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  1. Hi there i had successfully added music to a couple helos and tried increasing the volume of the music.ogg even though its in the ambient sounds i was wondering if anyone could show me how to properly increase the music file and decrease the in game sounds for example enemy spotted etc.. I would much appreciate it and thank you so much for a great community.. Term
  2. Hi ive been modding vehicles just a fun thing i do..But from time to time when i try to enter a vehicle it wont allow me to and it will lose my conection to the server.Even in window mode it wont give me and eeror.. Is there any one out there that can help me with this please? Thank you Term
  3. oh yeah i also forgot to mention you need to also copy the lines of code that go with the objecttemplate.addtemplate...it should also work for bf2 cause they run on the same principle like aix..just rename it to the vehicle you are modding it to..and also you can add it to the bottom of your tweak....
  4. which helo are you working on? The ah64gunship has a laser guided missle all you need to do to replace the current tv is go to your vehicle tweak and replace the following ObjectTemplate.addTemplate AHE_AH1Z_CoGunner_HellFireLauncherTV-replace this one with the laser guided one ObjectTemplate.addTemplate AIX_F16LG_JASSMLauncher just add this to the pilots main gun the tv is taken from the cobra as an example..... Try that...the only thing is when u add the missile it will show up.... heres an example of what ive been doing http://screenshot.xfire.com/s/120571033-4.jpg you will need to attach the missles in the editor if you are gonna mod it like this unless if you can hide them in the helo then it should work... Cheers.. let me know how it turned out term A little crazy but fun......
  5. I tried downloading the file but it says file not found lol.. I'm still interested in it though and thank you Terminator
  6. Thanks guys i got it to work done 2 already with custom skins gonna upload the images..I forgot to mesh the texture names lol.. P.S. I didn't need to use the debugger i used the tools bergerkiller released.. Thanks again Terminator
  7. Hi All I was curious..whats the best format to save decals when added to a vehicle ive converted the file to .dds and saved it to DXT5 interpolated ALPHA but the problem is that it pixelates.. whats the best format to save it in? Thanks
  8. hi there just a noob practise modder here lol I had managed to clone a jet in AIX for fun and it seemed to work well.. I tried cloning a plane in BF2 but it wouldn't work..i would get a crash at 11percent loading.. I tried cloning the F15 followed everything step by step renaming the files fully,,but still no cloned plane lol Can anyone help me with this? Thank you Terminator
  9. Actually the object template velocity worked for missles...lol
  10. ahhhh kk Thanks guess i missed that line.lol im still a noob at this been editing levels and such for practise for over a year and a half always willing to learn and i'm very greatful to recieve help from you experienced modders... Thanks again Terminator
  11. Hi there i've been practising cloning vehicles icreasing payloads with the help of Devilman.. what i wanted to do was is increase the air to air and air to ground speed.. Ive been working on the f16lg i've cloned it and just practising with it for fun.. Im just wondering if it's the velocity speed that i need to change not sure though... Which tweak line do i need to edit? thank you terminator
  12. This also worked for me all i did was i made sure the object.zip was mounted properly in the client and server.con files with the line fileManager.mountArchive Levels/map_name/objects.zip also changed the suffix in the init cause of renaming of vehicle for example aix_notar_littlebird_c.black.dds as a texture just so that it would work online like many other skins and also all you need is the one aircraft.dds texture in you objects.zip vehicles air textures etc ...I even added text to vehicles...basically i looked at blackcats island and studied how that level was modded..So if clives planes work online,then i don't see why other modded levels wouldn't work as well since the level itself is modded. this way you dont need to alter anything in the main folder of the mod....
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