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  1. Tried the 3d sound thing. Works ...sort of. If I back up far enough I can't it turns off. Doesn't fade, just cuts off. All of this is in editor though. Its not showing in game at all.
  2. I'm pretty sure the answer has got to be more simple than that. After all they do have ambient sounds in the regular maps that fade the further you get from the source. Take the sound of the fountain spray for example.
  3. I'm trying to place custom sounds in my map. For example, radio chatter from a vehicle or Music from a stereo. I've figured out how to put these custom sounds in the editor. I'm not sure about the settings though. When I have one of these ambient sounds placed in the editor I can hear them, but from anywhere on the map at the same volume. I just want a small radius around each where you can hear them. Can someone explain the settings for an ambient sound? What settings should I be changing here?
  4. Ok so I would go from assembling the colormap from terragen to slicing?
  5. Save all, close and restart editor not working for you? Wierd...works for me.
  6. I'm finding it very difficult to apply this method to terrain thats not just high to low or low to high. Mine is a bit more complex than that. PLUS It's my first map and I'm a noob with all of these programs. Any tips for applying this to a terrain like mine? http://bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=2436
  7. The static vegitation DOES in fact sway.
  8. You and I are in the same boat...Job, wife, baby, creating level= no play time.
  9. Ok maybe I checked interlaced when converting to .png . I'll start again and see what happens. When I said 3d I meant in geofrac. Edit: Ok got it to render correctly in geofrac. When I initially opened the raw file in PS I changed the chanel count to 1 and switched to 8 bit instead of just clicking ok with whatever the default settings were.
  10. Thats great, man. It will take me longer to decide on a song than it will to impliment it.
  11. This is a great tutorial. Whats unclear to me is how to use this method with a level I've already been working on. Painting terrain that was created in the editor itself. What I did was took my heightmapprimary and converted it to .png. Then went straight to geofrac and proceeded with chapter 4. However when I rendered the map in 3d it didn't come out right. It had hundreds of sharp tall peaks all over the place.
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