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  1. hey. so i got the hang of textureing, how it works and how to. well sort of, i'm wondering if its possible to kind of "paint all" with a selected texture? as i'm confused when picking layers, sometimes it covers the whole map, but is only seen close up and cant change its color. the current texture tut lacks pictures and therefore hard to understand. can anybody give me some tips? can i only use the 6 layers, not more? and its very confusing to understand the difference between color texture and detail texture? after 2 layers i'm lost in confusing. thanks in advance!
  2. Okay. thank you guys very much for helping appreciate it. more to come though. hehe.
  3. Okay thank u very much mate. but i still die when spawning, its telling me i must select another kit? i've tried selecting unlimited kits but it still kills me. its hard to get the hopes up for a new map because if it aint 1 problem its 3 other problems.
  4. OkaĆ½ tyvm. but how do i set it specifically? i can only "create spawn point" how do i set it for each team? sorry for my stupid questions on this forum.
  5. hello. i want to test my map but whenever i'm about to spawn i die and the map ends? can anybody give me some advice please.
  6. Cheers. but the game crash during load. did i mention its project reality? maybe i need to do some more work in order to test the map? is there any good tut on texture layers? its so complicated, color texture doesnt show, some layers fill the whole map but is only visible close by. bla bla bla why does it have to be so damn hard. how do i delete texture layers?
  7. thank you very much. i've worked a little on my map, placed a carrier and made a coast. can u explain me in steps how to test it from this point? maybe spawn on the carrier, take a helicopter and fly over the map. how do i do that? don't know anything about spawnpoints or anything. thanks in advance!
  8. How do I copy an object, instead of dragging each one on to the map? Is it possible to create a segment of a map, i.e. a military base, and then transfer it over to the main map? can i save a map if it crashes and that dump thing error comes up? or is it just a game of luck completing a map?
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