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  1. Hi all I found this little portable app in my internet trawlings which u may find usefull Just to give your maps / mods that final touch. its called icon constructor + what it does is create skinned folders + other stuff. This isnt like using windows to change the folder icon because that way if u copy ur folder onto another pc its no longer got ur icon. with this u can copy the folder onto any windows pc - xp / vista / 7 and still have the same icon (use bmps,pngs,jpgs,exes) also changes the folder icon in the address bar and in the "other places" on the side heres a screenshot of the folderview with some normal ugly folders for comparison. heres a download link : only 6 mb http://www.gamefront.com/files/21357595/icon+constructor.rar it only adds about 32 kb to the foldersize when skinning it enjoy , just download soon , they're shutting down the internet on 8 march....hehehehehe Regards Psi_
  2. Hi. The undergrowth i have added to my map doesnt show in colour in game. In the editor it shows in colour , but ingame its black... heres some screenies of it : in the editor and ingame : Help? Psi_
  3. Hi Its time for me to re-install windows , and this isnt reeally a problem just - i remembered that i had a whole bunch of object bundels saved in the editor and i dont want to loose them + have to redo them all 01 ) where does the editor save this info 02 ) can i just copy it into a new installation + have all my stuff again regards Psi_
  4. yay dude - u r a legend ! thanx a lot. Psi_
  5. ive done all of the above . but theres only a few usable green squares and their all in the usa rather handy that google earth has a big red x over northern america + u cant look at anything. the map i am trying to make is based on the temple : Preah Vihear , wich is on the border of thailand + cambodia and there is actually some contention over whether it belongs to thailand + cambodia its just perfect for a bf2 map and with all the above steps i still dont get the dem for this area....i tried doing it by hand (it took ages + looked crap...) using the site i mentioned i get a dem , but its zoom is useless - so the dem is of an area probably 30 times what i need. regards Psi_
  6. hi please can you provide some working links to free dem download sites. ive searched and searched + have only found 1 semi-decent site : its called NGA Raster Roam - heres a link : http://geoengine.nima.mil/geospatial/SW_TOOLS/NIMAMUSE/webinter/rast_roam.html its completely free + no registration you can get the dem for any part of the planet each dem is a small 0.2 mb download theres various different output file options but its not perfect the worldmap is a bit small making accuracy a nightmare fortunately you can also use gps data to get exactly what you need (get that from google earth) it could use a better zoom factor tho... theres even an option to export as a terragen file - but this doesnt seem to work...maybe u need to have terragen installed for it to work - idk Regards Psi_
  7. hi ok - so i copied the ai folder from Op Cleen Sweep into my map folder set the spawns at the boats to "aienteronspawn" now the bots r spawning into the boats , then jumping out and swimming instead. 1 STEP CLOSER... ???????How do i Include the water clusters when Calculating the navmesh ????????? Regards Psi_
  8. thanx 4 the quick response i dont think i did either of those things devilman + clivewill will try it when i wake up this afternoon its now 8.30 am + im spent thanx again Regards Psi
