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  1. In the upper navigation tab is an option "Snap", between "Layers" and "Compile". You can check either "Snap to ground", "Snap to object" or both. Also in there is an option "Snap to terrain grid" either 1 or 1/2, which I think happened here. If you drag an object in the Editor, it will snap to the nearest full grid point or halfway between to grid points (depending on the setting 1 or 1/2). Usefull options for aligning objects along the grid. So uncheck the option 1 or 1/2 terrain grid and it should work.
  2. Which errors (error message please)? Is this a pure Conquest map or Co-Op map? In case of Co-Op, does your navmesh have more than 1 island (one of the reasons for a 15% crash, among a lot of other possibilities).
  3. In the map .desc file include the lines for the SP mode (also include the player="..." for the different map sizes, I only use 64 players, so take this as a template): In the server.zip include the folders sp1, sp2, sp3 in the GameModes folder with the appropiate map size. You can take the AI folder and Gameplayobjects.con from the gpm_coop folder.
  4. I am running both BF2 Editor and BF2 with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and have had no problems so far. It's running very stable. The BF2 Editor needs to be installed in Windows XP compatibility mode though. If a programm does not install correctly, it sometimes helps to: 1) turn off he UAC setting completley, reboot 2) install the application 3) turn the UAC back to maximum setting (by default it is one step below maximum ) The Windows XP Pro Virtual Machine mode: BF2 and the Editor will most likely not work in this combination, because the VM mode does not support Direct X or graphic acceleration, but I haven't tried it myself yet.
  5. Yes, you can assign different materials for the tree trunk and the leaves. The kind of collision, or what happens when a bullet interacts with an object collision mesh depends on the material you select. Browse a bit trough the material editor part and experiement with different combination until you find one that suits your needs.
  6. Hm, I would try it with a tree object. The bushes usually allow bullets to pass through. The objects have to be placed into your mods folder first to work on them (\mods\bf2\objects\, or \mods\xpack\objects, or whatever mod you are working on). After you modified them with the Editor, put them in your map (take a look at one of the Euroforces map how it is done, you have to create an object folder; just copy the structure/file path from the original server/client archieves) and remove them from your mods\...\objects\ folder (make a backup of them first!).
  7. Sorry short delay. The easist way is propably to take an object from the existing vegetation, rename it to a new object name with the changed material, place it on the map with as an overgrowth and to include the object in the map itself (same as with the Euroforce objects, as long as you don't want to create a new mod). Take a look at the nc_pinebig03 for example (can be found in \vegetation\asia\pine\). Extract the contents from the server and client archieves for this object and place them in your \mods\bf2\objects folder and don't forget the meshes. Rename the filenames associated with this object to a new filename, for example pine_test. Open the files (.con and .tweak) and match the names in those files with your new object filename. Open the objects in the BF2 Editor in the Object Editor and play around with the materials until you find something that fits your requirements. The original materials are: leaf_col -> Penetrable_bushes_Leaves wood_col -> Tree_trunk You can find those under the "Default" -> Map Material setting in the tweak bar. The tweak file also indenties the materials used: Play around a bit with the settings. Remember to include the objects in the final map and put a run statement in either the init.con or the tmp.con.
  8. That's whats called realism (well, sort of, as it is a game ). As players/bots move trough the forrest, at one time or another they will be not covered by a tree or bush. So you can shoot them at this point. But to your question: You could create custom tree/bush objects and asign them a penetrable material (Penetrable_Wood (1003) for example). I am not so sure how that will integrate with the rest of the objects/players on the map tough...
  9. Thanks for the positive feedback. The map is mainly for Co-Op mode, altough it can be played in Conquest and Singleplayer also of course, so the number of CPs should be OK. The bots also want some fun in there .Quite a few CPs are inside buildings or on upper levels (roofs, walkway for example). Agreed, it is not a map were you can dig in in a position and let the enemies come to you, or fly in a plane/heli. You have to activley work on capturing the CPs.
