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  1. Hopes it ,maybe, appears in some mods.
  2. Can I delete those fuel tanks under vings of vanilla F-15E Strike Eagle by editing some files ?
  3. 283 more posts,and their total number will be 100.000

  4. In this video says that mod tools "may not be relised".Imho,its better than "no mod tools - 100% information")))
  5. Wait a minute,it means that BF3 can be edited or what ?
  6. BF fans have heard that DICE is accepting our suggestions!Thay must make damn Mod Tools!
  7. I want 256 or 512 bots in multiplayer.Not in SP.
  8. How than PR mod support 128 players (in test variant) ?
  9. What is situation with BF3 mod tools petition to DICE ? Hmm,ArmA2 has modding tools,despite its game engine high advance.Why then BF3 couldn't have it ?
  10. How to do it ? 128 or 256 players on big maps are right solution,imho.
  11. 1)How many vehicles can be on the map ? 2) How to edit map scale( I want to make big maps 4x4km or even 8x8 km) ?
  12. Am,I dont understand you properly.I wont to make internet server based on my PC.
  13. Hello,guys. There are a lot of cool singleplayer maps in internet.But alot of them arewithout multiplayer "part".How to fix it ?
  14. I try to edit Su-27 in PoE2.I want to add more R-27 dummise to the jet - i did it & save.But when I load the game they were epsent.What is going on ?
  15. The main problen with Ka-50 crashes on ATI Radeon video cards are Ka-50 Hud textures.Next files are the —Āausality of the crashes: texture files that cause a crash at start-up: Ka50Pilot_CircleTarget.dds Ka50Pilot_CircleLocked.dds texture files that cause a crash in-game: Ka50Pilot_Hud.dds Ka50Pilot_C.dds Ka50Pilot_CrosshairLocked.dds Ka50Pilot_LaunchToTarget.dds Ka50Pilot_identification.dds. Taked from Project Reality forum. What is wrong with that files?I try to open them in Photoshop(yeap,I download .dds plugin).But they didn't open(((
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