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  1. Two questions: 1. Does a control point on an object need to have navmesh on the object for bots to get to the flag? 2. The CreateNavmsesh.exe didn't navmesh those areas ao I'm doing it in Lightwave 3D. BUT, the Preopt.obj is missing some walls, and in some cases even missing floors, so how do I know where to create polys that don't run bots into collision meash? Is there another object (like the Manafold.obj) that shows the collision mesh? Or is there something I can do before running CreateNavmesh.exe to ensure collision meshes are displayed in the Preopt.obj?
  2. I have a control point up on an object. When I place the Infantry ControlPosition in the Strategic Area, it snaps to the terrain beneath the object. I want the bots to go up on the object to take the flag. I know it can be done because it's that way in many maps. Does the "AllowedHeightDiff" have something to do with it?
  3. UPDATE! It’s not just our server that I CTD on when loading these maps. It’s any server that I try to play them on. I have the Booster_client.zip and the Booster_Server.zip files in the BF2 directory. And I have the XPACK stuff in it’s own folder under Mods\XPACK. Are these the correct locations? I own the Special Forces stuff, but have never reinstalled it because my friends don’t have it. But they can load these maps, and I can load them when not on the server. In answer to your question about patches, we have the 1.50 patch (and have for a long time).
  4. Yes, all others can load the maps with no issues. Yes, I can load all of the vanilla maps with no issues. We checked to ensure I had all of the ZIP files in the BF2 main and AIX2 main directories (using the CLientArchives.con and ServerArchives.con files as a guide). In addition, we checked all of the ZIP files in my AIX2\Levels directory against those in the other player’s AIX2\Levels directory. I had them all (not now because I’ve reinstalled AIX2 trying to fix this). BUT, I do not any ZIP files in by BF2\Levels directory. Should I? And remember, I have no problem loading these maps when I “create local” on my own machine. It’s BLOWING MY MIND !!!
  5. Hi All. Here's a poser. I can play a map when I "create local", the map loads fine and plays with no glitches, BUT when I try to play the same map on our server it CTD's as soon as the textures start to load. Weird thing is, everyone else loads the map with no issues. I'm the only one who CTDs. It happens with the same 3 maps every time. The maps that crash are: Tung_Wah_Lagoon, Gulf_of_Oman_Unleashed_v2, and a custom map that I made called 99th_Twin_Lakes. They ALL play when I create a local server on my game machine, but CTD when I (only I) play on our dedictaed server (that I run on a separate machine). It seams I have the necessary textures, but they can't be found when playing on the dedicated server.
  6. UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!!! I added the aix_supplycrate to the objectspawner.def file. They were in there when I loaded the BF Editor, and I was able to place them. I test drove the map and they work perfectly. Thanks DEVILMAN
  7. YES!!! However, I cannot find them in the Create object Spawner list. I even tried select a different object, and then searching the list in the Tweak bar. NO LUCK. Do I need to add them to the editor from somewhere else?
  8. Hi again. My map is finished! (almost) Thanks everyone for your help! One more thing I need to fix. The AIX Supply objects go sliding across the map when they're hit by a bullet or any other object with collision mesh in-game. Anyone encounter this, and found a fix? I'm thinking of trying the "Is Overgrowth" Tweak item, but I don't know what that does, and I'm afraid of breaking my map.
  9. I gave up trying to figure it out. I went back to an earlier version of the map I had saved when it worked, and started over from there. Now it works great. Still need to do all the finishing stuff, but it plays great. We tested it with 3 of us against 20 bots. They kicked our A$$ in the tank battle, then we fought them on foot through the forest to the paradrop zone. Thanks for your help. Send me an email at jimdx00@yahoo.com if you'd like to join us on our server to play it some time. We also have another custom map that's finished. That's a blast too.
  10. Devilman. Were you playing it in "coop" mode? It works fine for me too in conquest, but not in coop. Also, I re-ran the CreateNavmesh.bat (then replaced the vehicle.obj and the Infantry.obj with the ones from before with some "islands" removed) and re-ran the fixnavmesh.bat. Tried it again in coop.....BAM! CTD when I tried to take Marsh_Camp. I wonder if the vehicle.obj or Infantry.obj could have a problem. I wouldn't think so, but I'm at a loss.
  11. I PM'd you with a link. Remember that a lot of it hasn't been finished yet (water adjustments, sky, mini map, ambient effects, loadmaps, commander assets, music and of course lightmapping).
  12. I have never been able to get the debugger to work
  13. I’ve made great progress on my map. Spent many days fixing navmesh issues, it finally works. But, for some reason the map crashes when a human is taking a certain flag (haven’t observed a bot take the flag). No matter who tries to take that flag the map crashes while the flag is coming down (before it turns nuetral). It does the same whether playing on Local or on our server. It only happens in coop mode (conquest works fine). The infantry and vehicle order positions are properly located inside the SA, and all spawn points associated with the CP are located upon the infantry navmesh. Most peculiar.
  14. You know, come to think of it, we've discovered some weird things in maps we've downloaded (like in KGB_Husky_v3 there's a ladder near cp_firstline that sticks up out of the ground that goes to nothing.... Does anyone know if there's a source of information somewhere about what files/folders are required to be on a dedicated server? I'll serch this forum for a discussion about server management. Perhaps our server is FUBAR (Files Un-present Begging Administrative Review).
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