  10. Here is a map I finished a while ago for BF2. It's a fairly large map, but you can always grab a vehicle to reach points of interest. Hope you will enjoy the map. Caliban55 Map name: revelation_swirl Map size: 2048 x 2048 Armies: Team 1: MEC, Team 2: US Map theme: Hills, water, city Game modes: Conquest 64 players, Coop 64 players, Singleplayer Map download: revalation_swirl download You have to register in the forum to access the download section first. Here are a few images for the map.
  11. Make sure that the global water level in the tweak setting is at least a positive number, for example 1. If you leave it at the default "no water" of -10000, you will only see the waterplane object in the Editor, not ingame and no collision with the player mesh will occur. You can use the standard waterplane objects from BF2 and lightmapping works for them. As mentioned by MS, if you use custom waterplane objects from the mod, you will need 3ds to lightmap those (or use the lightmap samples from the mod, if available).
  12. The menu maps are created by capturing the loading screen image before you join the map. Start the map in the game mode you need the menu map for (Conquest 16, 32, 64, Co-Op 16,......), take a screenshot of the map. Then resize the image to 512 by 512 size and save it as an .dds file with the correct menumap you want to create. Rename the file extension from the .dds to .png. Copy the image file to your map's Info folder. The different images require that you defined the combat areas for each game mode previously in the Editor properly of course. I usually use Cropper for the image capturing as a programm if you are also looking for a good image capture programm.
  13. Caliban55


    Just an idea for a different approach without changing he script to much: Wouldn't it be easier to use the script to give the attacker a large negative score (-500 for example) and then correctly set up the server to kick players with a certain negative score (below -50 for example)? This can be done very easily with the correct modmanager setup, the ban/kick last one round if set so. Seems like the solution you are looking for, without coding python.
  14. Sorry, propably a dumb question, but did you change the display settings under "Render" from Grid Mode to Detailed Texture Mode? Second, from the picture you submitted I can tell that you did not do everything suggested in the tutorial. Your Layer 1 has the planemap setting of 0, it should be 1. Also Low Detail should be set to 2 (doesn't really matter in the editor, but ingame). Bf2t_paint uses three .tga files to generate the terrain for steep terrain (steep.tga) -> this will be your Layer 1 in the Editor high terrain (high.tga) -> this will be your Layer 2 in the Editor low terrain (low.tga) -> this will be Layer 3 in the Editor 1) Copy bf2_paint in your map (under \mods\bf2\Levels\YOUR MAP NAME\) 2) Run bf2_tpaint.exe 3) After your run the bf2t_paint.exe, it will create a colormaps, detailmap, lowdetailmaps folder. 4) Go into your \mods\bf2\levels\YOUR MAP NAME\Editor\ folder and delete the colormaps, detailmap, lowdetailmaps folders that are currently in there. 5) Copy the colormaps, detailmap, lowdetailmaps folders from \...\YOUR MAP NAME\bf2t_paint\ folder into the \...\YOUR MAP NAME\Editor\folder. 6) Start the Editor and load your map 7) Now assign the properties for Layers 1-3 in the Editor as mentioned in the tutorials, don't fortget to "Set Low Detail Texture" and "Generate Low Detailmap". Save the map using the "Save" button NOT THE "SAVE ALL" button!!!!
  15. Thanks for the suggestions Junglist, I really did not change the tree amb from the default... I will include this on the next maps. The dark terrain is intentional, as the light theme is dawn, not bright desert sand and I reduced the shadows/color there a bit. The envmap for the water is included and the lightmaps were already run on final - the reflections don't show very well on the screenshots. Airplanes are not intended for this map, only the heli support. It should be more like "work hard for your flags, don't bomb from the sky" . The bridge will bear a tank without collapsing and a bigger bridge would only get in the way at this position. Fog distance is close to 1000, 950 to be exact. Thanks for the feedback everyone!
  16. Hm, tried to prevent creating an account with photobucket, but here are the pictures; registering is easier though .
  17. Finished, seems to work. You forgot the ai.ai file (put a ai folder from one of the standard maps into your map folder to fix this in the future) and you also did not have an overgrowth.con in the map (Navmeshing needs an overgrowth.con to run). I put a few drybushes in the corner of your map to fix this, changed the combat area a bit, put in to control points with relevant spawners, should be good now. Just run the lightmaps and copy the AIPathfinding and GTSData folders in your map, plus take the GamePlayobjects.con from your map (and maybe my combat area if you want to). If you give me your Email, I can mail you back your map, uncompressed together with the Navmesh data.