  9. Hi . I have the same problem . I know this is an old post but id rather post here than start another thread Been trying to get bots to cross islands using boats like operation cleansweep as i am testing the map is super basic : absolutely flat ground at 0 hieght + 3 small platfomed + flat islands at 25 height with water up to 24 height , a bare minimum of trees in the corner + 1 building per island ( keeps navmesh time down ) each island has a flag + sum spawns : 1 uncapable per team (4 boats each + 2 apc's ) with a neutral capable flag on the middle island ( 8 boats + 2 apc's ) and of course a valid combat area and deep water in between all three islands (24 deep) BASICALLY it looks like this : ISLAND 1<--------------> ISLAND 2 <---------------> ISLAND 3 BASICALLY it looks like this : Team1 Uncappable <--> Neutral Cappable <--> Team2 Uncappable My bots will use any vehicles except the damnable rib-boats ( i have put tanks ,jets , heli's , jeeps - bots use them all) I have tried everything : 01 ) made sure my boats where close enuf to land and actually on areas that have both the vehicle and soldier navmesh (i figured if the bots couldnt actually walk to the boat what chance is there they'd get on it) 02 ) I unpacked Operation clean sweep and had a look at that - it looked like there was a waypoint on the pier so i tried putting a pier with infantry waypoints with boats (made no difference...) 03 ) made sure the vehicle + soldier order positions were not on the pole 04 ) gave the center flag a "heat" of 100 - uncappable flags nrml "50" heat (made no difference...) 05 ) made sure the green cube on the boat model was touching both the navmeshes (made no difference...) 06 ) teamonvehicle on/off (made no difference...) 07 ) tried creating "shallow water" areas where the boats could drive and bots could still walk (made no difference...) 08 ) put spawns right next to the boats (made no difference...) It just seems that no matter what i try - the bots wont even acknowledge the boats existence... they get stuck on it just like as if its an object that was placed after the navmesh was done (they get stuck on it as they try to run through it...cause to them it doesnt exist...) I climb into the boat and call them to get in (no way man - comes the response - like its impossible....) Even creating a squad and calling them to get in doesnt work.... everthing else works - bots take flags + defend them well enuf and attack the uncappable flags even bots drive anything else ive dumped into the level ,even if it wont cross the water but they avoid the damned boats like the plague...they'd rather swim it across the frikking channel Once during a test a bot (got into / spawned into ) a boat - i didnt see which , but then he just sat there...useless so i went back and compared that boat to all the others at that flag ,it had the same tweak settings and was sitting in the same basic position in relation to the navmeshes as the other boats .......... just using apc's instead of boats wont help as i feel 2 much armour makes maps restricted (in the sense that it sorta forces u to play engineer/rocketeer/spec forces-kit with armour killing capability) even then : having to deal with 2 apc's is bad enuf , but try taking on 6!!! I have rambled on again (as usual...) but i hope i have given a decent breakdown of the problem as well as the tests i have done trying to correct this. Please Help?????
  10. OK so i got it all working - my bots are taking flags without me having to give orders (not just standing there anymore heres a list of what i found where the absolute minimum requirements 4 bots 2 work + without using any 3rd party apps TERRAIN - PAINTED - AT LEAST 1 COLOUR (LOW DETAILTEXTURE SET + GENERATED) flat for this test LEVEL - 1 FLAGperTEAM + 1 SPAWNPOINTperFLAG + 1 CapABLE FLAG WITH SPAWNPOINT,AND AT LEAST 1 CAR on ANY FLAG OVERGROWTH - PUT A BIT SOMEWHERE ON YOUR MAP + GENERATE ALL,MAKING THE DUMMY FOLDER LIKE IN THE TUT DIDNT WORK 4 ME FOLDERS - PASTE AI + WATER INTO YOUR_MAP FOLDER }EXTRACTED FROM - DALIAN PLANT (use any original map) FILES - PASTE SKY.CON + WATER.CON INTO YOUR_MAP FOLDER }EXTRACTED FROM - DALIAN PLANT (server.zip) COMBAT AREA - TICK - used by path finding -OPTION AVAILABLE AFTER YOU CONNECT THE DOTS-or edit gameplayobjects.con STRATEGIC AREAS - 1 SA / FLAG + 1 NEIGHBOUR / SA (1 WAY= CAPABLE-to-NEUTRAL FLAG) + SA's NEEDS VEHICLE + INF.ORDER POSITIONS NEIGHBOURING - THESE 4 VARIATIONS WORK FOR ME EVERY TIME : 01 ) TEAM_1_UNCAPPABLE <-> TEAM_1_CAPPABLE --> NEUTRAL_CAPPABLE <-- TEAM_2_CAPPABLE <-> TEAM_2_UNCAPPABLE 02 ) TEAM_1_CAPPABLE --> NEUTRAL_CAPPABLE <-- TEAM_2_CAPPABLE 03 ) TEAM_1_UNCAPPABLE <-> NEUTRAL_CAPPABLE <-> TEAM_2_UNCAPPABLE 04 ) TEAM_1_CAPPABLE <--> TEAM_2_CAPPABLE THEN RUN - CREATENAVMESH.BAT (IT MUST LAUNCH EDITOR TWICE DURING BUILD) AND THEN RUN FIXNAVMESH.BAT BOTS - SHOULD NOW BE WORKING IN CO-OP + SINGLE PLAYER WAYPOINTS - ONLY ADD THEM AFTER THE NAVMESH IS DONE Ive put my findings here to hopefully help other noobs like me get bots going if u havent yet succsesfully got bots to work - follow the above steps KEEP IT SIMPLE.after some success doing simple maps - scale up in size and complexity THEN AS U SEE THE BOTS GO FOR A FLAG BY THEMSELVES ON YOUR OWN MAP FOR THE 1ST TIME Thanx for the assistance Psi_
  11. Hello I didnt see this topic after much forum searching in a couple of user maps there is a sniper rifle that fires explosive tipped rounds (abbandoned village) where do i find this gun in the editor + how do i put it into my levels thanx Psi_
  12. Hi I have just got the same thing - it happened after changing 2 of my CP's to neutral - after the navmesh was done. each cp was assigned to each team when the navmesh was created - but i thought id try changing it afterwards + then the spamming started + its the only change i made. so its gotta b that. so that means u will have to redo the createnavmesh.bat + fixnavmesh again if u want to get rid of the spamming orders there may be more reasons why he starts spamming - but at least heres 1.im sure the list will grow... EDIT:i just changed it back to the original cp setup + no more spamming - without redoing the navmesh -u might not have the option if u cant remember the layout u had when u navmeshed Regards Psi_
  13. dont redo it...OK-so itll be the last thing i do. will keep that in mind... regarding the vehicle navmesh thing - i dont know if this is relavant at all : i didnt make any roads using the roads tool - just let the bots figure it out 4 thenselves in my previous tests i tried keeping the map simple till i got bots working - so there were 2 or 3 buildings only. they found their way ok - i am currently putting something a bit more complex together - will test before continuing (will back it up before continuing.) no point putting more work into it if it wont work again... Thanx . Psi_
  14. Hello Again 1ST - APPOLOGIES - THIS STARTED OUT AS A QUESTION ON LIGHTMAPPING... and sorta changed to bot-support after i got lightmapping working properly OK - so I got bot support working (under very strict conditions) Heres the 3 ways I could get it working (this works without even having to edit the navmesh with a 3rd party app) as long as i do it last If i make changes to the map + run createnavmesh.bat + then fixnavmesh.bat again - it no longer works... (??WHY??) SA NEIGBOR SA NEIGHBOR SA team1 uncapable <-> neutral capable <-> team2 uncapable team1 capable --> neutral capable <-- team2 capable team1 uncapable <-> team1 capable --> neutral capable <-- team2 capable <-> team2 uncapable So thats OK for now...i can live\work with that. And u say GMAX is a no-no(TOO COMPLICATED). Will try BLENDER when the time comes-downloading now. Thank u so much for ur patience. I tried BF2 Mapping 2 years ago - but lost heart when I couldnt get to grips with a lot of the things (and i think I just didnt have the patience) + nowadays the Tutorials are also organised better !!!!!Special thanx for the "checklist" tutorial!!!! There used to be a video tut that showed how to make the brush larger than 100% - i cant find it now... And i never downloaded it back then (regrets.....) The maker of the tut's had a post that was pinned (under general discussion i think)with many usefull video tut's ,but now i cant find it anywhere...it involved the 3 dropdown console thingies - i tried some combinations that seemed logical - but could not find the right combination...(big surprise....lol) Hoping to get my 1st complete level done soon. Regards Psi_
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