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  1. In Operation Peacekeeper 2 mod for BF2,when i added aircraft J22 Orao to singleplayer map,i tryed to enter in it,but game crash! Why?In multiplyer/conquest is everything ok
  2. Thanks but this is not deleted Terrain, this is inundated terrain Water is so transparent,and that's no good... Making new level? Sure but with lot of tuts,i admit,i never before made water level,i edited just original levels I want add bots too...i need good tuts for levels and navmeshes for bots...
  3. cobra

    Ai And Wasp

    I want bots in WASP Defence (AA gun,Seasarrow and Phalanx)... I want bots to use only Phalanx gun,not rocket... How to stop bots to exit of gun?It's possible? How to do that?Pls replay quickly.Thanks for any answer!
  4. Yeah,but how to do that in the map "Gulf Of Oman".I dont know With editor,or?It's possible to do this with deleting text files (tweak,con etc.) ?
  5. How to quick delete all terrain in the level,i want only water.The idea is to make "Ocean Level" with 2 aircraft carriers. Please reply quickly!!
  6. Thanks,but dont work I added that to tweak of missile,and when i shoot in missile with Phalanx gun,missile is still alive...
  7. Hmm maybe But how to do this?
  8. No,no,I know that,but i don't wont it. I want to destroy missile in flight,when i shooting in missile.
  9. How to destroy missile in flight? What to do with missile tweak file? Thanks for answer!
  10. What to do to add maximum speed to F18?
  11. I added tv guidence to few stationary weapon,but i can't add it to wasp defence (anti aircraft weapon on aircraft carrier). The missile is lounched,i see missile when missile fly,but i can't guide missile,i can use phalanx gun when i fire missile,this is ok,but can't guide missile. What is problem,how to fix them?
  12. It's possible to add diferent tipes of missiles to stationary weapons and how?
  13. Cool!Very nice But how to add it to LAV25? Thx for any answer.
  14. I have a idea to add tv guidence to LAV 25,armoured personal carrier... I replaced TOW missiles (wire guided) with agm 114 hellfire (tv guided) missiles. How to code into tweak file to add camera,hud and guidence like in helicopter AH 1Z? I want to launch missile when i use right mouse button,guide it when use left mouse button,and use autocannon after launched missile when use left mouse batton...everything like in AH1Z. Thx for answer !
  15. Thx! Now with correctly possition of "JETPACK" and "JETPACK STUFF" work perfectly
  16. I don't know why don't work :/ Please post your tweak of us light soldier,i want to copy that to my tweak...
  17. Method work but... How to add aircraft carrier to vehicle? For example i can add part of aircraft carrier "us_carrier_wasp_front" to the vehicles... But how to add all parts of carrier to make carrier?
  18. Thx for answer But... I added that to us_light_soldier but i dont't know how to fly? Which key to press?
  19. First about soldier... It's possible to add helicopter engine or anything other flying to soldier ? I want flying soldier when i press "s" key. Now about shotgun... How to increase number of lead shots (projectiles)?
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