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  1. I have edited a Battlefield 2 map, and now I wanna change its name. Let's suppose the actual name is "Defaultname". I want to change it in "Defaultname_Night", because I want to make available both maps in the BF2 maplist, so that I'll be able to play on both in the same session. Now, I've changed all the entries in server.zip and/or client zip in the *.con files from "Defaultname" to "Defaultname_Night", I modified the Info dir, and also I've put all files in a newly created dir called "Defaultname_Night" . It doesn't work, bf2 crashes to desktop when I try to load a map. Maybe I can change the name in the BF2 Editor, but I can't find the option. ("Save As" doesn't work). Please help me with this! I'm kind of desperate.
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