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  1. Hey people! I got a tiny problem here :I I've been trying for a while here to make bots know how to use EF/AF and Xpack vehicles in strike at karkand, but it just crashes I tried to locate the AF/EF ai files, but i can't find them :/ Any suggestions? - Sosser
  2. I don't really know :S Another thing is that, if you haven't, can remove all but one level from bf2 Or only have the one custom made. It is so boring to download 1gig of levels from bf2
  3. I trust you use a lot from bf2? You can import that into your mod using the serverarchives.con and clientarchives.con Like this: And you can go on and import all servers that you haven't modified (It will reduse filesize so that i don't need to wait an hour to try it out )
  4. I'm not sure if i understood that :S I think i need a 40 page long document to take this You're saying that i don't need the area, then i tried to remove it, without success. Then i went down to your explanation. And i couldn't seem to understand it
  5. Hey guys! A while sine i were here last time I've encountered a problem in my hudding. The selected area thingy doesn't seem to be very logical. I want the lower to be highlighted if you move the mouse down from the upper, but that doesn't seem to happen :/ In fact it doesn't even become highlighted at all :S Any clue why? So far the code. - Sosser
  6. Is it new version to download? And are you going to add interior in your motel?
  7. www.hdkweb.com/NCMR.doc - Word 2003 and bellow www.hdkweb.com/NCMR.docx - Word 2007 Sincerely Sosser Community manager Norwegian conflict
  8. That thing is huge Consider removing something. (Dunno what...)
  9. That thing is huge Consider removing something. (Dunno what...)
  10. Ah, ok then i get it Very nice, but when you first make something, why this?
  11. Isn't this from bf2? EF or AF???
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