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  1. I've downloaded their mod and in there i've found the file called ai.pyc (http://rapidshare.com/files/446307459/ai.pyc) I guess this file defines on which side a certain bots are spawned. But i cant read it.. Have to find a decompiler to view the source code...
  2. Is there any way to make certain bots spawn to the specific team? Or do they spawn in completely random order? Please help Hope you understand what i meant, sorry for my english
  3. Is it possible to scale mech without zmodeler and 3ds max? Was trying to do that in .con file, but it didn't work... P.S. Are there any video tutorials about how to export objects in 3ds max to the bf2142? P.S.S Sorry for my english
  4. I know that it is possible to spawn in the APC in titan mode, but is it possible in coop or sp mode to make AI spawn in the tank or mech?
  5. Hi all! I want to make my own mod for 2142 bf, but i'm new to this kind of stuff. So i want to ask how to edit team ratio percent. I need to know how to spawn more bots to team 1 then to team 2. P.S. Sorry for my english
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