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  1. You were right about textures.When I resizethem the game was stil crashing to desctop.Then I want to use debugger.But suddenly i understand that main problem after textures is virtual memory of my PC - BF2 was taking to mush of it & I gust make virtual memory file biger.Neverless,the main problem was with wrong sized textures. Mschoeldgen,thanks for helping,man, - IT WORKS!
  2. I did as you say,but something go wrong(1.41 version) Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  3. I suppose BF3 will have extremely advanced engine & graphics with extrymely boring gameplay It will be "single played" game.
  4. To use debugger it just needed to change BF2.exe to BF_2.exe in the shortcut ? Sorry for stupid question.
  5. mschoeldgen[Xww2], I resize them as you say.I didn't help. By the way,debbuger work perfect on 1.41 or not ?
  6. Can there be other causes of crashes,exept for wrong texture sizes for Radeon videocards ? Maybe I should use debuger ? But I dont know how
  7. Sorry for my bad english.You say,tahat texture with size like 80x40x32 will not work ?
  8. Hello to everyone! I read on PR forun that reason of desctop crashes are next HUD files: Ka50Pilot_CircleTarget.dds Ka50Pilot_CircleLocked.dds Ka50Pilot_Hud.dds Ka50Pilot_C.dds Ka50Pilot_CrosshairLocked.dds Ka50Pilot_LaunchToTarget.dds Ka50Pilot_identification.dds. What is wrong with those files ? On all videocard,exept for old ATI Radeon,they work fine ???
  9. Kits are the same,but the hand weapons are different.
  10. I played Project Reality SP,and I noticed that US forces uses M16 on one maps,and M4 on enother.How can it be done?
  11. Holy Chuck Norris!!!There are AIM-54 Phoenix.Я більше переймаюсь через М4 та М16А4 з Project Reality.Та ти за ЗНО не переживай:сам здавав,знаю.З української мови взагалі 60% завдань були по орфографії.А ти з яких предметів здавать будеш?
  12. So,the f-14 is from AiX.OK. В мене немає ICQ .Хоча,думаю,що розробляти мод в кооперації буде важкувато.Може краще будемо розробляти паралельно моди?В мене,просто,зараз не дуже багато часу на це - навчатись на філософському факультеті важкувато,та ше й старатись вибити степендію
  13. I playing 2 years in BF2.And try to modderate it for about 0,5year. And from what mod is that F-14???
  14. From what mod is this F-14? To sashaNar:when I will have a free time,I will do it,and post here.
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