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    Skydome And Its Domino Effect

    Hmm good to know Remember i said i could be far off the ball Machine Specs: Motherboard: ASUS PT890 Processor: IntelĀ® PentiumĀ® 4 CPU 3.00GHz (2 CPUs) Memory: 2046MB RAM Hard Drive: 300 GB Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT Monitor: Plug and Play Monitor Sound Card: Soundblaster Audigy SE Speakers/Headphones: AGK High Definition HeadPhones Keyboard: USB Root Hub Mouse: USB Root Hub Mouse Surface: Laser Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 3 Computer Case: Standard Thought i'd post anyway just incase it helped someone
  2. RogueWolf

    Skydome And Its Domino Effect

    Alrighty then, ive just returned from the mad mans workshop with a very nice and happy update. I was correct in my previous thoughts, the TAI file was corrupt, or atleast a vehicle in it was. The mod im making is based on vehicles, i was able to import custom objects with ease, heres the kicker, at first glances it seems like it was original BF2 content causing the massive error. The DPV to be exact, upon further inspection it was throwing errors up saying it couldn't locate the textures for its 50Cal and Saw passenger side Machine gun, in turn this closed the map and game down. This is great news, but with the good comes the bad. I am yet to find an answer to why in the bajeebus the skydome error is still happening, worse still i can't actually use the TAI file in the other maps, its obviously made specific for that one map. So until the skydome gets fixed, i only have one map to work from, which isn't that bad its better than none, but you see my frustration. So now the task is. How to a generate a lightmapAtlas TAI file for my maps :s Wolf.
  3. Few notes: I could be so far off of the scale with this its untrue, so please bare with me, if you have any info that could answer problems here, please share as it could help myself and maybe others. Hey guys, first post here thought i'd share this KO'ing issue as it seems to have driven everyone to hell and back. Let me begin by saying, i do not have a clue as of yet how to fix the problem, so if your looking for an answer i dont have it here, i only have a detailed view of what happens or what happens to me anyway. Ive played around with the editor for a few years and have never experienced this problem. Ive been working on my new mod for 4 days now, day 1(monday) at the very beginning the editor let me make one map with no problems, so i used this as my testing grounds, i have all my custom objects installed, they load up in editor fine and work ingame. Day 3 (wednesday) the problem hit home, my working map now fails, with the most bizarre problem, i can load the map up fine, i can even enter the game, i get to the kit selection screen, choose my kit, go to click a spawn point, hit enter to spawn, bam! closes down the game to desktop. I run all my testing in windowed mode to get error messages, this error doesn't leave a message, its as if it doesn't exist. So, what to do at this point, i decide to create another map. C:\bf2editor\Code\BF2\RendDX9\Effect.cpp(170): Failed to set technique SkyDomeNV3xNoClouds in effect Shaders/SkyDome technique not found. This occurs when you create a new map, no matter what size, it will happen, the problem isn't a defeating problem at first glance, but its underbelly tells another story. Because of this error it means the map it loads up doesn't come equipped with what it needs. Its missing files here, there and everywhere. (i make this conclusion because when it allowed me to make my first map, everything that needed to be there was there, i double checked with a vanilla BF2 map) Anyways, load the new map back up into editor, slapped abit of texture down, put two Flags in it and two spawnpoints (one for each flag) Save the map, it comes up tells me to rename the map, so i did, makes a new map in the levels folder, but again doesn't come with what it needs to run. The first error, it doesn't show up ingame because it needs the info file, so i copy that file, change the contents, it works in game, another folder it doesn't show is the HUD folder, that had to be copied as well. So i load my map up, gets to around 60% Badum! Couldn't open TAI file "Levels/MAPNAME/Lightmaps/Objects/LightmapAtlas.tai" Great, so i go searching, find that there isn't a LightmapAtlas file in the folder to begin with. So i went off, stole the one from dalian plant, that was a bad idea as somewhere in those files it searches for the rest of the Dalian Content so it wouldn't work. But i remembered that my previous map that worked had all these files and folders, so i copied it across from there, loaded the game up, then the map, we have a working map, gets all the way to the join game, click it, enter the game, choose your kit, choose your spawn, Kabam knocks you back to desktop without any error messages. Okay new tact, load up Vanilla BF2 which has been untouched from start to finish, make a map from there, create new map: C:\bf2editor\Code\BF2\RendDX9\Effect.cpp(170): Failed to set technique SkyDomeNV3xNoClouds in effect Shaders/SkyDome technique not found. Yeah okay slightly annoying, but no biggie, i followed my previous steps to get to exactly where i was in my own mod, gets to game and crashes with no error message. I loaded a standard BF2 map up, works like a charm, my attention is now switched to this Lightmaps file. Me thinks its corrupt, but im in a sticky pickle because i can't get another one from anywhere because good ol BF2 Editor throws up this KO'ing Skydome error every step of the way. I looked into solving the error, following it all over, was it the common directory where the Skydome.con files were kept that was corrupt, replaced it, still no dice, i tried to generate my own LightmapsAtlas file in the BF2 editor, It Failed to generate one for the map, it did it again and again, restart computer, restart bf2 editor, fail fail fail. Which brings me here, 4 days into making a new BF2 mod which has potential and i'm flawed by one error that seems to be taking down more than its self. For others info. The game has been uninstalled and re-installed, the graphics drivers are upto date, the Direct X is upto date, the audio drivers are upto date, the BIOs all upto date. This problem is coming from the game its self. I'm edging towards saying its the new patch, as previously ive been able to pump new maps out like they've pumped out friday the 13th films, never ending. My only arguement to that statement is the fact i was able to create a map with no problems previously, yes ive added to my mod which could cause conflict, but if thats the case why is it doing it in the BF2 folder where nothings been changed? So whats running through my head is: The LightmapAtlas TIA file is corrupt, i need a new one, this is whats causing the maps to shutdown ingame. The Skydome problem, BF2 1.5 patch is throwing up complications with making a new map, you can get around the problem IF you have the correct tools. At this moment in time im at a loss, i'm going to continue to work around the clock to beat this thing, i'll keep the updates coming. RogueWolf