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  1. thanks a bunch...exactly what i needed to know. no...no custom objects, just a renamed, reworked level using stock stuff from BF2. appreciate the good help.
  2. yep... just got into BF2 and thought to try my luck at building some maps/levels for my clan. i've got an original level renamed and edited (thanks to the great information here) but a couple of questions that concerns me. 1. i've read in various places on the net that you can get banned on Ranked servers for having anything in your BF2 mods folder that isn't stock BF2 files... is this true with my newly re-named/re-worked level? or is it okay to have such in the Level Folder? (i don't want to get any of my clan members using it in trouble!) 2. with my reworked, re-named level, will each clan member need to download the map and put in his level folder? or can just the guy hosting the server (we use Tunngle to connect and play over net LAN) be the only guy that needs it? thank you very much for any help... and if this is the wrong place for these questions please move to the correct place if you need to. salute all! Beowolff
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