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  1. It sounds interesting to make it as a pickup kit. How would that be done? And to have it as a static object, I went into the AK-47's folder in Weapons and I seen it already has a .con file with GeometryTemplate.create BundledMesh rurif_ak47 CollisionManager.createTemplate rurif_ak47 ObjectTemplate.create GenericFireArm rurif_ak47 ObjectTemplate.saveInSeparateFile 1 ObjectTemplate.creator MBA-1:mba ObjectTemplate.collisionMesh rurif_ak47 ObjectTemplate.mapMaterial 0 Collision_Material 0 ObjectTemplate.hasCollisionPhysics 1 ObjectTemplate.physicsType 3 ObjectTemplate.geometry rurif_ak47 include rurif_ak47.tweak Is that fine enough to use as a static object, and just delete the ai, animations, sound, and textures folders? It will just leave the meshes folder and .con and .tweak files like a regular object.
  2. Last thing to go with my map is I would like weapons in a hanger like it were a storage for weapons. Everytime I load them map they disappear. I know why they do, but not how to get them to work like objects. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. 1. How do I make puddles in a BF2 Map(Like the oil puddles in Operation Smoke Screen)? 2. How do I change the sprinting from limited to unlimited(I just want this to apply to just my map only, not the whole game). Thank you.
  4. Uhm, the 1.50 Patch made all Xpacks and Booster Packs free with no charge or anything. Back onto topic...
  5. Well, nothing is working. This is what I tried. 1. What you said about looking for what EA did for Operation Smoke Screen. 2. Deleting the booster pack objects and leaving the vanilla ones in. 3. Deleting the objects and Object_client(server).zip ontop of the Client/ServerArchives.con files. 4. Deleting the Control Points(I suspected it might be the problem as in it was a problem for my last map I created which worked when I fixed the Control Points). None of these worked and I am starting to get really mad why EA did not make ALL of the objects compatible with the BF2 Editor instead of us mappers having to move and code and make files so that one pity Booster Pack object can work in our maps...
  6. Hello, I am currently finishing a successful map for BF2 Sandbox. My map seems to crash around 62%. Now, I did add objects that were not Vanilla BF2. I added ones from the Euro Force Booster Pack. The objects I added were the smoke objects from Operation Smoke Screen. Well, I put them in my map, moved the object files into my map's folders (Putting them in an Objects Folder, and in Objects_Client.zip/Objects_Server.zip file) also with ClientArchives.con and ServerArchives.con for the directory of the .zip files. But like I said, I have EVERYTHING fully working, I checked through it all, and the init a lot. I don't know why it is crashing. If you want my map to see what the problem might be, I'll release a link for it so you can help me. Thank you.
  7. Could you show images about it? Because that was a little too bland.
  8. Okay, I took the advice people gave me in my "How to make terrain more Lush?" thread. I used Photoshop, overdrawn the .tga colour with my own, generated it in tpaint, pasted the colourmaps, detailmaps into Editor, loaded the map up, and the grass and everything took effect! The grass looked nice. But when I put the Tarmac texture overtop of the grass, the Tarmac was green, not grey how I put it in Photoshop. Example Picture: And I have it set up, for sure from photoshop: I also tried changing the Colour in the Editor for each texture to their colour. Ex: Grass=Green; Tarmac=Grey; Mountain=Different mix of Grey. This didn't work either, it just stayed green. If someone could please help me with this, that would be greatful. This is the only thing bugging me while I map. PS: I pressed "Generate Detailmaps" everytime I changed the Texture settings, nothing worked. This is a picture I would like the Tarmac to look like; what they did in this Sandbox map: Thank you guys.
  9. What do you mean "default" "custom" kind? All I did is generate the Colourmaps and Detailmaps in tpaint, put them in, looks like that... I want it to look lush and colourful like EA did for theirs.
  10. I want to know how to make the Ground Detail Textures as lush and visible as EA did with their BF2 maps. I use Tpaint always but seems not to really make things look lush as BF2 has. Example: My map: Grass Tarmac Close Tarmac Zoomed Out Example for a map using a tool that makes map Detail Textures "Lush" http://img85.imageshack.us/i/bf22010092604491467.jpg/ Anyone know a easy-to-use program that EA used or that this mapper used? If it's a difficult program, I'll learn it. PS: The second map image is from Sandbox mod.
  11. The choices that I picked for lightmapping? It is: Trace Terrain|Trace Objects Primary|Secondary Medium Texture Size: 1024 Did that.
  12. I just finished making a map in Sandbox now I lightmapped it and now the buildings a black. I did it all in order: 1: Lightmap 2: Envmap 3: Ground Hemi All I did with the sky is I imported the one from Wake Island. And I selected the Sun Flare Direction as "Set sun flare Direction to camera". Here's a picture of what the error is: Hopefully you guys can help me out, thanks again. Matt
  13. Okay but do I need to add things into files? Or make folders in my map and place the Spetsnaz team files(Flags, language, etc) in their and make a directory in the init?
  14. Hi, I was wondering how you add a team from Special Forces to a Sandbox map. The team I want on it is SPETSNAZ. What I want to add is: The Flag of the SPETSNAZ. The Russian language. Any suggestions? Please help as much as possible. PS: I never done this kind of transferring so go easy on me please. Thanks guys, MattJoey2142
  15. Well, made a video. Hope this can help you guys out to help me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzHQDg3B8gI
  16. Hi. I'm making a night map in a mod called Sandbox. And whenever I place the glow lights, some will stay, others will blink or not even bother staying on. If you don't get my drift, you can request a pic or video. PS: I need this map released today .
  17. It's pretty self-explanatory. It just won't work online. The desc file is fine, Im very sure of it. I followed ever step on here: http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=2482&hl=music&st=0 Im thinking I need to change the desc file directory in the loading music section since it's packed.
  18. Just like the title says. Won't work online. BUT: It will work on local. Anything make it work online?
  19. Hi all, I got great news, Im about to release a map called: Attack on Jiddah. If you think its Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, its not, this isn't a real city; BUT it takes place in the country Saudi Arabia Details: Teams: USMC vs MEC Release date: Next week or in 2 weeks. Briefing: The United States Marines got their gear which lead the Canadian forces in the fight. The next few days, they invaded Jiddah and took the beach and small Village. By the end of the week, MEC forces fought, and fought, never to give up. By the end of the week, USMC and Canadian forces have reached the small city at the East side. Untill the end of the day, MEC forces retreated to the north where they would help the defense of Medina, where the Americans were invading the next day! Map created by SFK|MattJoey2 Thanks for your support! Don't worry, this map might come in a few days too! Just some finishing touches on the map need to be made, then it will be released!
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