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  1. ok so lets sey iv extracted all zips and i modded something and when i pack it back it goes a lot of time... ok mutch to pack but half way there i get an memmory error with numbers it starts like with "13..." or something. what could that be?
  2. it does work the engine flames show on shift and everything but it wont speed up... sashaNar post the rest of the code please
  3. ok i know how to make my own mod and all but i wanted to know what to unpak and should i unpack all zip files or just the objecs...
  4. hi i know its lame but not all of us are experts so i would like to know how to make a perfect setup for the editor. after the instalation i check the mod content and the addon menager ok that i know. do i need to extract the oryginal .zip archiwes to my mod folders? server objects and client objects to my mod/objects folder ect.? could some one write a word about it? wold be a biiiiig help for every one. big thx for all. sry for my eng... edit: one more... how to make the resorces on my mod folder in the resorces bar? i mean not to use bf2 folder but my mod folder so there shoukd be a + next to it... i know its a little mixed up sry xD
  5. this should be in the editor to find too? hmm iv did an exam on the saw and remington... the same setings but didnt work so ok ill try in the tweak ;] i want to make something like this but specialy i wold make this one is super
  6. hi how to make a weapon fire a burst like the m249saw ? how to do it on all kind of weapons? and how to or where find the projectiles or how to make them? i mean a sustaind fire with lets say a remington i firering hellfire missile or an artylery bomb heh could u help? big thx sry for my eng...
  7. ok thx ill try it ;] edit: ok u can add the next part ;]
  8. on youtube was a movie with a ah1z that had after burner.. there was even a visualisation of the engine fron the jet (i mean the fire:P) so it is posible but i dont know how ;p edit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lLmIYBuXV0&fmt=22 thats what iv ment
  9. where exactly should i add them? hehe noobish i know ;p edit: iv put the lines in the ah1z main con and tweak file it dosnt work...
  10. hi how to add a after burner from a jet to ah1z? did some one do it?
  11. where to rem it? in a con file? where will i find it?
  12. hi i have addet a minigun to the faav it looks ok in editor and game (its on the rear with that big gun dono its name ;p) they work tougether (aiming and fireing and the camera is on the mini not that bog gun dont know why heh) but the mini spins gives sound but dosnt shoot... what to do where to select ammo for it? please help big thx sory for my bad english... ;p
  13. there was only to copy it to my editor folder so i did it hmm i didnt see some thing like planemap settings in the tuts... maybe thats the problem? ill give it a try ;] edit: ok i did color the terrain it worked fine but what for is the plane map setting? and witch nuber should it be 1,2? when i did the colorind iv noticed there is no sand on the map why? i should paint it manualy?
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