  18. At a first glance, your map is missing the ai folder. Will run the navmesh. Tell you the outcome later.
  19. My latest map, BF2 custom. Pictures and a short intro can be found under the following link: hells_canyon_v2_swirl intro Map name: hells_canyon_v2_swirl Map size: 2048 x 2048 Armies: Team 1: MEC, Team 2: US Map theme: Grassland, Canyon, Mesa Game modes: Conquest 64 players, Coop 64 players, Singleplayer Map download: You have to register first to be able to access the Download section. hells_canyon_v2_swirl
  20. I will also take a look at it, lightmaps can be generated later.
  21. To add the Armored Fury content to a custom map procceed through these steps: 1) in your map folder create a ServerArchieves.con and a ClientArchieves.con 2) use a text editor to put the following line into the ServerArchieves.con: fileManager.mountArchive Booster_server.zip Objects into the ClientArchieves.con, enter the follwing line: fileManager.mountArchive Booster_client.zip Objects 3) in your map init.con, after the else include the run parameters for the created .con files Now your map will load the content of the Armored Fury Booster pack. For adding the content to a mod, use the same procedure. The content for Euro Force ist added map-sided, which means you have to include the objects in a objects folder in your map.
  22. Select the terrain editor module and then the part you want to edit: overgrowth or undergrowth (they are the icons in the upper right area). The left mouse button paints the overgrowth/undergrowth, with the right you remove it in the area of your brush (hold down the mouse button of course). Alternativley, you could delete the overgrowth/undergrowth con files in your map for the whole map if you want to.
  23. I have mentioned this in another thread: you have to place the env cube correctly for the waterplanes to get the correct lightmap information. Take a look at his thread: Position of the Env cube
  24. As mentioned before: 1) Place your DefaultEnviromentMap cube in your map. You can drag and drop it from the left side of you editor under the yellow-red folder icon into your map (just follow the path tree, it is not directly under the first position). 2) Adjust the poition of the Env cube. The cube is (usually at least) NOT placed 50m (or anywhere in the air) above the ground!!! The correct position is: one-half in the water, one-half sunken in the ground terrain and the upper-half in the air, the lower-half sunken in the ground! If you don't have water in your map, you can sink the cube half into the ground. The reason for this is, that the Env cube tells the lighmap process, what properties to use during the lightmap run. 3) Now run your lightmaps (under "Compile"). After that compile your Envmaps (under "Envmaps"), go to your map folder under \YOUR MAP\Envmaps\ and copy the EnvMap0.dds to a Water folder under your map (if not there already, create this folder). Rename the EnvMap0.dds in your water folder to Envmap. Go under Compile and select "Make Ground Hemi". Important: Just close the editor and do not save after the lightmap process!
  25. The lime green area is your navmesh . The color actually helps you detect the parts of your navmesh that are below the ground terrain and need editing, if wished/neccessary. This is normal. I also run the editor under Vista and don't have any problems. Your error is located at another part. Before you start with a bigger navmesh, here are some tips for generating a decent navmesh, propably also mentioned before on the 15 pages of this thread. A good navmesh result is provided by these steps: - you need 2 control points, one for each team (and only these 2!!, unless you have a fanciful terrain/object setup) - these control points have the following spawners each: one infantry, one ground vehicle (for example jeep), one air vehicle (for example heli); and only these, no additional spawners! - and of course your static objects (represented in your staticobjects.con) Additional spawners only result in inaccurate navmeshs, when navmesh program has to "cut around" those spawners and also increase the time to complete the navmesh. After that you have to define the strategic areas and the neighbouring. I usually finish the map with everything in it, and then make a backup of the map. Next I delete the \MAP\editor\ ai folder with the strategic areas and also the gameplayobjects.con. In the editor I then create the 2 control points with the associated spawners and run the navmesh.
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