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  1. Render>Detail texture mode it is ticked but what you see above remains the same.
  2. hey : progess on by problem (i.e noob Q#2). have got some terrain going but have been going over and over the steps in the tut and can't seem to figure out how to put the terrain texture on. you'd probably know in two ticks - cheers for the help
  3. cheers man, don't know how you did it, but it works thanks so much!!
  4. I might have made a height map?? i did the copy and replace thing in the battlefield 2 folder under ea games. and yeah, I adjusted the terrain in the editor. cheer and thanks xww2
  5. There appears to be no terrain, when i am in stage 3 opening the editor ready to paint the terrain - and finding there being no hills like i saw in l3dt. here is an image- help is appreciated - cheers in advance. bf2ismylife
  6. i think its a matter of unticking the box, had a little trouble with it myself
  7. G'day - probs a noob question but anyway, While in Terrain tips in step 3, i notice my map is totally flat, What have I done wrong to get this?? i noticed when i used the tpaint app what files came out were blank.. will this effect it at all? and would anyone know why i don't have something similar to junglists? cheers in advance
  8. my mistake your instructions worked. surprised it takes the fact it has to be XP as to why it wasn't working. Cheers again
  9. I'm using vista and downloaded 'directx_aug2009_redist', extracted the files and clicked on dxsetup. the setup finishes successfully but still the message appears as directX version 9.0c or higher is required to run BF2. please install dx9c and try again. it then tells me: "the application has generated an exception and will be closed. please attach the crash dump to the error report. open dump folder?" Thanks in advance ~~~~EDIT I would have thought the august 09 version would have worked over the one clivewil also mentioned called directx_mar2009_redist.exe ??
  10. i am unable to access bf2 editor file named 'bf2' as i am told to download direct X 9.0c. i have done this however the message continues to appear. trying to reinstall the program with setup name 'dxwebsetup' tells me the program is installed. what now?
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