anyone ever tried this? I havn't done animated tank tracks or anything like that yet but would you use those same BF2 tools? They seem to apply where it is going around an object but would I use them on a completely flat surface like these screens? I have searched for how you would generally do this in 3dsmax but didn't really find anything relevant.
  15. Still in iraq looking for wmd's? Is a bit sick. I've pointed that out to friends who just see a pretty new game to play and they're like, "don't worry about that, just buy it for the graphics". I don't think I'll be buying it. I have nothing against Americans themselves or Iraqi's for that matter but we're STILL in Iraq and the enemy (the taliban? al'queda?) all seem to be completely re-equiped. The enemy look like a proper army not just a small militia or anything. It's pretty disgusting to me. In fact every single thing the anglo/american/euro task/crusade force has touched since... well for a long time now, we've had no business doing what we are doing. So like you say it's just propaganda/brainwashing for another generation. Crazy war for oil, you can grow hemp for oil, clothing, paper, plastics etc, ever heard of geothermal energy? The core of this planet is always hot, unlike other renewable energy like wind which stops blowing and sunlight (or lack of it on cloudy days). If we can drill into the earth from a platform floating in the water then I'm sure we could use that same technology to drill a few bore holes back on land. No fallout, no fumes(which is another thing which grinds my gears:CO2). Did you know that drilling technology for oil is very advanced? They can drill down, steer the drill sideways or across to suit. They've refined the technology for oil now why not use it for something else? Oh yeah hasn't Obama also given himself the right to invade any other country on the planet without consent from the UN? I dunno, I'm going back to sleep, that's the only place I feel truly free.
  16. http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=4323 http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=4538 These are where the tutorials are. Not sure about python but there are the python sections for bf2 and 2142.
  17. Thankyou for replying. That should do the trick nicely. You are indeed a legend.
  18. I wonder if any of you legends can help here. I'm sure i remember watching a bf editor tutorial on youtube showing how you can build the level of the terrain to the edge of an object, is this possible or was I tripping? Alternatively, is it possible to stamp the footprint of a building into the terraindata.raw?
  19. Nevermind, this is all lightmap stuff. Think I can sort it now.
  20. ObjectTemplate.zoom.useZoomFineTuning 0 ObjectTemplate.zoom.zoomFineTuneSteps 10 This bit is in 2142. It's for the sniper rifle zoom upgrade. We tried to get it working on a tank but it didn't want to know.
  21. I have made a regular staticobject using the normal staticmesh shaders and the vanilla staticmesh textures. I have coded it to be a playercontrolobject for certain reasons and it seems as though it only works when it's in the vehicles folder. That side is okay so far but I'm getting the uncle same texture ingame on the colour layer. It seems to have found the detail layer no problem but no matter what I do, I can't get it to show the colour layer. It shows up in meshview and in the editor but not ingame. I've tried altering the filepath with meshview, copying and renaming the texture to a vehicles/texture folder or into vehicles/my_vehicle/texture folder but nothing. Is it a fluke that the detail is working in this case as i would have thought if one wasn't going to work, neither would the other. Edit: 27/03/11 I've looked at it a bit harder and I was wrong, the colour layer, detail layer and detail normal are okay. I have no other channel data in there. It works normally when you place it as a normal staticobject. When you spawn it as a playercontrolobject, it's very bright and I swear I can see a stretched out uncle sam in what looks like black and white. I don't know if it's something to do with the lightmap or maybe the hemimap? I havn't actually lightmapped it yet and I've yet to work out how you would make a hemimap for a building interior. What bugs me is I've seen a post like this before but I can't find it. It's very bright and you can just about see uncle sam there.
  22. That's really cool. Nice smooth action. Did you use a rotational bundle to create linear movement similar to in the picture or is it with a really long arm like in mschoeldgen's post? In the picture I posted, that would probably be too complicated a mesh anyway and i can appreciate how it could cause problems. I did wonder about a simple wheel and track maybe with a custom material setup but that's out of my range at the moment.
  23. Ahh, a bit like my car then? Thanks for answering.
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